Monday, November 9, 2009

westward ho! super windy day

So as not to forget, there was a broken and very-used pliers tool lying in the westbound lane of the Lyons Bridge during the return walk to Kcc, which could also be seen from the eastbound lanes. A walk over the two northeast Martin County bridges from Stuart to the east island in the Indian River lagoon was headfirst into the wind all the way -- made easy though by the interest of creatures monitoring intended placement of berry-laden branches removed from the roadway in Sewall's Point. The return walk with wind at back was even easier, and rubber-toed sneakers ensured that a header over the bridge railing did not happen.

A good-sized foot-long-+ mackeral lay beneath the bridge at the southside support, far east side of the island in the middle of the lagoon, in the same place where a catfish had been found during a previous visit to east island -- both filleted and abandoned, head attached and bony frame intact holding some flesh. Islands in the Indian River lagoon are also known as "spoil islands", possibly because these leftovers from large birds can be easily gathered up and put in a pot among real hardship cases (but gators and manatees might hate the casual user). Small ants had welled out from beneath park entry/exit sidewalk while some old fishing line was being removed, and painful bites are the result from their primitive orientation that I could be followed directly to the fish remains.
Always some glass bottles to put in the trash cans -- perhaps for me personally -- today glass wine bottles and beer bottles, including one shattered on the northside walkway of the Lyons Bridge. Three large fistfulls of abandoned fishing line, some with brilliant colors, were gathered from the east island and placed in trash containers (lacking the special boxes seen in some parks). Crows tore into some watermelon rinds left in the grass, while shorebirds gazed upon them but did not venture forth among parkgoers.
After leaving the east island and walking past a popular hotel franchise on Hutchinson Island to cross at a traffic signal, so as to proceed westward and return to Kcc, two small lizards were seen slain on the northside sidewalk (one small, the other smaller). At the entrance to the Lyons Bridge moving westward, a coiled metal fishing-line yet lay on the bridge walkway with rusting hook and intact sinkers, seen during previous walks.
A white ribbon was seen again in the southside walkway of the Crary Bridge, not far from the place where a hypodermic needle had once been seen lying on the bridge walkway months ago. A search revealed a number of "white ribbon" active political causes ranging from 'single payer' Mad As Hell Doctors to a campaign based in Toronto , Canada, "dedicated to the women engineering students murdered in Montreal" to an alliance "raising international awareness about the...women who die each year pregnancy-related complications, worldwide".
There is also a "2009 Austrian-German drama film" titled 'The White Ribbon'.
A horseshoe-crab casting with the same appearance as the one previously seen on the west island -- both lying on northside shorelines -- was observed nearby restrooms (the restrooms are still damaged and have not yet been repaired). The prevailing winds during the past few days have been westward, such that the single-part casting might be a plant instead casually attributed to lagoon-water turbulence.
A greenish-black standard Jeep moving westward on the Lyons Bridge demonstrated a loud muffler while driving in passing gear; flashback to a walk along SE Ocean Boulevard days ago, when a police car with flashing lights came up behind the same vehicle but no wrong-doing was evident.

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