Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby-over-bucket line-drawings

Baby-over-bucket tar containers Abbott Lane in Bradford PA

Above, Callahan Park sights:  sky streaks; Brook St entry/exitway

Steps-to-no-house gone, replaced with driveway at Leigh Street address; nearby excavation in progress alongside Kennedy Street near Leigh St, at foundation former house/home destroyed.

Below:  oil well rig and heavy metal machine part near east powerhouse, dirt roads above Winter Street in Bradford PA

supernatural other-species linkages, from oracle-bead site

 Below:  9-21-2011 nosewax strip on foam pad

LocalNet - NASA's dead satellite falls, starting over Pacific

LocalNet - NASA's dead satellite falls, starting over Pacific:
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An initial non-publicized [blocked] idea to back satellite development, launch and atmospheric transmissions has included the possibility that the effects of mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site linkages, both human and other-species, might be seen and trackable from afar above the Earth's crust -- also that other global oracle-bead sites might be identified from afar as a match with the Degolia PA archaeological site, the way it was before its sudden and inexorable alteration within local northwest PA population.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Church bells in Tun'a Valley, PA

Church bells now ring the afternoon hour 10 minutes behind.

more oracle-bead input

Above:  original 'makepeace' trademark Kendall Oil Company two-finger salute (grab or squash mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle, "it takes time")
That some school members continuously loot other people's minds to make books, as nonvoluntary subjects and victims of call-demand strategies made easier with telephone use, can also be said to be an atmospheric ploy to rid school territory of unwanted 'differences' (such as mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument 'topper').

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Portville Central School

Portville Central School:
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My cameraphone has received two voicemails, reason not known, the most recent addressing a "case of viral meningitis".

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'Welcome back Pitt students'

Above:  multi-pore gusher pimple, painful but not a tumor, right breast.

'Welcome back' signs are posted in different business windows and in the local newspaper as UPB campus resumes class sessions within Tun'a Valley environs  --  incidents reportable in local/regional mass-media have contributed to the 'unusual' reverse-polarity atmosphere in the Bradford PA area.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

another RM-cited e-mail from 'beadtot' AOL SPAM-folder

 Attachment below...

Residential near overpass, ped sign

Above:  Pedestrian warning sign #1, Bolivar Dr at Seaward Ave near Crook Farm and TVT trailheads; and other pedestrian warning sign same intersection, same residential area in Foster Township PA.  Note school bus has no front-bumper license-plate, but does have a front-bumper mechanical safety barrier.

During Jackson Avenue approach northward to Seaward Avenue and Bolivar Drive trailheads alongside Tun'a Creek in Foster Township, removed broken clear-glass Snapple bottle pieces and caps from sidewalk in front of Salvation Army building (former Jewish synagogue), those placed in plastic tortilla bag and carried to  trash can at other Crook Farm trailhead within past Limestone NY (said to be 'absorbed' by Carrollton NY) environs.  Other Tun'a Valley Trail on east bank of creek now has new bridge over tributary waterflow.

Current contemporary thought:  If local Kennedys in McKean County Pennsylvania thought that Hannons should reside near Callahan Park, because their own family name is similar to the Kendall family name (former Kendall Oil Company changed to American Refining Group  in Bradford PA), did that casual agreement  =  the Kennedy assassination in the state of Texas (where Forest Oil Company has operations, there as well as here in the Bradford High Street area) as the result from a telephone demand-call strategy?  Kendall Oil/ARG is said to be the oldest operational oil-refinery in the Americas.

Fauna Foster Twp PA

Above:  Dead mole, Crook Farm Trail Foster Township PA 
Below:  other heart-of-stone, roadside Seaward Ave Bradford PA near ARG
Live leopard frog also seen in narrow ditch alongside Tun'a Valley Trail beside east bank of the Tun'a Creek, across the waterflow from the Crook Farm Trail, together with an assortment of wild birds and fish.  Many wildflowers were also blooming near the creek waterline this late summer day 2011.

Note:  The Bradford Housing Authority has a serious flea problem at its high-rise apartment building addressed Bushnell Street, where tenants 'may' have pets but those have no where to go.

Monday, September 19, 2011

stop sign snafu (continued)

'Just happened to have' peel-and-stick letters in a cabinet drawer here, placed where stop-sign should be --  backside other street sign at corner Pleasant and N Center Sts near School Street Elementary School  here in Bradford PA.  In the background, dual stop signs standing at end Pleasant St at N Bennett St, one block from no-stop-sign near SSES.

an oracle-bead artifact ceremonial site has 'disappeared'

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday afternoon sights, very late summer 2011 Bradford PA

Above, Maplewood Ave sights:  potholes; collapsed small tree, upslope; gated dirt road upslope; slatted wooden barrel; baby-over-bucket container, roadside downslope; aging, slumped concrete downslope; denuded trees, downslope; lighter in middle roadway

South Ave and Bushnell Street sights, late summer Sunday Bradford PA

Above:  Dead bird near curb, South Ave roadway Bradford PA
Below:  rusting metal light-pole; rusting metal light-pole base; and broken, corroded sidewalk waterpipe cap, all alongside Bushnell Street across from Zippo Manufacturing Company

Also, two large, dark-colored bags filled with trash seen in Tun'a Creek below The Corner Bar near the Mechanic St bridge; and one other such large trash bag lying at the corner of Kane St and South Ave.

Effects of mini-van transport

Mini-vans and extremity loss -- any corelation?

Since 9/11 movie became real, would a cow-milker mass-murder movie also become real?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Miller Street sights in Bradford PA

Above:  mouse pelt on sidewalk beside Miller Street; 'caution' sign yet in Tun'a Creek flowing parallel to Miller Street between the new Kennedy Street bridge and Davis Street bridge (background), tree-lined Hanley Park in background.

The Players Lounge alongside Mechanic Street looks as if nothing had ever happened to the premises.

Oracle-bead beliefs and actions from Bradford PA

Cellphone send-off:  Some sort of egg eradication campaign may have included the mucousal-artifact although it is not an egg (originally sent to AIA).

Friday, September 16, 2011

see it but don't get it...

Typical fee increase action has added one dollar to its fee without much notice.

Why GlobalSign Made the Right Move to Suspend New Certificates | PCWorld Business Center

Why GlobalSign Made the Right Move to Suspend New Certificates | PCWorld Business Center:
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Very specific information can be sold or demanded from GlobalSign that describes very specific planetary domains -- such as those where a palm-tree is located that has been found as a use of mental-set oracle-bead 100+year-old global palm-tree images mentally-transmitted within Bradford Area High School during past 1969-1971 time period situated in northwestern Pennsylvania mountainside environs. The oracle-bead content-images were discretely transmitted as mental absorption activity within that school district, in the manner of mental photographs, and are in reality a sort of secret intelligence used without disclosure as a sort of pooled historical bonanza -- a bonanza, however, that is not traced to mucousal-artifact oracle-bead itself, such that waxy/gel artifact may have been simply destroyed as a consequence of archaeological-site cemetery installation around limestone roadside-rest 'topper' followed with janitorial-type taskwork.

AOL SPAM-folder eye-openers

This is a somewhat smudged, partial view of an e-mail message-attachment found in 'beadtot' AOL SPAM-folder; forwarded it to FBI because probably not legal.

Bradford Era: " International Paper to buy Temple-Inland..." - Topix

Bradford Era: " International Paper to buy Temple-Inland..." - Topix:
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If your paper-use is not approved by International Paper as a presumed cultural networking prerogative, will the entire world population frag your existence?

what's new near Davis Street

A large, new paper Wright sign is now highly visible in entry/exitway lobby window, in TOPS Market beside Davis Street at Main Street here in Bradford PA.

Vehicles lacking complete ID

Should police hit vehicles containing internally-handicapped drivers that lack visible 'handicapped' sign?  Such drivers residing and motoring within and through this McKean County PA locale lack both 'handicapped' sign identifiers and front-bumper license-plates.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Death rate near non-visible handicapped

TWINC: Death rates near non-visible handicapped may be off-the-record predictable phenomena.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brown Dwarf May Be Host To Massive, Violent Mega Storm

Brown Dwarf May Be Host To Massive, Violent Mega Storm:
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A sudden and intensely loud thunderstorm occurred yesterday evening here in the Tun'a Valley PA area, with direct short-term rainfall and lightning.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oracle-bead allusions Bfd PA

Above:  Vintage Kendall Oil Company can, trash receptacle; separated rock, layers, Bennett Brook; burdock plants beside Bennett Brook; and resin, cluster tree-stumps all in Callahan Park, Bradford PA
Below:  unusual front-bumper deco plate, N Center St near SSES

is your child's brain a designated information medium?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

"How weird is that?"

Last night September 10, 2011, I checked my AOL 'beadtot' mail folder, reading a lone e-mail that directed me to a 2003 article that described a large number of euros found in Iraq.  Then, I switched to AOL 'Today's News' chat-room where I described the directive with additional "does anyone know why?", followed with 'maybe some pics purpose' chat-line.

Immediately, '1' new mail popped onto the screen in the AOL e-mailbox icon.  I quickly checked to read it only to find another 'no subject' e-mail that, however, had attached pics; previous 'no subject' e-mails ultimately led to a 'free' porno website entry that showed such photos on the home page.  I could download the new-mail pic attachment from the sudden new 'no subject' e-mail, but could/can not open the file to see what the pics are  --  an AOL pop-up requires a membership update, such form even blocking an effort to open the pics file from its desktop-PC saved-on-internal-disk position.

How weird is that?  Plus, they cannot be deleted without a membership update!

Cigarette drops Bradford PA

Water-soaked lengthy cigarette drop, streetside residential waterflow,  Bank St in Bradford PA

This date, truck parked on sidewalk Pleasant St near N Center St corner, and another parked on sidewalk Bank St address  --  during downtown festival hours scheduled.  While walking northward on Davis St from TOPS Market, I was almost hit by a small silvertone car backing from Hotel Holley parking lot; while approaching E/W Washington St bridge moving westward, had to move for a bicycle rider on bridge walkway; later saw a man pushing a woman in a wheel chair almost hit by a similar small silvertone car ( with rear trunktop sissy bar) in the middle of West Washington St across from Country Fair store.
Above photo:  glass beer bottle drops, steps to empty lot Bank St near Pearl St

Clark Bars listed for sale, pictured on p. 35 of The Vermont Country Store ( catalogue dated Fall 2010.  Active/vocal opposition to the mere idea that the confection might be discontinued following a Clark incarceration in San Quentin prison in CA might be occasioning any number of harassment-type deaths here in the 'Clark Lane' area and elsewhere, McKean County northwest PA.

Friday, September 9, 2011

AWOL - The Ancient World Online: Newly Open Access Journal: Scripture Bulletin

AWOL - The Ancient World Online: Newly Open Access Journal: Scripture Bulletin:  from the Catholic Biblical Society of Great Britain
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Catholics, as most people now know, are the folks who brought and have perpetuated the rosary-bead ritual.

a nobody looking for nowhere-to-be-seen

Above photo:  late-afternoon moon Feb 22, 2011, seen behind Pleasant St home in Bradford PA