Sunday, November 1, 2009

looky here (or, "looky, looky, arithmetic booky")

The sheaf bugs aren't a look-and-leave bunch -- they haul their grass-tip sheafs into specific positions and affix themselves while the small caterpillars dwelling inside metamorphisize into small butterflies. Only a ladder used outside the building will give a sufficient grip to remove the sheaf shown on a screen in the image.
An orange container bearing a visually-suggestive 'baby-over-a-bucket' line-drawing has been set on the far west bank of the St. Lucie River, viewable from the Evan Crary Sr. Bridge as shown in the image. The original idea to mass-produce such containers can be categorized as 'fiction made real', and casual re-use of the containers can be linked with some actual drowning deaths among small children in specific regions using mass-media reports.

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