Thursday, November 5, 2009

more wonder, more jam this week is featuring a specal sale conducted by Rare Book Cellar in Pomona, NY, which lists its stock through the Internet (some duplicates) numbering in the thousands. One sequence of the list reads as follows:

#1350 Brad Watson, 'The Heaven of Mercury', W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 2002
#1358 Carlos Castenada, 'The Power of Silence: the Further Lessons of Don Juan', Simon and
Schuster, New York 1987
#1361 David MacFarlane, 'Summer Gone' from Crown Publishers, New York 2000
#1363 Donald Barron, 'The Man Who was There', Atheneum, New York 1969

The prevalent price '$32.00' appears to be a standardized one throughout the book list, much in the way that some companies list their stock at all the same price regardless of manufacture value, or use a standard shipiing-and-handling fee for all items no matter how large or small.

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