Friday, February 20, 2009

necessary discomfort

Another 'Stuart News' issue, another published 'Treasure Coast Crime-Stoppers' headshots-section published. Another period of discomfort when walking or shopping, as vigilantes buzz around trying to catch a fugitive, paradoxically following months of holiday-season discomfort as cannabis sativa ('marijuana') plants grew to nearly four feet tall in a south Martin County warehouse and St. Lucie County shed (did I already mention the discomfort?).

Perhaps the former Stuart public housing projects were more useful to the County than the age-55+ 'communities' finding reason to continuously revel now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Who-D-La

o As promised within website, I have received a free packet of essays and other information from the International Preterist Association, Incorporated. This membership believes that the Bible is a history book and that the events described therein have already happened. I was sent a receipt, not a bill, together with other printed-paper items such a list of books for sale and essays with titles such as 'What is the Preterist View?' and 'Preterism 101'.

As an opposing viewpoint, it can be said that extensive use of the Bible as a travel guide or as use of passages can cause predictable results ("prophecy") traceable to the book itself. Also, proximity to an oracle-bead site in Degolia, PA (IPA addressed in Bradford, PA, very close by) will also affect populations since the artifact mucousal bead is filled with someone's historical memory images as placed beneath a roadside-rest/monument where other small species can 'read' them and behave/react to them. The oracle-bead shows memory-images of ancient world seas, which is why the IPA as addressed on Seaward Avenue is especially apropos.

o More come-downs within the gas-guzzling professions, ostensibly with intent to change the behavior of cigarette-smokers within the ranks. Today's Stuart News has a front-page story titled, 'Two St. Lucie firefighters arrested on marijuana cultivation charges' together with photo showing potted plants being carried in a van, "...deputies seized 80 marijuana plants from a warehouse in Martin County and four...from a shed in rural St. Lucie County. ...".

This PC terminal is owned by a firefighter locally employed (named Dave) and I am glad to have delivered a sprouted avocado seedling to him and my (younger) sister awhile ago as an example of legal cultivation. The location of the Martin County warehouse, on Jack James Drive, is very near 'Wildcat Trail' as mapped; there is a Wildcat Road in Cattaraugus County, NY, not far from the city's creekside cemetery in Olean, NY (where waterborne microbes are suspected to gain access to interred deceased individuals).

As a tenant in San Francisco, CA, in the Mission District, a single cannabis sativa seed found in a cobblestone alley (Cypress Alley!!!) sprouted into a treesize bush easily and quickly within a clay pot placed outside on a fire escape, for all to see. No police were sent to the apartment door to carry it away, since efforts to justify telephone harassment were underway following the enactment of anti-telephone-harassment laws.

o Other observations -- I am right to carry a deteriorating red apple outside the condo unit, but the right to abandon it for the use of a visiting raccoon is privately contested.

Also, today, the ISP subscriber whose ISP I am using to write this blog has received what appears to be some kind of check payable to my father (the subscriber) from Toyota here in Stuart, FL. I can't open the mail, but it has arrived via USPO in a window-type envelope, as addressed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

heap big changes

Hot effing news! The hedges at Building #54 Kingswood condo unit entryways (and others) have been removed!

Decades ago, in Bradford, PA, hedges that held winter snowfall on the small front lawn of our neighbors (the Kornackis) were removed and replanted on a different property of theirs. As anyone can surmise, one of the main activities and mental focus in Bradford is automobile use -- lovely white-berry shrubs that assisted uphill walking on Bennett Street one day quite suddenly were no longer 'available'. Later an entire block-length row of housing disappeared across the street from them.

The Kingswood 'Beautification Committee', equipped with hand shovels, dug and carried foliage all morning today (President's Day holiday), while new trees and flowering shrubs await transplant. Now, a small dumptruck and other equipment are proceeding to dump mulch to cover soil near the transplant zones.

The black-plastic disposable lighter found near a fruit-smoothie/tanning salon business location yesterday has been placed beside the Kingswood #54 barbeque (continuing a relocation placement trend).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a walk to the flea market

During a walk from the flea market, what did we see? Short-ribs in the bike lane, oh fiddle-dee-dee.

Although bike lanes have been painted in area roadways, many bicyclists ('ped/alers') continue to exercise their preference for the comparable safety of the sidewalk -- which, of course, makes the sidewalks less safe for walking pedestrians. Some such bikers are unarguably mobile with their machines in a jungle-boogy sort of way, while others are ready to whine and argue that they will be hurt, even on the sidewalk, if pedestrians won't sidle.

Proceeding down SE Monterey Road from Kingswood Terrace Road, the flea-market hiker passes the "at your own risk" wooden foot bridge that leads to 10th Street and further along many blocks to Florida Street (which has one restaurant now so that 'a restaurant on FL Street' can be easily recommended if asked) and henceforth to Johnson Street and the existing city USPO. The flea-market hiker passes the YMCA on Monterey Road, the airport, crosses Dixie Highway and arrives at the intersection with U. S. 1 (also known as the 'Federal Highway'), then stops and stares at a crosswalk at a bushy blind curve lacking pedestrian signal-sign/button where car drivers turn west onto the FH. (A mid-roadway concrete island has the pedestrian signal-sign/button, as do all other crosswalk settings at the major intersection.)

U. S. 1 has plazas and malls of many kinds of businesses, and the Humane Society Thrift Shop has be found to visit another day. All kinds of small junk can be found in the bike lanes, some of it perhaps intentionally placed--a lump of asphalt on SE Ocean Boulevard that might warp a bicycle tire; a wire, PET 'bumper' bottles, data discs, screws/nuts/bolts, and so forth along U. S. 1. The sign directing people to the flea market is large; there are stalls as well as booths-in-buildings, and this year's Martin County Fair could be seen in the background off Dixie Highway.

Returning to Kingswood condo complex via the Dixie Highway, the day's dark clouds apparently dissuaded large crowds from visiting the fairgrounds, but there was plenty of space to enjoy the midway rides and other attractions for the small number of people who were in the fairgrounds.

Walking along Dixie Highway only a short distance from SE Monterey Road regained, small short-ribs in the bike lane had everyone's attention. They were cut from the carcass of some very small/baby animal and were covered with red ants. Flashback to this month's issue of 'Archaeology' magazine which shows a photo of a nappy-headed skull from New Mexico's Fort Craig (p. 41, www. as black youths who usually use the Dixie Highway sidewalk ambled past. The intersection of DH with Monterey Road had a black-fuzzy piece of fabric lying in one crosswalk (which is the reason I decided to walk along U. S. 1 instead, earlier).

There had been a moment of sadness viewing a glossy but small black-winged butterfly stuck to the sidewalk along U. S. 1 near the Humane Society, which I picked up still alive and placed in some grass near a car dealership together with tiny green Bradford pears I was carrying. The return to the condo made the day more bizarre, as dinnertime TV featured such verbal lines as " have to get under their hide..." and a forum post with an entry titled 'What do you think about Mohammed?' that featured the line "...Please Watch peace TV...".

Obviously, the day's droppings make this blog more predictable.

However, also observed in the flea market proper were two of the PVC 'baby-over-a-bucket' containers, both containing golf balls for sale, near the Martin County Book Depot; one bucket was green-tinted with a label telling us that the original contents were pickles.

Same as last year, police cars with flashing lights marked the entrance to the Martin County Fair -- it was difficult to know whether there was some kind of incident or not.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Internet ways and means

o The website has been featuring a physician-written article titled, 'Casey Anthony: Profile of a Sociopath'. Along with all the usual histronics vented whenever a child-loss legal case is highly-publicized, I was able to claim comment-space to point out that a new 'Bistro' has been installed in Cedar Pointe Plaza here in northeast Stuart, FL, very near an 'Anthony's' womenswear store located in the same plaza, where a tacqueria may have been/is preferred.

Yesterday's Hometown News issued describes the 'Area Death' in Martin County of one "...Kinlin, Robert Frappier, 41, of Hobe Sound..." who is reported to have died Tuesday -- such a very short time after the comment entry. The French word 'frappe' is applied most successfully to machine transformations of oceansite alkalines and salt to make detergent and food-seasoning/roadway-stabilization products, whereas the noun is also used to describe frothy pulverization of fruit tissue with ice. The fruity dessert as concocted does most permanently open up harsh and continuous criticism of the French in general.

o Immediately after a poll was posted with the 'U. S. News' section of the website that asked 'Should Navy interlocutors be sued?', a supermarket tabloid published a front-page photo and accompanying story about a 'Swayze's' health problem; the insinuation might be that an elder John Cameron Swayze (a Navy interlocutor) may have benefitted too much from an association with the small and unique Tun'a Creek watershed in McKean County, Pennsylvania, where a branch campus of the University of Pittsburgh (PA) was initiated decades ago.

o One of the Palm Beach TV stations broadcast video footage of a Komodo dragon transported to a south Florida zoo, to be exhibited during a specific time period. The St. Lucie River reptiles must all be gathered around the new arrival, because only a handful of small lizards remain nearby this Kingswood condo complex -- surely they must take turns to see their relative originating from Madagascar island environs, along with representatives of every mammal that has ever been swallowed whole by a large reptile.

Friday, February 13, 2009

a pond of retention is worth more than any impoundment

More about the setting where the fabricated sink/PET-jug 'torso' junk-art was found here in Stuart, FL:

In the past, there was no small dam to control water flow into and out from the river-pocket, which was formed as the action of a small creek and St. Lucie River water influx comingled.
The civilizing action of the small dam has been augmented with space-control fencing. The section of the pond formerly accessible from alongside Kingswood Terrace Road is fenced-off now using metal chain-link. Metal chain-link fencing is also used to separate the pond into two sections, extending at a right angle from the roadway fencing through the water at roadway terminus to the far side where private-property houses have been built facing St. Lucie Boulevard.

The sandy trail is bisected by the retention pond and KTR. The former creek is also channeled using straightened slough/ditch/canal/moat behind Vista Pines condo complex, as previously described.

The section of the retention pond behind Kingswood condo complex is not fenced and is bordered with hurricane-damaged woodland/sandy trail. The joke and not-joke is that northeastern populations residing north from the Mason-Dixon Line (PA/MD states border) habitually and purposefully face southward hoping to drift into milder climate-zone; and those residing on southern-slope mountainsides must face southward and inevitably drift as well (this seems to be a foolproof way to move into milder climactic zones) -- these are the populations looking to acquire/build personal property in southern FL.

Unfortunately, the southward-drift habit is not appreciated once Florida residency has been attained because the tendency to pin, snuff or crush other people cannot be justified in the least way whatsoever (using gravitational force as blame/excuse). Hence the rationale to alter condo-community-border waterstreams in ways that might contain drifting or 'bumped-off'' humans. In other words, the retention pond is there, non-fenced, to buffer Kingswood residents; and the slough/ditch/canal/moat (variance with seasonal water levels) is there for Vista Pines residents.

Apparently, the junk-art 'torso' also warns about the wilds of the St. Lucie River only a short distance from the small dam.

{Gee, did I use the word 'guise' wrong in a previous entry?}

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

corruption as an intentional act

Recent Internet journalism names the United States as the 17th-ranked most-corrupt nation in the world. Reasons might include:

o New 'age-55+ communities' are business ventures engaged as response to the demands of particular populations. If a new 55+ community begins slaying all other age-groups, who is charged with lawsuit (the community as titled, or its inceptor realty)?

o No-front-license-plate vehicular scenarios can be categorized as civil disobediance, scarce metal-materials conditions, labor-population rebellion, or metals redistribution to other manufacturer realms -- all adding up to chaos in the sociopolitical arena.

o Some tech-research applications are totally clueless -- e.g., nanotechnology appropriate to vibrate a rare mucousal oracle-bead chronicle (so that its historical content-imagery can be seen and its voice strip heard) instead becomes the new research at Georgia Tech, where a "vibrating glove" might be used to teach musical instrument use ( The artifact reality is that the oracle-bead can be very carefully vibrated with a human fingertip so as to view its contents.

The "...early design is basically a golf glove powered by a battery that's hooked up to five vibrating motors. The glove has a wireless link to a PC and sends a tiny jolt through the motors...". This is hilarious. One reason the game of golf exists is to whack an acceptable object (i.e. the golf ball), not scrape/whack and damage the mucousal oracle-bead artifact. Such a bulky hand-cover contrivance would have a great probability to ruin artifact; the oracle-bead chronicle is made from the waxlike organic mucous of its maker.

o A Toyota of Stuart car dealership ad televised in this South Florida region shows a grizzled Earl Stewart expounding about the ideal customer-sales circumstance of 'no dealer fee' together with his agreement to add no such fee on his company invoices, said speech delivered using the trapped tones of an automobile seller who has received stock lacking front-bumper license-plate holders or rivet-holes pre-drilled.

Oh wait -- the word is "least".

Monday, February 9, 2009

a decoy?

The sandy trail that leads from the end of Kingswood Terrace Road to the retention-pond dam here in Stuart, FL, also shows a white metal sink embedded in the sand and now-strawlike grass. This sink is placed basin-down such that the rounded sink bottom and short threaded connector drainpipe seem to be the abdomen and penis/clitoris of a white person; two gallon-size plastic milk jugs appear to have been placed such they they seem to be large breasts over the rounded sink basin -- in artsy-fartsy terms, this is a piece of junk art to which the attention of guncarriers can be directed unbeknownst to the general public, a sort of makeshift target.

However, as guncarriers are directed toward the private-property junk-art composite figure, they instead injure other people and livestock. Furthermore, fugitive photo headshots are routinely published in the Stuart News (and in this Sunday's 'Parade' supplement) such that any fugitives in the region may be protected from disabling shots among their fellows, using "innocent until proven guilty" rationale, such that gunshot attempts instead disable or kill non-fugitives.

Furthermore, it is suspected that such tactics as 'one large snake swallowing another reptile' within Florida environs (as reported in newspaper and Internet journalism, with video) is another demonstration of orientation towards the junk-art figure as something to shoot or bite in the region, rather than any possible defensive action among other people or other species, which when so disoriented can only hurt each other.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


o Hey! Try to save your message entry [before sending it] and a blank will show -- without a 'may not save correctly' warning.

o 'YMCA Easterhouse' raffle ticket-stub arrived in the mail. O, who will be picked this year to win a free South Florida house and benefit the YMCA? Will it be another "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" draw?

o Broken brown beer-bottle glass swept from roadway of bridge over St. Lucie River, south side; swept from traffic-lane into two of many small sluice-channels extending through the roadway wall -- which means that the pieces will be washed onto the bridge walkway when it rains again. Brown pieces piled into the sluice-channels appear as if they are two square brown eyes from the artsy-fartsy perspective. Two more additional small plastic flags (about 4" x 4") are lying at the side of the vehicular lane.

What causes more nightmares -- glass in the vehicular lane/roadway or 'sluicey in the guise of diamonds'?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

thorpe appeal

Last night the trek to a bench on the bridge overlooking the St. Lucie River, after midnight to get some fresh air, showed a shattered brown beer bottle in the south driving lane. A colorful small plastic flag was lying on the walkway some short distance from the pieces of glass, perhaps demonstrating some kind of heft-a-lot accidental drop.

This latest drop has occurred after a bear was hit with a vehicle near Miami in Dade County, FL; injuries included two broken legs and a lacerated haunch. All those who do not vault the roadway barrier and pick up the broken glass might also fall into the 'haunch' category of creature movement across the bridge according to a category of human judgment that might also believe that stretching or otherwise stressing the blue color out of eyes might grant entry into the world of subtropical legerdemain (i.e.. "keeping our eyeballs pealed" colloquialism).

The discard behavior pattern (beer bottles and cans/other liquor bottles) can be traced to dog-walking incidents at Roosevelt Middle School in San Francisco, CA, when one youth menaced a Rottweiler with a pellet gun after the canine would stray into the schoolyard there; apparently the young man now carries a can or bottle with him enduring harsh and personal criticism about the maneuver -- the same dog carried away during an alligator encounter here in Florida, as videotaped.

The question is, is the bottle or can also carried onto "party boats" as protection?

Friday, February 6, 2009

AOL gallery pix

o Website has been publishing some excellent photojournalism from Columbia this past week, including photo that shows the fossilized bone of "Ancient snake uncovered is world's biggest'. The removal of the immense snake skeleton will no doubt cause some behavioral changes among reptiles in the American continents, because it will no longer be available in wildlands as an evolutionary/ancestral focus for that species.

The galleries also included photos of 'new find' amphibians such as tree frogs normally green that appear to be denuded of their green coloration in the way that brown land appears after environmental storms or other deluges. The salamander photo shows physiology and creature demeanor similar to other small salamanders found far away in the Allegheny Mountain range of northwestern PA/NY near an oracle-bead chronicle artifact site -- appearing to be voracious and alert (spotted, while the Allegheny salamanders are striped).

o A live stringbean vine is growing nearby beside the asphalt roadway within non-condo-complex foliage -- easily begun with dropped stringbean purchased at the supermarket months ago.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

stop the caissons

Sunday's Stuart News headlined the start-up of Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies in the town of Tradition, FL: 'Research coast opens', "200 celebrate opening...biotech...use to test compounds that are candidates for future drugs. ...the first step for a group of biotechnology companies at the Florida Center for Innovation at Tradition. ..." in St. Lucie County.

The initiation of the biotech boom follows revelation in the 1990s about a mucousal oracle-bead artifact found in the northern PA mountains that is a type of chronicle which has memory-images and a voice-strip contained in a waxy gel. The tiny oracle-bead should be carefully contained during archaeological investigation using appropriately-designed and -engineered nanotechnology to vibrate it so that its historical content-imagery can be viewed and its voice strip heard (comparable to machine-made historical photography and audio recording).

Both the and websites have been publishing extensive viscious commentary about "tot-Mom" Casey Anthony's loss of her daughter in the Orlando, FL, area -- commentary perhaps associated with archaeological-domain hearsay fears about the use of the name and sociopolitical roles of athlete Casey Stengel -- i.e., will the same demand-call influence network that put new terminology descriptive of the oracle-bead artifact instead on drug labels also heedlessly 'send in' someone to stent or pierce the rare oracle-bead artifact such that it is destroyed?

A 'Casey's' restaurant during one time period (past decades) was operated in the village of Limestone, NY, about 15 miles from the artifact site in Degolia, PA; there was also a stone-block 'Castle' restaurant operated near St. Bonaventure University in Allegany, NY, that became so overused by college students (including those from SBU and UPB in Bradford, PA) that it was demolished.

In August 2008, Florida journalism also described the death of an infant, alleged to have been killed by his 350-pound father named 'Casey', who is said to have killed his own infant son (skull fracture). There has been henceforth a three-pronged tirade of attacks and rage that focuses upon the name 'Casey' from a multitude of perspectives, including anti-obesity tirades that fail to comprehend that obese people just cannot be easily carried away and enslaved among influence-network participants wanting new business-schemes and opulent lifestyles for themselves.

The same influence-network, operating through the telephone, causes the family mishaps which they then protest, using telephone demand- and attack-calls in both instances. The call-demand network has also operated to route the oracle-bead artifact new terminology onto drug labels as new 'brand' names applied to generic chemical compounds, thereby subverting an entire due process of drug-manufacturer licensing and distribution.

Other allusions to other words similar to 'Casey' are no doubt circulating as the culmination continues of information misuses traceable to wordplay and simple transmission/seizure of elicited words and phrases during demand-call strategies.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what droppings say about a creature

Nothing new -- still quite cold in northeast Stuart, FL, temperature in the 30s (always a surprise in this southern FL region).

Near the retention pond behind the Kingswood condo complex, one dropped 'Dutch Masters' cigar package (grape-flavored???). Also, past actions to 'release' tiny apricot fruits molding on the ground beneath the tree-of-origin have been futile -- when a few are tossed into slough/river water along with smashed red tree-berries, they are found and returned via the excrement of some large bird in the same way that the outer shells of barnacles can be found lying on the ground as a source of minerals added to sandy soil in the pond area.

Milam's Market has made a sudden switch to blank non-lettered plastic grocery bags. Gotta huzzah!

Monday, February 2, 2009

another bay another bottle

o Two empty beer bottles lying in Cedar Pointe Plaza -- one a brown Coors Light and the other a green Heineken.

o 'Groundhog Day' was recently observed in the state of Pennsylvania -- the observance is linked with an artifact 'oracle-bead chronicle' in Degolia, PA, which becomes visible after winter snow melts/recedes. The oracle-bead artifact can be located in its placement beneath a limestone roadside-rest/funerary monument; the site is a real shrine because the oracle-bead is a type of historical chronicle holding memory-images and a voice-strip within its waxlike mucousal content. The limestone 'chapel' is chiseled with the name of a Smith woman; however, the site was/is a shrine whether a name is chiseled on it or not, as a result from the artifact oracle-bead's historical imagery and its placement between base and ground.

Because the name 'Smith' is chiseled in the limestone, the other-species linkages affected near the tiny artifact are predictably influenced to focus special attention toward that family, such that 'hazing' Smith sailors predictably causes man-overboard incidents when those are directed into open water. As some form of "avant-guarde" intelligence, the description of Captain John Smith given in school history books is used as reason to target that 'superior officer' name when protesting the loss of indigenous woman Pocahontas (said to have been a marriage to a European male).