Friday, April 30, 2010

AGED tree stumps of Jackson Avenue

Many trees in Bradford PA have been known to grow to sizes of significant girth; watersprings trickle down the mountainsides continuously.

...then what happened

Who should repair the crumbling steps?

Roadside shale across the traffic lanes from oil refinery; shattered disposable lighter in berm nearby.  Lengthy cigarette drop on Davis Street nearby Tops Market and gasoline pumps.

the world's most knowledgeable wildlife

Not way far from South Avenue, that extends past the artifact oracle-bead chronicle archaeological site in Degolia PA, is Niles Hollow Road that intersects with West Corydon Street in Bradford Township PA.  Why 'Niles Hollow'?  the question is apropos but the tiny waxy artifact oracle-bead usually is only a subconscious reference when ruminating about the origin of street-sign names.

The Degolia oracle-bead chronicle contains a strand of past-historical memory-images and a voice-strip; visible within that coil of content-imagery is numbered discrete views of Ancient Egypt!  See trompe d'oeuil roadside fallen tree-wood arrangement not far from Niles Hollow Road which extends above Bradford and Degolia through forestlands to Marshburg PA.  Most years summertime also means 'spring peeper' egg-hatching in vernal pools that resemble large puddles, and  populations of toads which move onto Niles Hollow Road warm asphalt during rainshowers.  Voracious salamander populations, color-markings transformed by their environmental encounters, trudge through area woodlands and soak in regional waterstreams.

To those rascally CD members who blocked my walk to the Bradford police station decades ago...

Attention!  Brown, red-bellied young snake found neatly coiled but deceased on Pleasant Street sidewalk between North Bennett Street and North Center Street.  Hand-carry and transfer to grassy area did not revive.  No signs of oversize fangs or poison glands.  Small smooth head also typical of common garter snakes.


During recent past years, this skeletal tree remained standing on Pleasant Street between Jackson Avenue and Pearl Street, which is also an intersection with Summer Street (2006).

*          *          *           *          *

For all those suffering from internally-handicapped gestualts where such drivers routinely motor around in non-marked cars, both Dr. Leonard's ( and Healthy Living ( "healthcare catalog"s feature 'handicap placard protectors/hanger' so there can be no excuses when drivers with non-visible internal pins, plates & devices drive around without such notice/warning.  The "clear plastic placard protector" is sold in sets of two, priced less than $10.00.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

reminiscence of the pre-demolition type

The Bradford Era newspaper this week presented article titled, 'Bradford City Council approves measure to sell former Third Ward School lot', " 5 Jackson Avenue... .85-acre site...for the construction of three or four single-family homes...".

Third Ward Elementary School and a nearby house were demolished following fire damage quite some time ago.  The backside of the demolished school in the past faced the sidewalk between Jackson Avenue and Pearl Street on Pleasant Street --  the sidewalk's poor condition is actually the priority concern in the family neighborhood at least since 2006 when these photos were taken.  Apparently the empty lot is sometimes used to park vehicles, which has crumbled the sidewalk making it hazardous for pedestrians in any season.

The empty lot has also been officially considered to build an apartment complex and to build a new firehouse for the city of Bradford, PA.  At the present time the lot has a park-like atmosphere not totally inappropriate for the area, although wall facing Mechanic Street is now slumping..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yesterday's walk, Jackson Avenue area, Bradford PA

Waterpipe sprouts, sidewalk north side Jackson Avenue.  Two views, water streaming from pipe in driveway, Salvation Army, onto Jackson Avenue.  Upslope view, walkway, Belleview Avenue at Jackson Avenue  --  only one city block from Barry Avenue (so, was Barry Bonds hitting home runs on demand ?)

San Francisco retrospective (northern California peninsula, pre 2006))

Pardon my shadow.  Bench moved from North Beach overlook near Coit Tower to Golden Gate Park, in what is now known as 'Shakespeare Garden'.  Mission Dolores renovation.  Brick building located in Golden Gate Park not far from so-called 'Dutch windmill' and Ocean Beach at Lincoln Avenue.  Public Health building addressed on Grove Street near City Hall.  Long, aged 'Oddfellows' sign at corner Sixth Street and Market Street, downtown.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

blue tarp crowd

The local Bradford Era newspaper dated 4/21/2010 presents, 'Infamous "blue tarp house" receiving a makeover', that describes the rooftop of a house sheltered only with a tarp.  Note sent as comment to newspaper describes neighboring 'blue tarp garage' here on Pleasant Street in Bradford PA, where tarp covers garage entryway.  Both 'blue tarp' locations have been evident during past months.

Suddenly, blue tarps have appeared elsewhere in the city, e.g., upon a deck covered only a few houses away in this same Pleasant Street neighborhood.  Whether a mass purchase of such tarps has been urged remains to be determined.

Friday, April 23, 2010

waste not

o  The Owner's Manual with a twenty-year-old 'food waste disposal' unit installed here in this apartment unit does not prohibit altogether paper disposal using its metal grinding mechanism, but very stinky waxed fish-wrapping paper (although pre-soaked and softened) has definitely jammed the device, requiring professional clog removal.
Uh oh  --  drain-opener splash-back at pipe-clog area (plumber was pre-advised/warned).

o  Broccoli-Crumb Cup -- steamed broccoli cut into bite-size pieces; squirt of preferred mustard; assorted crumbs; Italian dressing.  Mix together and ingest.

"Snap this" Tun'a Creek discards

Flood-control walls line Bradford PA's Tun'a Creek that flows northward alongside a mountain range, making it an unusual sight among all other creeks and moving waterstreams that flow southward  --  most flowing into an ocean, but from this region into the Mississippi River system.

Much creekbed debris appears to be deliberate, intended to address wildlife movements through the Tun'a Valley.  Barely visible in the creek's water flow are:   a whitish doughnut-type recreational disc nearby the Mechanic Street bridge (middle image), of the type seen during recent TV segment which showed underwater footage of a swimmer elsewhere placing a Frisbee-type disc around the neck of a shark; and from the East Washington Street bridge, broken-down metal shopping carts that roll down creekside concrete inclines into water that flows uphill northward while carts roll downhill, and a wooden chair flattened on the creek bottom.

The yellow tint is sunshine reflected from creek waters.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

awaiting return

What does this public telephone tell us, tilted toward the sidewalk along Mechanic Street at the Country Fair store-and-gas-pumps along West Washington Street?

Not a longtime ago, FL journalism reported the discovery of a dead baby found in a suitcase within a city storage facility unit.  Speculation that the mummified baby might be the missing 'Lindberg Baby' has not been public.  Throughout this Bradford, PA, city location various unusual settings indicate that the wait for the return of the Lindberg Baby, who would now be full-grown, is being signaled with public-works episodes.  Both Lindstrom and Berg families reside in the region, some nearby a cluster of pizza restaurants (a sort of 'devil's triangle') addressed along West Washington Street not far from UPB (University of Pittsburgh at Bradford) campus.

A rare mucousal-bead waxy artifact found decades ago in Degolia, PA, beneath a limestone roadside-rest structure resembles a bit of fat or suet tucked away between base and ground.  Among populations residing in and around that McKean County PA locale are those who occasionally attempt to send out a janitorial type to dissolve the artifact with chemicals, causing some level of hysteria about possible consequences.  The oracle-bead is a tiny waxlike chronicle of human events that shows lifelike memory-images coiled in a strand within the spheroid bead, which should be formally investigated and contained among archaeologists.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

round the earth

Jet-run 'trail' extending from horizon to horizon overhead, as seen from Pleasant Street backyard here in Bradford PA this morning.

this then that

This little street in Bradford PA in the past (before UPB) had  Employment Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation offices signposted.  However, the FBI office was used only after problems escalated and became real incidents; most of the time it was locked and dusty, lacking personnel to make it a prevention-oriented place.  In recent past years the short street was signposted 'private drive'; decades ago the FBI office parking lot in Kenmore, NY, was also posted as 'private' just outside Buffalo with demonstrable public parking-space gridlock possible to discourage agent consultation.  With some reason I have flashed-back to an Internet story describing the theft of a cemetery gate in the United Kingdom during past years; this week's journalism includes press release describing UK's young Prince William as next King there.

o  'George's Barber Shop' is yet addressed as located at the back parking lot of the Holly Hotel, beside the Riddle House premises, for those who remember the story describing an oil-rig worker 'capped' and killed during equipment use.  Perhaps Pulitzer Prize aspirations and exhortations contributed to the death of a young pregnant woman recently at Riddle House premises.

o San Francisco, CA, newswire describes Sunday incident 'Man who saved teen from drowning at Ocean Beach discusses rescue', followed with 'Dead whale floating in San Francisco Bay' (from CBS5).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

more post fire scenes

The very smoky ground-floor fire was believed to have been extinguished during late-morning firetruck operations, but flames suddenly began consuming the top floor during the late-afternoon watch  --  a spectacular sight visible miles around.  Firetruck with siren sounding necessarily returned to the location across the street from School Street Elementary School.  Local press reports stated that animals died in the fire.

Seriously, is a first-floor apartment ever just another bed of glowing coals expected to slowly cool?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stuart man dies while swimming at Santa Lucia Beach - Topix

Stuart man dies while swimming at Santa Lucia Beach - Topix Stuart, FL, newswire also reports that a captured pygmy sperm whale was euthanized later that same Friday.

and, following the fire and sign report...

Jet-run patterns over Bradford PA.

the physics of biomagnetism

[just a few weeks late]

Why some people always drive with their windows closed:

o  The laws of attraction and repulsion will hurl them and vehicle into a canal or other body of water; or they will hurl a pedestrian to certain death quite apart from vehicle contact.
o  They will kidnap someone as a maybe-fatal attraction.
o  Their diets make them a focus of other-species attention.
*          *          *          *
The entire house on fire here in Bradford PA a week or so ago has been completely razed, while a neighboring structure shows scorching and other structural burns.

Monday, April 5, 2010

What a change

Only a few years ago, yellow tape blocked off a section of Bishop Street here in Bradford, PA, on Boylston Street near East Washington Street following some kind of reported incident.  Lo and behold, that entire section of Bishop Street is now gone, converted to a parking lot near a medical-services office building and the YMCA. 

An entire block-long section of housing on Bennett Street between School Street and Pleasant Street was destroyed in a past year and the area converted to hospital parking lot; housing on other lots in the same general area are also being destroyed, one Pleasant Street section also converted to hospital parking lot.