Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

No dial-tone this morning, but restored afternoon.  Heavy-metal child-size scooter remains submerged in Tun'a Creek waterstream below Davis Street bridge (streambed walkways submerged).  Gunshots heard in the morning, and at noontime.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

post-Thanksgiving Sunday

o  Dial-tone difficulties:  11/19/2010  No landline telephone dial-tone; restored later in day.  11/25 -11/28  No dial-tone; restored this Sunday evening.

o  First snowfall accumulation yesterday (Saturday); gunshot heard 3:50 p. m..

o  11/28/2010  --  multiple gunshots during noon-hour, first heard immediately while putting outside white feathers loose from comforter.  Walk to CVS, during which an infant diaper/discard was seen to [now] lay on the sidewalk in front of Pleasant Street 'heinous house', with Big Lots plastic-bag; and a small polished-stone memorial now appears in The Learning Center school front-yard addressed Jackson Avenue, first-name inscribed 'Matt'.  The heavy-metal small scooter (without handlebars) previously removed is again lying in the Tun'a Creek streambed just east from and below the Davis Street bridge, water rushing cold and more than a foot deep northward.  Multiple jets left aircraft trails in the atmosphere, as seen from East Bradford looking west.  Green-painted lamppost broken off at the base in front of Swanson's Fabrications addressed East Washington Street, gone.  Infant diaper in TOPS plastic-bag lying on sidewalk in front of Pearl Street address near State Street intersection.

Gunshots, West Bradford

Private home THEN parklands station? Gunshots now, mountaintop oil-equipment and city reservoir area Prospect Avenue in Bradford, Pennsylvania, continuing throughout hour.

Photos, previous month:

View toward Degolia PA from Prospect Avenue; and direct-diagonal view from Abbott Lane near Interstate Parkway, plus street-drain same street.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

LocalNet - Billy Joel mending after replacements of both hips

LocalNet - Billy Joel mending after replacements of both hips

One perspective is that such disorders are caused by organized crime, including military organized crime, that misuses performers for political/personal gain.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hurtado on Developments in NT/Christian Origins | Evangelical Textual Criticism

Hurtado on Developments in NT/Christian Origins | Evangelical Textual Criticism

This is hilarious -- anyone might be hurt trying to gain access to the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle and view its preserved content-imagery, in its placement beneath limestone roadside-rest monument, or ruin the botanical setting of the Degolia Pennsylvania 'north tract' location some distance from 'Chris Street' in Lewis Run PA. Where do they find these guys? and most importantly for those with blocked archaeological ambitions, here's how they may be chosen.

Research News in Late Antiquity: "Centre and Periphery": Two to Three Scholarships for non-German Postgraduates/Scholars at the University of Cologne (Germany)

Research News in Late Antiquity: "Centre and Periphery": Two to Three Scholarships for non-German Postgraduates/Scholars at the University of Cologne (Germany)

Yes! for German-oriented scholars in Europe.

Research News in Late Antiquity: Conference Announcement & Call For Papers: Family & Children in the Patristic Tradition, Brookline, Massachusetts, October 13-15, 2011

Research News in Late Antiquity: Conference Announcement & Call For Papers: Family & Children in the Patristic Tradition, Brookline, Massachusetts, October 13-15, 2011

For those who love conferences... .

to differ

The website presents the entry titled, 'Don't Blame the Teachers' in its 'Culture' section.  However:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

surprisingly cool (not cold)

Pothole, crosswalks at corner Davis Street and Walker Avenue, southwest sides.  Tun'a Creek more than a foot deep throughout, rushing northward  --  furniture continuously/presumably deconstructed in post-rainfall waterstream flow and disappeared.  Remaining supermarket turkeys in downtown Bradford (PA) $20.00+ (brand-names).

Any way to 'earn' a paycheck:  BRADFORD lettered a few feet high on the newly reconstructed Route 219 over/bypass spanning Main Street near East Main Street, not far from Holley Hotel/Riddell House.

Monday, November 22, 2010

what an illegal-influence network can do

Throughout past decades continuing to the present time, oracle-bead site desecration continues in Degolia PA.

ding dong, walk along

Bells were heard ringing this early morning here in west Bradford PA  --  not bells from the recently-renovated bell-tower at Bradford Area High School, where windows are now whitewashed after celebrations and press-releases were scheduled to announce the restoration, after decades without bell-tower 'service'.

Bell-tower in church located at corner Walker Avenue and Mechanic Street also has whitewashed windows.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

W Wa St sights

Among the sights along West Washington Street here in Bradford PA, near UPB campus, is a 'Deaf Child' notice.  Go to 'Health' forum section to find poll and vote.

another day, another volley

Gunshots again heard in west Bradford area, during late morning and early afternoon, with fire-truck siren sounding around noontime.  More gunshots later in the afternoon.  Some gunshots are 'big boom' type.

Yesterday, gunshots were heard between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m., then again between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Old pilings complicate America's Cup plans : City Insider

Old pilings complicate America's Cup plans : City Insider

As e-mailed to the AIA today, student-population overload here in the Tun'a Valley city known as Bradford PA might be thought to increase beneficial sediment-load from excrement, impacted soil/rock and decomposing streamside bodies in cemeteries, as well as the possibility that the rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead artifact will be dissolved/dispersed without archaeological investigation ever.

Mega-yachts entering San Francisco harbor, including 'Oracle Corporation' entry whose members have never provided data-programming to further archaeological investigation of oracle-bead artifact and who will nevertheless focus on a oracle-bead-image 'special' palm-tree in Golden Gate Park, will also impact any human remains lost in the watershed during the Willie Brown administration's San Francisco city housing sell-out, as demanded, plus same-sex marriage hype.

o  Gunshots heard 3 - 4 p.m. and 7 -7:30 p.m. here in west Bradford PA. 

Friday, November 19, 2010


o  November 18, 2010  --  Gunshots at intervals, beginning at 4:00 p.m., audible within West Bradford environs here in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

o  Today, gunshot heard approximately 4:05 p.m., same area.

Nancy Grace TV show addressing the incidents involving the Maynard family in OH; surname one female former Drill Team performer here at Bradford Area High School games during the early 1970s, also recent male pacemaker death across the NY State line.  With regard to hollow trees, there was a partially-hollow apple-tree growing in the back yard of adjacent property to this Pleasant Street home decades ago where large white grubs could be found (the type that metamorphasize into shiny black beetles); the tree was cut down when UPB assumed control of the area near their Hamsher House classrooms and faculty residences.  There has been some speculation that the beetles might be bred to use the grubs as bait. describes a shooting incident in Beverly Hills, CA, this past 11/16/2010 (my birthday) where someone named 'Ronni Chasen' is said to have been shot multiple times in her car.  Flashback again to the early 1970s, the night before a psychology-class exam at UPB, when I was carried away from Bradford here to Limestone NY by an ongoing neighbor/classmate as some kind of fugitive watch; his mother (known as 'Ronnie') appeared to be already there waiting in that locale.  I had hoped the guy would eventually be free to witness the mucousal-artifact found in the opposite direction (Degolia PA) but year after year he was not free to do that, and I left the vehicle to walk back into Bradford (and wasn't chased).  I had also worked with a different female 'Ronnie' during summer employment at a local brick-making company.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Indian Building Collapse Kills Dozens; Survivors Trapped

Indian Building Collapse Kills Dozens; Survivors Trapped

Received paperback reprints of Baltus-authored book in two parts yesterday sent from New Delhi, India -- no, no drugs were found inside the well-padded package (only styrofoam and plastic protection) delivered via U. S. Postal Service.

UPB has lawsuit filed against them amid negligence claims - Topix

UPB has lawsuit filed against them amid negligence claims - Topix

...equal and opposite reaction to posted comment being the agony of retired teachers in a Shanghai China apartment building as the structure burned recently? ...perhaps reflecting efforts to 'privately vote' a use of Sawyer name as street-name on San Francisco, CA, peninsula, where residential wooden housing many styles and shapes predominates near and around a 'special' historical palm-tree in Golden Gate Park?

Monday, November 15, 2010

clickety click, today's downtown sights

Scooters, one missing handlebars, removed from Tun'a Creekbed at Davis Street bridge in Bradford PA.  Webbed fencing atop creekside wall has become detached and is now gapped in some places, bordering Hanley Park environs.

End Bishop Street, damaged furniture in Tun'a Creekbed between Kennedy and E Washington Streets bridges; other view, damaged furniture seen from Kennedy Street bridge looking westward.

Pothole, pedestrian crosswalk corner Mechanic and E Washington Streets.

Dangling wire from push-button pedestrian traffic-signal, corner Mechanic and W Washington Streets.

Lost scooter

Scooter, Tun'a Creek below Davis St bridge; other scooter sans handlebars a short distance westward.  Both scooters recovered from waterstream using access ramp.

Two black crows sounding out in Hanley Park nearby.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Drug Bust in Bradford Saturday | Coudy News

Drug Bust in Bradford Saturday | Coudy News

Two weeks ago, near these ... aging tractor and  roller-tamper.  Plus, remember tar-paper?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

downtown Bradford, Pennsylvania, sights

other views, Jewish cemetery backside at Willard Avenue

Historical accounts that describe a European encounter with indigenous people here in North America, where an 'indigeon' was hit with a rock and died, can be paired with the belief that the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead is a drop of preserved semen (using other-species behavior as reference) protected beneath limestone roadside-rest structure  --  thereby giving any identifiable resultant offspring the status of indigenous human-population genetic strains.

Friday, November 12, 2010

atmospheric phenomena, Tun'a Valley

Early afternoon aircraft trails behind Pleasant St home Bfd PA

Aerosol particles form in nighttime plumes from coal-fired power plants

Aerosol particles form in nighttime plumes from coal-fired power plants

The possibility that asphalt gunk is planned pollution onto mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site, from the Route 219 vehicular-traffic bypass-discharge here in McKean County PA, is relative to lack of knowledge about archaeological site and to local/regional population beliefs that the artifact is some kind of tissue or oily-drop preserved between structure base and ground.

other baby-over-bucket containers

Sheetrock-compound containers carry the suggestive baby-over-a-bucket line-drawings  --  USG features a double-image label.

more Hedgehog Lane sights

more tilts & transformations

Photos in Bradford city and township, Pennsylvania:  Abbott Road street-sign alteration.  Leaning tree, Hedgehog Lane upslope from Interstate Parkway.  Leaning 'Bennett Brook' sign alongside Sullivan Road north near ISP, at small waterstream, looking southward.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

heinous houses

Top photo:  hole in window, Riddle House at Hotel Holly, Davis Street at Main Street, Tun'a Valley floor Bradford PA.  Current law-court proceedings address the death of a young pregnant woman 'sent' into the premises as the method of a telephone call-demand influence-network.

Bottom photo:  upslope house addressed Pleasant Street in Bradford PA, between Pearl Street and Summer Street/Jackson Avenue.  Current law-court proceedings also address deaths of young woman and infant 'sent' into premises as the method of a telephone call-demand influence-network.

cool sunny day for a hike

Walk/hiked northward alongside Sullivan Road to Interstate Parkway to Hedgehog Lane to West Washington Street then returned to Pleasant Street.

Yellow and white butterflies flitted in Callahan Park.  Hedgehog Lane is a direct ascent beside the roadway alongside a mountain to the top; a mid-lengthy cigarette was seen and removed from the berm (MISTY) upslope near stands of young trees and dead brush.  Squirrels, chipmunks, black-capped chickadees and blue jays accompanied the walk up and over the mountaintop, then descent downslope to West Washington Street Extension, encountering empty drink-cups and a few cigarette packs discarded.  The rounded mountain still has large rocks once typical throughout the region.  Black Ford-company SUV with rusting underside parked outside one of the roadside-mailbox residences, downslope westside Hedgehog Lane, moving toward the Willow Dale cemetery [note:  Martin County FL Scripps newspaper organizations have in the past reported Ford-make black SUV hit-and-run incident].  Cocker-spaniel figurine gone from one of the grave-monuments  --  yay.

Photos:  upslope sights, near mountaintop moving from Interstate Parkway.

1490 NewsBlog: Six Charged for Drug Distribution

1490 NewsBlog: Six Charged for Drug Distribution


Electrical-line pole on north side Boylston Street at E Washington Street leaning toward former dentist's office addressed beside Tun'a Creek, and may eventually fall and pole-ax structure.

Asphalt deteriorating around metal drainage-grill north side W Corydon Street means deep roadside fissures; discarded white/grayish furry pelt at roadside, near other electrical-line pole northside leaning toward Tun'a Creek across from disused hillside walkway and moss-covered logs.

Diaper in TOPS Market grocery-bag seen and removed from Clark Lane near yellow caution-taped razed property at Tun'a Creek bridge; bloody meadow-vole pelt in roadway there. Collapsed/crushed woolly-bear caterpillar at intersection Clark and Langmaid Lane. Bridges over Tun'a Creek and Marilla Brook, Clark Lane, now have red-painted barriers; cracks in bridge support stonework remain as settled during regional bus-line traffic.

Two dilapidated homes yet standing northside W Washington Street at Taylor Lane and UPB campus area. Two BudLight brown beer bottles southside W Washington St roadway in grassy lot near St. Bernard's Elementary School and Cemetery; two athletic shoes dangling from overhead electrical wires spanning same street just past cemetery. Standard AA-battery-holder at W Washington and Wagner Streets.

Disposable lighters at roadside along Langmaid Lane and West Washington Street.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pompeii collapse sparks anger over 'neglect' - RT� News

Pompeii collapse sparks anger over 'neglect' - RT� News

The Archaeological Institute of America tried -- two kinds of mail were sent out asking the membership to donate money to protect sites in Italy. How soon one site really fell might be correlated with two very different post-secondary school scenarios recently described in the mass media -- the Saint Bonaventure University trip to the Vatican, then later a student murder scandal yet addressed in Italian courts of law sez the mass media.  Ancient Pompeii in European Italy is viewable within the content-imagery of the Degolia PA mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle waxy/gel sphere.

o 11/7/2010 -- Two earbud drops were observed today: one black set at the curb North Center Street between Pleasant and School Streets, and a blue set at the curb East Washington Street at Mechanic Street. A sudden house demolition seen at former Pearl Street address was later in the day seen to be rubble being loaded into a dumptruck, although Sunday, near School Street. A plastic half-filled Sobe bottle was seen lying in the middle of the sidewalk in front of the Family Dentistry office addressed Mechanic Street near Main Street here in Bradford PA.

o 11/8/2010 -- A child-sized brown mocassin was seen lying in the middle of North Center Street at Cole Avenue, during walk to BAPL, where a broken clear-glass Snapple bottle lay smashed in BAPL's parking-lot driveway entrance/exit. Looking westward from the Davis Street bridge and also elsewhere more-closely from the end of Bishop Street, the discarded now-damaged furniture previously seen prior to rainwater input now lies at a curve in the Tun'a Creek streambed, between the East Washington and Kennedy Streets bridges.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

ANU - AAA Conference 2010

ANU - AAA Conference 2010

Australian Archaeology Association conference, perhaps for those who wish to "get away from it all" with a trip toward a 'special' global palm tree.

o Snow fell today here in Bradford PA, in the form of tiny clouts rather than flakes. A quart-size Yeungling brown beer-bottle lies on a grassy slope nearby the Pleasant Street waterspring, between Jackson Avenue/Summer Street intersection and Pearl Street.

2011 LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival accepting artist submissions - The York Daily Record

2011 LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival accepting artist submissions - The York Daily Record

Give it a try!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh, deer! City police chase meandering buck, doe - News

Oh, deer! City police chase meandering buck, doe - News

I tried to post yesterday here:

o 11/3/2010 -- 11:40 a.m. near-lunchtime gunshots heard within Bradford PA city limits.

o 11/4/2010 -- three church-bell rings at 3:00 a.m. early-morning darkness, after last-call local taverns here in Bradford PA.

Anyone tracking these deer throughout this region and beyond have no doubt been doing so as a 'sure kill' intent anticipating the officially-designated hunting-season-to-come. How cruel.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

look what's gone -- 'first frost' observations

The wire has been protruding as seen day after day since last month at least  --  the traffic-light change-button at the corner of Mechanic Street and southwest side W. Washington Street is gone.  Never easily seen as installed among other corner poles at the crosswalk, it was easy to bypass when walking or simply to stand a longer time to cross the street using traffic-light reference alone.  It's a wonder, though, whether the push-button capsule is being used elsewhere with more sinister purpose (see spate of bomb stories published in the media).

Pieces of wood seen among small rocks in Tun'a Creek below the E. Washington Street bridge appear to be parts from the furniture seen throughout past weeks, as well, in shallow waters deepened by rainstorms.

Nice-looking/sounding woman in 'Bravo' TV ad, with nose streaming typical of grief  --  another one carried away and put in front of the camera?

Electrophysiology Innovations Congress Will Showcase Updates in the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

Electrophysiology Innovations Congress Will Showcase Updates in the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

Lacking knowledge and understanding about the effects of environmentally-'hidden' waxy/gel mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle, interventions are used to address physiological problems -- whereas nano-tech electronic vibration of the rare and tiny oracle-bead artifact can display its content-imagery in a museum setting.

Pa. Woman Gets 1� To 7 Years In Toddler's Death -

Pa. Woman Gets 1� To 7 Years In Toddler's Death -

In south FL, a woman was found dead behind a bureau -- some difference.

Monday, November 1, 2010

in, the 20-degrees F

As predicted, the church rummage-sale black-with-white-skulls Halloween-night bucket filled with candy bars again disappeared this past Halloween night  --  a pattern that first began in San Francisco CA when filled McDonald's buckets hung outside on the wrought-iron railing would disappear into this haunted-house party or some other one elsewhere.  [Never one to be a name-dropper, this first happened when an Internet post describing an influence-network operation was thought perhaps to maybe spring Manson and others from prison.]

The weather is now below freezing, both today and tonight.