Friday, November 6, 2009

windy Friday

So, there's a Tropical Storm in the Caribbean Sea and high tide is more of a surge and swell than gradual waters than rise and subside. There was a steady continuous wind happening this afternoon which was a different kind of cool than mere temperature flux.

Unusual items found on walkway and in roadway walking east on the Evans Crary Bridge include a prayer-book-sized black-plastic housing box in the eastbound bicycle lane with other plastic pieces, some shards, scattered about on the bridge walkway, one of which was lettered 'Lori---' in raised letters (a sort of brand name). A police car passed by the scattered pieces and did not stop. Two bolts lay on that bridge as well -- one shiny new and the other rusted, one on the walkway and the other in the roadway -- as did a short length of flexible black rubber hose.

An adult bumblebee was also lying near the bike lane in the roadway beside the walkway wall that separates vehicles from pedestrians, surrounded with small red ants as usual trying to hoist and carry the comotose insect (it was instead hand-carried to a flowering bush near the intersection of St. Lucie Boulevard and A1A/SE Ocean Boulevard). A few windsurfers were active on the west island beneath the Lyons Bridge, and sailboats navigated both the St. Lucie River and the Indian River lagoon. Dark clouds were full with water overhead, but moved away from the northeast Stuart, FL, area. Signs posted on the island that warn 'Danger - Drop Off' was especially apropos since the water nearly covered all rocks and shoreline sand, extending to clifflike grassy turf.

A riverside tree grows atypical sticklike nodes from branches to ground, with additional fibrous strands that resemble brown hair.

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