Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cerebral Crush

Post-hurricanes, an influence-network demand effort has been initiated to expand the regional Indian River Community College (Florida) educational programs into baccalaureate status -- an effort perhaps now possible -- even expeditable -- as a result from populations weakened by the storms. Here as in the northern San Francisco, CA, regions affected by the earthquake of 1989, to those not directly affected the damage has been just something else to clean up and repair, while seasonal residents "wintering" in those regions streamed in during the autumn months the same as they always do.

All such activity brings us to the rush to identify and claim credit when sighting new species within and near the vast and diverse Caribbean Sea ecosphere. Here along the Atlantic coastline yet northward from the Caribbean Sea proper, tourist accommodations have cooperated to claim 'caribbean' as a local keyword within Florida state environs.

The Stuart News, one of the Scripps Treasure Coast newspapers, printed a photo 5/30/2008 (yeterday) of an unusual "fish" observable within neighboring St. Lucie County -- the creature greatly resembles the brown leaf of a regional tree that seems to be cast-off into ocean water. When wading in very shallow shoreline water at a state beach in Fort Pierce, the creature suddenly appeared; at first glance it seemed to be a rounded leaf floating in the water that might settle upon my foot. Then, organism volition was observed during eye-scan toward the super-thin ray-like "fish", and it did indeed fold and float with the water's ebb.

The cerebral crush is happening as mental images are 'collected' during various social settings, some socially-engineered (i.e., potentially causing pain and conflict). I was certainly glad to see a published photo made available as reference, although no scientific or popular nomenclature was included with the prose description.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

'Quakes Around the Globe

With the wide range of earthquake sites 'opened up' throughout the planet, the common theme that should be investigated is:

Who is flush-faced from flushing condoms? some jet-setter?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No follow-up

During a recent past year, the Stuart News here in Martin County, Florida, has published a report about the discovery of a fetus in a jar at a construction site, found on or in the ground. No further information has been forthcomng.

As a resident of San Francisco, CA, a sudden rash of newspaper journalism entries this past decade also described accounts of fetuses found in subterranean sewage troughs, also without follow-up.

Because protection of somehow-aborted mothers-to-be is vital during an era of harsh and demanding press corps investigations, perhaps such accounts should remain outside the public press realm rather than invite the kind of prurient inquiry that might destroy maternal character as well.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Yellow-Hairs of Cattaraugus County, New York

Cattaraugus County is a very special place, at the border with northwestern Pennsylvania in the northeastern United States, where the headwaters of the Allegheny River are formed from many tributary creeks flowing southward from the interior of New York State, to eventually join with the Mississippi River. The Allegheny River is one of the world's few rivers which does not run directly to an ocean.

The County yet supports the Seneca Nation reservation in countryside at a latitude approximate to Greece at the European threshold with Asia. Problems with Greek nations are rare because such tribal reservations as the Seneca accord academic respect to their counterparts elsewhere. In the 1950s, Cattaraugus County numbered among tribal reservation areas where teepees could still be found amidst the longhouses-become-mansions and townhouses of that northern climate.

Some cultural identification with the Greek myth that features chariots as the pre-cursor to the automobile is also perpetuated within the County and other places in New York such as Lackawanna near Buffalo, New York. Older-model ironsides trucks are still cleaned up and operational for taskwork ranging from roadbuilding to community maintenance projects (although the dangers of such near-antiques have been presented in filmed movies such as drive-in fave titled 'The Truck').

The village of Limestone, New York, is the final resting-place of tribal Chief Cornplanter, under layers of environmental drift and paved roadways. Today's Radio Station WESB1490 (Bradford, Pennsylvania) story entries' listing described a petition initiated to dissolve Limestone and merge the village with nearby Carrolton, which might be a historic travesty-in-the-making with respect to the immensely beneficial multi-species reputation of Chief Cornplanter.

Summers in the region are wild and beautiful after months of heavy snowfall, and inhabitants characteristically remain outside as much as possible to soak up the warm summer sun and regain healthful physical functioning -- hence the "yellow-hair" result, some demonstrating a coloration similar to the goldfinch bird. The unique topography of the upper Allegheny watershed has occasioned the establishment of Saint Bonaventure University, as a quasi-Italian educational theme-site that jibes with dietary enthusiasm as pasta-eaters within the challenging physical environment.

Although the County does have serious cultural flaws -- the city of Olean maintains a mountainside cemetery having a substantial sinkhole-become-pond presence very nearby a tributary creek -- there is no reason to doubt the yellow-hair reputation that continues to exert population influence whereever tribal members "put down roots".

Jingle Hit

It's news to some people that record factories routinely decision-make using 'freedom of the press', choosing to seize and mass-copy original recordings that come into their premises or route them into other media domains. However, often vital information about such sound recordings is not available or is disregarded or is suppressed such that no truth-in-advertising is given or possible...

which brings us to the 5/24/2008 Stuart News article titled, 'Woman killed while attempting to cross road'. The woman, whose 'last-name' is very similar to that of a male country-western-music performer and music-album theme, "was struck by a 2003 Honda sedan...Both...came to rest on the west shoulder of the southbound lanes...U. S 1 in southern Stuart".

Many populations have been trying during past decades to generate truth-in-advertising ('tia') in the entertainment industry--it is the only industry that has not yet complied with such mandated laws--so as to require album sound-spectrograph tests and polygraph tests for all performers, as well as show-format 'tia' printed with all advertising/notices (e.g., renditions, lip-synchs, parodies).

The killed woman did bear the 'first-name' of a family member AND a fellow public school student enrolled in northwest Pennsylvania public schools; whereas many of us hoped to promote the classmate into legislative position, the family member was sent in instead, causing a political glitch that has not been been resolved...

which brings us to the fact of seized-and-broadcast music, when factories and publishers give themselves permission to take such action, and the definite probability that the Honda music-jingle currently broadcast during televised automobile commercial advertisements is being presented illegally.

..which means that a complicated homicide can be alleged, rather than simple accidental negligence.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Treasure Ches'd

A few years ago, the San Jose Mercury News (California), presented a story about the loss of a gold statuette piece from a museum in Europe, along with full-color photograph of 'The Saleria'. The gist of the article was that two people had entered the museum through its dome, and then the piece was gone.

The Stuart News (Florida) journal describes the efforts of divers with "legendary treasure hunter Mel Fisher's organization" to find artifacts believed to have been spilled from centuries-old Spanish galleons. Such recent stories include 'Pieces of history recovered from watery grave' (5/14/2008) and 'Trinkets recovered from Spanish shipwreck' ( 5/20/2008). The photographs which accompany such stories (see (5/20/2008) show tiny artifacts which have designs and small-scoop artistic features which are similar to the larger, lost Saleria.

Therefore, anyone making a mental connection between the lost European museum piece and the found, much smaller gold pieces located in ocean waters off Key West, Florida, must wonder whether an entire heist has simply been carried away from Europe and dumped near old shipwrecks along the Atlantic coast of North America and further into the Caribbean Sea. The Stuart publications refer to a "scatter pattern" of artifacts underwater and the work of archaeologists to identify the figurines.

That boat-builders have recently fashioned a vessel which sports a stained-glass dome does indicate some psychological ploy intended to nab the reported suspects, who were not named in the SJMN article but who may have been attempting their own version of an museum-exchange action. The newspaper stories surmise that the spoon-type artifacts can be linked with cocaine use but other reasons that the Treasure Coast "booty" is being located and recovered have not yet been presented.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Presidential Planning II -- the Criminalization of Teachers

It's no especial secret that some populations hope to initiate a school to prepare candidates to vie to have the title of 'President of the United States of America'; such an accomplishment would establish once and for all the European Presence south of the Canadian border such that their royalty will always have a place in North American politics.

That Arizona's John McCain is campaigning as a political party candidate who might secure enough votes to put him in the U. S. Presidential seat is certainly public information, although a possible hidden motive to regrow his scalp hair has not been divulged.

The hidden motives of school administrations have not yet been presented either in scholarly treatise, although some students know all too well that such state employee populations willingly set up very specific observations of individual students, focusing quite purposefully upon the classroom sitter's active mind/memory contents -- a sort of brain-picking strategy which parents have been helpless to combat or elucidate using complaint procedures. Anyone whose child has been "released" from northern school attendance, as example, to vacation in the tropics knows just how much attention will be focused upon the returning student.

The 'angle of repose' of the subject student can be artfully arranged such that the teacher always has a direct view of both short- and long-term memory, although the alphabetical seating rituals are an attempt to forestall such constant scrutiny.

After discovering and closely examining a tiny oracle-bead artifact in rural Pennsylvania, as example, my student-age brain was filled with memory-images of the world's precious-metal locations -- images that showed the deposits before they were mined-out and that were visible at close range within my occipital-lobe short-term memory. In public school, alphabetical order nevertheless enabled administrators to seat me directly in front of a teacher's desk, only inches from her well-postured personhood, day after day throughout an entire school year such that I could scarcely breath. The position was especially uncomfortable during the winter months; her name was 'Rogers', a name also stamped onto silver-plate eating-utensil flatware, and I had to sit there while my brain was milked. Some students were willing to back me should need be to stave her off with a pencil, but no such action became necessary.

The history of schools and school administration is peppered with incidents where students feel compelled to resist such close encounters, and/or bring a weapon to school. What should have already been mandated, from the most elementary to the most post-secondary educational setting, is that a predetermined distance be established between students and teachers such that minimum health and movement standards are maintained, together with health-conscious maximum numbers allowable within classrooms as a standard protocol never breached.

School should be a protective and enriching experience for children; students should not be a captive audience from whom teachers brain-drain and harvest information for themselves, their families and the school administration. Such adverse phenomena is linked with the eventuality of post-immigrant employees writing other immigrants into the North American countryside, and perhaps should be remedied with nationwide refusal to accept any immigrants at all during extended historical time periods.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Smoky Sunday

North Stuart, FL, is permeated with smoke; the smoke-smell fills the porch through the screens as if a fire is very VERY close.

The atmospheric temperature is already very hot -- in the 90-degree range during past weeks.

Evening television broadcast (Channel 12, West Palm Beach):

The fire is shown to be widespread on the west side of Lake Okeechobee, in the Moore Haven area, with a prevailing wind sending the smoke into Martin County. Recent lake-region fires have been alleged to be arson, so that one is perhaps another cigarette-related blaze.

There are some 'controlled' fires lit from time to time in the region, to reduce piles of plant and other debris laying around, so the 'controlled-fire' tag also perhaps is a drag upon firefighter response time and stamina.

Code Huh? Are these the conditions that warrant an unmanned drone aircraft?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update and Warning

Today's Stuart News journalism gave an update about the voyage of the "youngest Swede to sail across any ocean alone". The only problem mentioned is that "the headstay, a wire that supports the mast, had broken...27-foot...sloop...was eating lunch" and that "a 50-foot whale came very close to the vessel". He stopped in Ireland "after 45 days of non-stop sailing" and still has to go "an 800-mile journey...through the treacherous North Sea". We are not told where the mentor is who made the crossing with him to Florida.

A West Palm Beach television station also broadcast the update. Another story detailed the gripes of beach-goers who encountered fecal matter in the sands, as a public health concern.

Back at Santa Lucea Beach, beachgoers encountered the sight of large triangle-shaped styrofoam pieces strewn along the shoreline and one steaming mound of dog feces. That the styrofoam pieces could be used to simulate false teeth was somewhat elementary, but the significance of the excrement remains obscure.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Three Smiling Snouts

Today we made a carb-clearing drive to Lake Okeechobee, under a hot sun and small fluffy clouds, to Canal Point Recreation Area near Port Mayaca (Florida). Other points of interest included roadside cemeteries where only the tops of old funerary monuments are now visible, which soon might be entirely buried in environmental drift -- they seem to be natural rock-tops embedded in the soil.

Immediately upon entrance to the roadside picnic zone at the Lake, three significantly-large alligators (also known as "crocs") surfaced and swam past the ersatz boat launch near the parking spaces, as if performing in a carnival show. The head of an average-sized bullhead (fish) was drying out at the edge of the shoreline, while fileted bones were found further along the grassy embankment near the picnic tables. The 'gators swam slowly and carefully past the cement boat launch, with substantial spacing between each.

Further along (yet-another) sandy roadway, a pile of blue clothes lay beside the shoreline, and were a focus of cerebral concern among passers-by and onlookers. Broken glass from bottles is strewn among a row of jumbled rocks placed to stabilize the embankment, as a sort of barrier sharply augmented. The Canal Point Recreation Area is most specifically a picnic area, and there is more sand in the roadway trail than along the shoreline, which is a 'beach' littered with mollusk shells and shell-rock congomerates.

A half orange was lying abandoned beside a picnic table; memories of abandoned orange segments at Bear Point on Hutchinson Island were accompanied with the usual "what will happen" question about tossing them into the water -- at Bear Point segments were tossed into the water near the Indian River Lagoon and some water-creature's nest surfaced as if predictable and marked by a bobbing buoy.

The 'gators were definitely adult, and as we drove away from the Recreation Area, a fire truck and two police cars with flashing lights passed by moving toward Canal Point from the opposite direction. The smiling snouts? -- the roadside catch and Savannas Preserve release of a smaller 'gator a few days earlier.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Once again, they're gone

The sandy trail behind Kingswood condominium complex no longer has the in-and-out tunnel visible in footpath sand, nor looped vine nearby.

There are a number of tire ruts nearby, probably from a bicycle, which have torn up both sand and water-side grass -- no doubt another carpetbagger version of civil defense.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another day at the beach

Yesterday was a drive to Fort Pierce, FL, to the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park ($5 entry fee). The sand is fine and white with seashells scattered at the shoreline -- not the foot-crunching pile-ups found on other Atlantic coast beaches. Heart-shaped stones can also be found at this shoreline. It is a haven for surfers who can enjoy warm wave action and a flat beach.

As a coincidence that must be noted, a black rubberoid sandal (otherwise known as a 'flip-flop') was washed up on the Saint Lucie County sand, with live barnacles attached. The coincidence lies in the fact that the beach at Santa Lucea Park in Martin County had a quart-size glass jar washed up on the sand, with rusting lid and live barnacles atttached -- which caused observers to only briefly wonder if the beached black eel was a specimen once confined within glass container.

A lone and small hermit crab was seen drudging across the sand at the inlet park, after a bunch of small sea-grapes were tossed to the entrance at a small-crab tunnel, different crab type. That a variety of shoreline crabs do mingle and associate is characteristic behavior.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Anecdote: the Mustard Jar

Aha! Stacked beneath a thorny AND flowering shrub under a stairway are the plastic-like lamplight panes; the 'egg-mass' now appears to be flattened between two of those. As viewed through a pane, the egg mass appears to be luminous but is actually somewhat fuzzy.

A 'house spider' with dangling legs and pinched body resembling the penned visage of Socrates has been choosing various locations within this Kingswood condo to hang around, such places including either bathroom, dining, or porch area. Tired from navigating around the creature, which always returned when routed outside, a washed-yet-fume-filled mustard jar was used to capture-and-release the spider, which has not been seen since. The egg mass appeared soon thereafter, but it appears to be lifeless.

Which brings us, according to some rules of logic, to the issue of telephone-influence calls using elicited words and phrases to set up business enterprises without lobby-law procedures.

Here in Martin County, Florida, there is an office of Wells Fargo Bank that handles mortgages as its business activity. The local newspaper tells us that the overall homebuyer mortgage foreclosure rate is now at an historic statistically-high figure, post hurricanes. There is no published story that explains that the bank was set up in Florida as the result from influence-networking, rather than as a lobby action of the state's constituency -- in other words, some business group wants Fargo in Florida, while perhaps some other culture tried to wash it out.

Does the future hold a planned Presidential slot for the Fargo name, as well?