Friday, December 31, 2010

month of December 2010, wintertime sights

December 11  --  Lengthy icicles on garage at Callahan Park, parking lot end Poplin Avenue in Bradford, PA; and stony trail that extends to/from South Avenue near Tibbitts Avenue, above West Corydon Street.

December 20  --  piled snowflakes on wrought-iron railing behind Pleasant Street home, Bradford PA (pre- lunar eclipse night).

Plus, in Bradford Pennsylvania:  stressed trees beside parking lot,  Callahan Park; and geometric ice, E. Washington St bridge.

Temperatures locally in the 40-degree F range are occasioning loud and sudden icicle crashes from housing eaves.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

another celestial sight

Morning crescent moon, seen from backyard Pleasant Street home Bradford Pennsylvania this date.

Other glass beer-bottle beside sidewalk N Center St at Pleasant St; previous bottle yet lying on yard snowbank Pleasant Street (mucho dog-droppings in corner yard across from elementary school; some kind of bent eaves-trough-type thing lying there also)(lemonade bottle discarded in snowbank blocks away further downslope).

[Three-pugs garage at Miller Street address, beside Tun'a Creek near Davis Street bridge, now ramshackle and may collapse at any time.]

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday afternoon trudge

Left poetry CD at public library, received in the mail from Famous Poets Society  --  how weird is this, my poem submitted titled 'Little Baby Foster' is printed on the opposite page from the Bible's 'Lord's Prayer' within the chapbook version of the anthology, its totality titled 'Famous Poets of the Heartland'.  Brown-glass beer bottle in snowbank outside BAPL premises; ice-sheets on buildings across from BAPL, other side Tun'a Creek in Bradford PA.

Walked to Post Office, where brown-glass 'Genny' bottle is lying in snowbank beside Davis Street parking lot.  Inflated Christmas-theme yard/lawn-figurines are flattening throughout the city, no doubt including one blow-up snowman decoration that continuously and noisily scattered snow within its bottom-section interior.

'Do Not Enter' signs posted now at Pearl Street intersection here in Bradford PA, with pre-existing STOP-sign yet in place.  Other 'Bud Light' bottle in snowbank on Pleasant Street (again this year) near corner N. Center Street.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Got Your Head Stuck in Mud?

Got Your Head Stuck in Mud?

Check out the golden tilefish photos (redirect from Stuart FL newswire) -- pure white flecked with coin-sized gold markings. With knowledge about the content-imagery of the Degolia PA oracle-bead chronicle viewable at ground-level and other-species-linkages extending to and from the archaeological site, this may be a fish that mimics an ancient human lazing in a gold deposit, somewhere in the planet during past eon (or... ).

Sunday, December 26, 2010

the past continues in the present

o  This past week, streambed disc first seen from the Mechanic Street bridge this past April 23, 2010, now appears as a shadowed metal hub-cap-type disc lying in the Tun'a Creek waters just north of the E Washington Street bridge  --  taking quite awhile to move the two city-blocks distance and perhaps instrumental in the breakup of furniture discarded in streambed near the Mechanic Street bridge (planned destruction or not).

o  Watch out for people moving on bridge walkways in wheelchairs  --  seen both in 'big-time' south Florida river/ocean environs but also here in Tun'a Creek area, Bradford Pennsylvania, singly or multiples.  The wheelchairs are motorized, but at least one elderly woman has fallen off a Martin County, FL, bridge (reported; pedestrian movements can stop the wheelchairs on sidewalks, and set them spinning in their tracks.

remember these?

These rulers and sometimes yardsticks have been distributed occasionally from local businesses, with one most probable intent to remind people to tie their dogs a proper social distance from city sidewalks.  Thanks!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bfd Man Pleads Guilty in Drug Case - Topix

Bfd Man Pleads Guilty in Drug Case - Topix

How not to ruin a waxy/gel artifact has made name-use influence-network telephone contact-calls infamous.

The BraBall

The BraBall

Demanded descriptions of the northwestern PA mucousal-artifact oracle-bead as a waxy/gel orb containing a coiled strand of memory-images with a voice-strip, found beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument, have been impetus to initiate a bra-ball artistic object.

Shoplifting spouses busted at Park City - Topix

Shoplifting spouses busted at Park City - Topix

What's in company-record print may not match the reality of a situation  --  hence the nomination and confirmation of the United States' most recent Justice seated in the Supreme Court.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve, Bradford PA

Precisely perpendicular large icicle yet blocking sidewalk alongside N Center St near corner Cole Avenue.  Shopping cart gone from BAPL.  Lengthy brown cigarette drop in Bradford Plaza in front of the newly-installed House of Television (moved from West Washington Street plaza)(former 'Little Chicago' movie storefront) nearby SaveALot grocery store.  Below:  Barrier, Tun'a Creek at E Washington Street bridge.

Without a stop sign (each other through-street block has and has had one), drivers are hesitant when driving on one-way Pleasant Street through N Center Street intersection across from elementary school, but are 'learning' to not stop there.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

7 Mysterious Coded Texts that Defy Translation

7 Mysterious Coded Texts that Defy Translation

It is not known which or how many codexes are inscribed versions of oracle-bead voice-strip visible as preserved within such mucousal-artifact as struck with the human breath.

pre-holiday observances

o  Jeep Laredo parked on asphalt beside School Street Elementary School has rear vehicle license-plate covered with semi-opague/translucent pane that appears to be white/blank when seen from some pedestrian  perspectives; no front license plate; adjacent vehicle has snow-covered license-plate.

o  Icicle with significant-sized diameter yet blocking sidewalk in a perpendicular way alongside N Center St at Cole Avenue.

o  Potholes in intersection/crosswalk north side School Street at Pearl Street.

o  Late morning snowplowing in driveway here at Pleasant Street address, not quite necessary yet quite sudden.  'BRMC'-lettered mid-sized truck with attached front snow-plow also lacks front license-plate (not really "safety first"?) seen near USPO on Boylston Street.

o  Slightly rusted TOPS shopping cart standing at entrance to public library addressed W Washington Street, a few yards from Tun'a Creek and creekside barrier.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"ugh" moments during a cold day

During walk to the Post Office this morning, lengthy icicle encountered as sidewalk blockage moving downslope AND upslope on N Center St sidewalk near Cole Avenue.  Lengthy cigarette tucked beneath window beside Dollar General entry door.

Sidewalk wet/icy at exit Moonan's Car Wash; house addressed West Washington Street near abandoned plaza still has broken window on enclosed porch, beside Bennett Brook.  Also beside Bennett Brook (in the drop zone), a slightly rusting grocery cart highlighted by a pile of snow.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

AOL Mail - Message View

AOL Mail - Message View -- AIA Site Preservation appeal

eclipse yes, snow-clouds obscuring yes

A lunar eclipse was visible here in the Tun'a Valley area of northwest Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountain range as predicted (at, Sci/Tech section)...with intermittant snow clouds moving rapidly southward that completely blotted the phenomenon during the final phases of shadowing.  The temperature was below 20 degrees F all night.

Interesting additional phenomena included reflections of the full moon as seen through sliding-glass door, with exact multiple reflections that dwindled downward uniformly in size (pattern seen in finger-ring size-templates, as example), and the shadowed lunar-eclipse crescent-moon phase reflections also dwindling downward uniformly in size.  (Reflection-patterns also seen in classic outer-space cartoons that feature 'flying saucers' with lighted midsections according to artistic perspective.)  Cameraphone photos made while lying flat on back, on floor inside Pleasant Street home, show the optical illusions.

Afternoon entry:

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hang yourself a fiberglass mat 'collar' over the clothes-dryer duct leading to the outside vent.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a sudden change for the worse

12/14/2010  --  Stop sign gone from corner Pleasant and N. Center Streets nearby School Street Elementary School at crosswalks that students/parents use almost daily; 'do-not-enter' signs are new and installed along both sides [now] one-way Pleasant Street, traffic moving directly toward new BRMC.  See 12/14/2010 entry titled, 'Bradford Man Pinned between Trucks' Abbott Lane scenario here in Bradford PA.

What should be:  replacement/repair, deteriorating street-signs along Jackson Avenue near The Learning Center school

to look askance

Potential blockage, Bennett Brook near BAHS, Callahan Park and walled ice-skating rink alongside Poplin Avenue, Bradford PA; commercialization of mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site continues in Degolia PA.

12/3/2010  --  three black banana skins on bridge walkway E. Washington Street above Tun'a Creek, removed and tossed into churning waters.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

RSPSoc - Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society - About RSPSoc

RSPSoc - Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society - About RSPSoc

Some-population consideration of membership or publication subscription should be 'a natural' here in the Allegheny Mountains of Northwest Pennsylvania, where a mucousal-artifact oracle-bead has been found beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument.

Views toward Degolia PA southward from Bradford PA:  Dec 2010 views from Main Street near E Main and High Streets and from Elm Street bridge, plus earlier no-snow view from Chestnut Street near railroad tracks, south from Elm Street (Tun'a Valley floor).

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tom McMahon: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Candles by the Gurley Novelty Company of Buffalo, NY

Tom McMahon: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Candles by the Gurley Novelty Company of Buffalo, NY

In addition to beliefs that the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead might be a blob of petroleum jelly secreted beneath limestone roadside-rest monument in Degolia PA, is the belief that the tiny oracle-bead is paraffin derived from oil-refinery processes (intentionally placed or not).

Freeze returns to Treasure Coast Tuesday night, then temps ease up »

Freeze returns to Treasure Coast Tuesday night, then temps ease up »

Brrr! Freezing conditions really happen in the FL subtropics, where a vacuum effect can destroy micro-organisms.

Here in Bradford, Pennsylvania:

Lengthy icicles at corner Pleasant & Pearl Streets, and at Miller & Kennedy Streets; large icicle chunk on sidewalk Brennan Street near High Street (all potential head-bashers).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Allegheny Mountains autumn snowfall

Icicles formed on outside household wiring, Pleasant St in Bradford PA.
Biggie icicles, same driveway Pleasant Street in Bradford, Pennsylvania, +/- six feet long (then knocked down with snow-shovel).

Allegheny Mt post-Thanksgiving

Autumn snowfall, Bradford PA

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pre-flood, -snowfall conditions

Wow! Nov 30 lengthy cigarette drop, ARG sidewalk near steaming/hissing hose dangling at sidewalk level; large potholes in ARG access roads extending from Mill Street.  Constant rainfall downpour.  Pothole, West Washington Street near S. Center Street near BAPL; other potholes remain and pitting Poplin Avenue and Callahan Park vehicle-parking lot.  Days of rain send Bennett Brook water rushing into Tun'a Creek.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

FW: pre-flood view toward Degolia PA

Nov 30 2010 view toward Degolia PA from Mill St bridge Bfd PA (sluggish northward waterflow).

FW: Nov 30 rainfall view, Oak Hill area

Lincoln Ave view, oil-well rig near Oak Hill Cemetery east Bradford PA.

Floodwaters in Degolia, UPB & OttoEldred

Degolia PA icy floodwaters might serve to harden waxy-gel artifact.  See Bradford Era dated 12/2/2010.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

FW:Pre-flood conditions Bradford PA

Bennett Brook post-rainfall Dec 2010, near Callahan Park & BAHS at Poplin Ave Bradford Pennsylvania.  White door-size panel gone and broken up near Willard Avenue bridge.                                    

Waterflow management Bradford PA

Willard Ave bridge over Bennett Brook, waterflow management Bfd PA (sprayback).  Pieces of white door-sized panel scattered among streambed rocks.