Friday, July 31, 2009

Should body-piercing businesses be banned? - Topix

Should body-piercing businesses be banned? - Topix

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In a state with so many plants and animals that have long and sharp teeth, spines, thorns, the usual mosquitos and biting flies, as well as ants, scorpios and crustaceans, the ultimate insult must be to be lured into the body-piercing businesses with their isometric applications (individual reflex actions and reactions are manipulated so that victims actually pierce and ink themselves on instruments held by crafty personnel).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jamaicans traffiked to stateland c. sativa fields? - Topix

Jamaicans traffiked to stateland c. sativa fields? - Topix

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Among others also cooperative with the Corn-Growers Association population, carried away to cannabis sativa fields easily initiated in the state of California without cultivation, may have been Jamaican-born U. S. residents. Northern California populations might be able to provide witness testimonies about the trafficking of such people into field environments of the plants which are found growing wild in Central and South America without cultivation.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

those darned 'baby over a bucket' containers again

During the last walk along St. Lucie Boulevard, three renovation-materials containers were seen as set outside one riverside property on the berm, each bearing the clearly outlined drawing of a small childlike person bent over some contained liquid.

A few nights ago, an orange container bearing the same line-drawing was seen as set beside one of the swimming-pools here in Kcc; then last night what appeared to be an exact same container-type was shown as video broadcast from Palm Beach television station -- a 'Fox 29' hotel recycling story (10:00 p. m. news).

Other television journalism described and showed a solar-powered trash-compactor gadget found within some city public-domain. On the dark side, however, a number of TV news broadcasts also reported the death of an infant boy found in a hot vehicle, said to have died as a result from heat exhaustion -- no back-up/default solar-powered fans to exert a cooling influence upon vehicular interiors appear to have been made more of a priority than catalog-list gadgets, with some suspicion necessary about the possibility that such lax conduct has been socially-engineered to force such fan installations.

August early school means public-pool adult swims? - Topix

August early school means public-pool adult swims? - Topix

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A one-time switch of autumn school-start time envisioned (years ago, school-starts at that time always post-Labor Day) has instead been perpetuated from year to year now, following changed nomenclature that labels some former 'junior high' schools as 'middle schools' -- that following the UK's Summerhill hazing expose.

That public pools in some regions (mostly northerly) schedule adult-swims only in the evening, and close pools when schools open in the autumn, means that many taxpayers lack access to a safe, healthful, natural outdoors swim environment always. Indoor swimming pools are great during wintertimes but there's no substitute for outside warm-weather swims.

Way out for elderly 'put in' age-55+ condominiums? - Topix

Way out for elderly 'put in' age-55+ condominiums? - Topix

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Different from other types of shelter into which builders route their choice of tenants/buyers, second-floor and upward condominium complexes usually have only one entryway/exit -- that's less leeway than most caves (which means that Asian countries maintain caves with good reason).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zebra mussel shells clog Buffalo city water intake - We're Always On!

Zebra mussel shells clog Buffalo city water intake - We're Always On!

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Along with the stern(o) warnings about the Emerald Ash-Borer in Pennsylvania plus a type of Chinese fish in Maryland, zebra mussel articles now recur from year to year from the Great Lakes regions.

Friday, July 24, 2009

bare chests and Bradfords

o What do some UK island populations in Europe and Isthmus of Panama area nations in Central America have in common with Deep South USA inhabitants? Bare chests.

Are interactions among those a Godsend or continuous ongoing nightmare? That's a threesome at the very least.

o Abandoned PC desktop terminal rescued from thundercloud sprinkles today -- bagged in a white plastic trash bag and labeled, then carried to roofed barbecue zone, after a call to Salvation Army last night. Raindrops began when I walked outside to bag the electronic component, and ended when I re-entered the condo.

Resident lizard lifeless likeness/body lying on asphalt parking area, with small snail-shell at throat. Might be the same snail sharing shade beneath a lovely orange-flowered tree during cool-pool soak a few days ago; and same lizard pressed beneath condo lamplight night after night, year after year. Many lizard droppings beneath lamplight year after year as well; most recently, found in metal mailbox. Snail-shell resembles button or brooch...or something more medically gruesome.

COLUMN: Martin's watershed moment - Topix

COLUMN: Martin's watershed moment - Topix

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More about the bagging and placement of oysters shells as breeding reefs, apres cuisine, this time in the Indian River Lagoon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

yes! remnants of a horseshoe crab

Today -- another hot and sunny one -- was a successful short hike to the west island beneath the Lyons Bridge over the Indian River lagoon.

Broken brown beer-bottle glass was picked up piece by jagged piece from the sidewalk leading onto the island respite area -- earlier I could swear that I saw a red wide-toothed comb in the bicycle lane of the A1A roadway (north side) leading to/from Hutchinson Island, but when leaving the area another length of (knotted) nature-made rope was seen lying in the same place at the entrance to the corner realty office at the Sewall Point Road crosswalk.

After tossing some live cherry seeds into the brush alongside the entryway sidewalk, what appeared to be a +/- two-foot-long pipefish floated toward the protected shoreline, while a smaller +/- eight-inch-long smaller pipefish reconnoitered a short wavelength away.

After dumping the bagged glass pieces into one of the many west-island trash receptacles, a beachcomber-type walk along the island's south side revealed first and foremost, the filleted carcass of a +/- three-foot-long king mackeral floating in the water until ultimately beached as a flock of crows continuously vocalized from lampposts and trees ("aw aw aw"). Further eastward along the same shoreline a platter-sized ray lay supine and stinking in the sand, its skeletal parts exposed; a few other fish skulls remained embedded in the sand within a mangrove cluster. Feathers seemed to be scattered but more probably were deliberately dropped -- one red.

Beneath the bridge, some feasting fellow(s) left the remains of a watermelon at the water's edge, awaiting results other than flies alighting on rind and fruit. Birds hovering or perching around the potential baccanales included a flock of crows, an adolescent blue heron and some doves plus one pelican latecomer. Pieces of broken glass in the shoreline sand becoming-mosaic-worthy among piles of seashells, rocks and rubble were mostly green-colored with some clear examples. Yet another black BiC disposable lighter lay in the sand, metal parts rusting but its container still full.

The weathered and cracked shed carapace of a three-inch-long horseshoe crab was also found in the sand near the mangrove cluster, an apparently natural casting drop (but perhaps a 'plant' placed on the island from elsewhere); it is not complete but was carried away in backpack nonetheless before it might completely crumble.

The north side of the island featured a shell/rock conglomerate on the beach sand, about the size of a large egg with mostly rocklike density, similar in appearance to a desert geode -- the cup-like interior was lined with symetrically-arrayed toothlike spikes. I held it to examine it then replaced it in the sand.

The walks on these islands can be tense, because they are small and since there is still so much rubble remaining from the hurricanes of past recent years -- cement chunks; rusting metal pipes, stake-size screws and other iron-oxidizing debris; as well as tires and other human possessions abandoned (other than trash). While returning to Kcc upon the Lyons Bridge north side, what appeared to be a large insect that mimicked the bare minimum of a small bird carcass -- a few bones and two feathers -- lay on the walkway with a honeybee perched upon it. Honeybees are always seen on the Lyons Bridge because they fly to Sewall's Point where property-owners maintain numerous flowering trees and bushes.

An abandoned desktop PC terminal is sitting in the sand beside the recycling containers within Kingswood condo complex here in Stuart, and perhaps I will telephone the Salvation Army to hear if they will come and carry it away.

Note: The website offers entry titled, 'Saints and Education -- research position available'. The position described is scheduled in Germany.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hot and clear afternoon

Today I 'captured' some pics of rusting metal-plate on cement electrical-pole located very nearby a recently-installed pizza business adjacent to the smaller plaza located beside Cedar Pointe Plaza on SE Ocean Boulevard here in Stuart, FL. I also picked up the glass pieces of a broken brown beer bottle on the sidewalk, partially in the roadway, at the boulevard crossing where traffic lights control car movements into/out from Vista Pines condo complex.

Further along the sidewalk north side SE Ocean Boulevard, a short length of traditional non-synthetic rope was removed from the bicycle lane across from Cedar Point Plaza bagel shop (a somewhat wicked discovery) and carried to a trash can in Ocean East Mall. Days ago, the hide of a somewhat generic animal form was found in the bicycle lane on the opposite site of the roadway about a crosswalk-length away from the St. Lucie River (too late for lasso?).

Yesterday's a website entry titled, 'Man charged with inducing panic at Cedar Point Amusement Park' described a PA man "...leaving a fake bomb under his car...".

After picking up some cherries and visiting the Blake Library's 'for-sale' shelves (they were hosting some kind of veteran's workshop), the return walk Kcc along KTR showed the usual medium-sized white wading birds. Water-flow in the slough was sluggish and the water was very warm; again the same wooden stick was used to retrieve a green PET soda bottle made extra-green with algae growing in and within it. All the discarded aluminum cans were gone from beneath the scrub brush where they had been lying +/- a year. Some fish could be seen, ranging in size from pinhead to +/- eight inches, throughout slough and pond. A flattened cardboard box inked 'Made in China' was removed from the sandy trail; both plastic bottle and cardboard were placed in Kcc recycling container.

Note: the Internet website shows a window that recommends online statements as a way to "reduce the risk of mail fraud with paper statements". Huh?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Christmas in July

Years -- in fact, decades -- ago I had planned to attempt rental here in Stuart, FL, or elsewhere in Martin County so as to independently study the local hermit crab population. That intent, elicited during a telephone-call demand contact, has loaded the region with populations from my birthplace McKean County, PA (many perhaps expecting to rent their 'places' to me then onward to others). Every word I say continues to be used in business-schemes here in this Florida region, whether appropriate post-hurricanes or not.

While scanning the aisles at Ace Hardware near the U. S. Post Office located on Johnson Street, sturdy and colorful bags advertised some sort of 'fire ant' extermination remedy. Small red ants continually march into the premises here in Kcc, into the bedroom that I use and sometimes the kitchen as if I am their co-madre and a resort from the pesticide applications elsewhere.

A yellow plastic disposable lighter was discovered in the grass beside SE Ocean Boulevard not far from Kcc (i.e., Vista Pines again) -- a new one, no rust, with slightly different design than the usual BiC throwaways and bearing the image/logo 'Kangaroo' (made in Australia).

Sheaf bugs were seen to be arrayed around an opening in a concrete electrical-line pole, where clad wires were exposed to view because the metal plate covering the access-opening has rusted and one rusted screw is nowhere to be seen nearby. Using a water-sodden cigarette filter lying on the ground to prop the metal plate so that it again covered the opening was effective although the sheaf bugs are not prone to sudden change once an advantageous outlook is attained. There is little possibility of a "new use" of the cigarette filter as a wick to cause an explosion unless all the disposable lighters continuously discarded within close proximity are a warning about such possible "new use". The access-opening is located only a few feet above ground-level within the concrete electrical pole; an carefully-engineered explosion might sever the pole such that it falls onto the street or on business premises close-by in the way that a javelin does.

That a woman was found floating dead in a Boca Ration swimming pool earlier this week (West Palm Beach TV journalism) should appreciate my use of a small cool-tub pool purchased from Walgreens, but actually more horror has become evident.

The planks of a small, arched wooden bridge that spans a lily-pad pond within Cedra Pointe Plaza have become weakened primarily from rainstorm soakings, now bending as if they will split and break any moment beneath footsteps.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Priest Bans Autistic Boy From Church - ABC News

Priest Bans Autistic Boy From Church - ABC News

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This happened awhile ago, but the entry seems apropos because there is a vast number of comments posted at with regard to an autistic boy voted out of class in St. Lucie County, FL.

Friday, July 17, 2009

it's happening today -- the Florida Everglades python hunt

Herpetologists are scheduled to search the 'River of Grass' to find and capture perhaps thousands of imported constrictor-type pythons roaming freely -- with the knowlege that 'imported' means the reptiles feel welcome here.

That suddenly small mammals appear in yards and other human properties where they know they shouldn't be can be attributed to the presence of such large and curious roaming snakes, which are known to coil swiftly around our mammaliam relatives and ingest them whole. When displaced from their ecological niches, foxes appear and nip children, large cats collide with hikers, and stinking small-mammal carcasses lay infested with worms.

This past Sunday a raccoon pelt/carcass lay in the driveway of nearby Ocean Palms Retirement Center, another feast of fat white grubs linked as a sort of mat upon the sizzling-hot asphalt, which was removed to the property line and piled onto the remains of a dead armadillo.

Only a few days ago, a small metal tool/instrument was found in the roadway at the intersection of Monterey Road Extensions and U. S. 1/Federal Highway; lacking sharp tip, the tool resembled a six-inch poker. The evening's TV journalism included an account of a sudden stabbing in Palm City, when an adult confronted a teenager, and a re-showing of liposuction-procedure video footage. The location of the 'drop' was coincidental with multiple fast-food restaurant addresses, such as Long John Silver, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Boston Market.

Wednesday's short walk to the newsracks at the far end of Martin County Golf Course showed large piles of plant matter heaped beside the roadway, removed from private properties as the taskwork of the multiple landscaping firms operating in the city of Stuart, and some private-property owners at work maintaining their own lawns and constructing. The return walk -- not a minute too soon, having already strolled causally past discards with empty backpack -- included very-hot glass-bottle (multiple Heineken, some broken, plus clear-glass specimens) removal activities from berm and other sidewalk-side grass, together with the gathering of cut grass, pink flower blossoms (large and small) , and a few cut plants (e.g., a damaged succulent) to toss in for the perusual of the fish grouped at the slough water-flow exit merging with the St. Lucie River.

One of the small-size cut branches among others piled alongside the road showed tightly-curled green buds each about the size of a golf ball that resembled artichokes. One aged BiC disposable lighter was found discarded, with rusting metal parts and a faded black fluid-container (empty).

Small lizards and other neighborhood fauna appear to wax delirious near the peat-pot 'fez' avocado plant placed outside the condo building beneath roof-top overhang -- there should be more space for all when the python hunt winds down later today. While setting out household veggie discards one past night beneath some nearby foliage, the neighborhood bunny soared across the road from a niche in Cedar Pointe condo complex, landing with a loud 'thump' just inches from my bent head.

I have inquired at a 'Chinese-drywall' entry about any information that can be made available about the 'Made in China' planter-tub purchased at Dollar General, listed on store receipt as 'whiskey barrel p'.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

and what is this, pray tell?

Yesterday was another hot and sunny day here in Stuart, FL, with some overhead stormclouds in the distance but no rainfall here.

I decided to walk to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast Thirft shop located on U. S. 1 (Federal Highway) because they are conducting a special 'Christmas in July' sale through 7/21. There is almost nothing in the premises that indicates support for other species other than some paper signs and agenda postings; it has the usual thrift shop contents. I found two extremely colorful pink and blue cotton-knit shirts, together under $5.

After crossing the north side Federal Highway roadway to the south side intersection nearby Stuart Regency Mall, intersection with so-called Monterey Road extension, a small metal instrument/tool was observed on the extended-curb in the roadway (not far from Kentucky Fried Chicken/Long John Silver's restaurants) that resembed a hand-sized poker (i.e., no sharp tip). Today the website gave local Stuart news story presented in a special home-page section that links with website, titled "Martin deputies investigating early-morning stabbing in the Coquina Cove development' (Palm City, FL) where a " a "bee sting" in his weapon was recovered near the scene...". There was no blood on the tool, but later in the day a liposuction segment was shown during regional television newscast.

Walking a few blocks more to Big Lots, where $30 printers were advertised in a newsprint insert with the Sunday Stuart News, the most accessible special-sale printer had its barcode/identification label torn off the box so that it could not be scanned at the checkout station. At the major intersection near the same shopping plaza, the pelt of a small black kitten lay in the crosswalk, only a day or two after a TV broadcast showed various feral cats captured and contained in the region, including a black housecat-sized feline caged.

During the walk towards U. S. 1 (Federal Highway) along Monterey Road, a shiny-metal combination lock lacking numbers/spaces was seen on an intersection sidewalk at the Dixie Highway. The return walk from the Federal Highway to Kcc is somewhat arduous, past the YMCA that encloses shady picnic areas, a swimming pool and grassy fields with a chain-link fence (and past the Witham Field airport and its low-flying aircraft as well).

Not being Jewish although a Jewish temple is nearby, I did manage to carry a boxed printer, a bag containing two shirts and two dinners (one free with a coupon from Boston Market) all the way to KTR without spilling anything other than dripping continuous sweat.

Friday, July 10, 2009

hey I was using that

Missing items in the region include prepay Tracfone (two-part) airtime-PIN-card bottom-parts in stores, public pay-telephones, newsrack(s) and stolen ATMs -- which just might add up to an effort to assemble the first prototype FBI-linked ATMs.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday "day of rest" bummer

This past Sunday revealed the already-dead form of a small yellow frog lying on a wooden driveway-side beam here in Kcc; tiny red ants were swarming around the motionless amphibian to carry away bits and pieces such that the bare skull of the creature lie exposed.

Tuesday's Stuart News following showed a "Reader Snapshot' of a small yellow frog "discovered...on yellow Hummer H2...a ride...". Possibly, the "ride" or observation post on the Hummer (some models of which feature sudden-release aquatic -- or whatever -- propellers from the tires) was too traumatic an event for the creature. Now I must think back to other 'Reader Snapshots' and wonder whether they are always provided to give a photographic glimpse of a creature once living then recently dead.

As someone who has had reddish hair most of my life, although 'born black', it has been fairly obvious that some populations use memories of me to attract and then slay or otherwise kill deer that have similar reddish-brown color fur. It's a wonder whether the small yellow frog was used to attract other bigger frogs as some kind of directed "ride" purpose, and whether frog death is fallout from the capture of a yellowish boa 'tanked' within a regional household reported to have coiled upon the chest of a toddler who then died.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

another way to the U. S. Post Office

Today was another scorcher in Stuart, FL.

Since I needed more minutes for my first Tracfone, I stopped in at Dollar General to purchase airtime -- again, as in the past, I took an airtime card hanging from a metal hook and presented it at the cash register, and again I was charged sales tax for a card I could not keep! and was given a transaction receipt that gave the new Airtime PIN number to add more minutes to the 'phone's Airtime 'tank'. Actually, I was charged tax upon the sales receipt!

After taking advantage of a Walgreen's special sale offer to send vitamin-and-mineral pills to my daughter so as to boost her immune system, I hiked a different route to the USPO along SE Ocean Boulevard towards "historic downtown Stuart"; a few ripened mangos lay on the sidewalk beneath their tree, while other dried-'n'-dead seeds were tossed through metal streetside grates into subterranean water and one recently pulped/skinless seed was pocketed to toss into a likely sprouting place. (The same yellow wire, once taut against a utility pole, remained as a loosened sort of potential noose beside the SE Ocean sidewalk southside that might encircle and hold fast a unwary pedestrian. On Central Avenue at the corner with S. Lake Street, a similar situation exists with a much heavier metal wire that has no warning colored sheath.) Turning southward on Flagler Avenue, a number of city/county offices were passed; then, Sailfish Park appeared, empty but graced with transit benches nearby.

I had thought to also pocket a live-seed mango from the sidewalk to toss by the Middle School pond, but alas! the pond was totally gone and construction workers busily hoisted and assembled an entirely new pondless building not far from Memorial Park. The mango trees grow well near the St. Lucie River and nearby the local ponds; therefore the live mango/seeds were carried to the pond beside the USPO on Johnson Street.

Central Avenue merges into Park Avenue nearby a small playground beside the same railroad- track rails that hold trains moving along the Dixie Highway -- in other words, rather than hike through the 10th Street/Florida Street neighborhoods, the same intersection was reached walking southward from "historic downtown Stuart".

Fish greeted me beside the USPO pond after other dried-and-dead/dormant mango seeds found were tossed into the canal near the FL Street intersection with Johnson Avenue, and there at the pond the whole small mango pocketed was tossed beneath a shoreline rock formation. An apple-like green fruit (cherimoya?) left lying on a bench was tossed into the pond, and for that action I received some dank looks from area habituees.

Two women with divergent appearances each carried an umbrella to ward off the sun's rays as they moved towards McDonald's on U. S. 1 -- one walking across the major thoroughfare and the other seated on a mechanical scooter. The sunshine was very hot, but I scored some Mexican take-out super-burritos and trudged northward along Monterey Road to return to KTR, Kcc and one cool condo.

Two rusting batteries and a teal-blue BiC lighter (empty) were removed from the common domain, as were the mouthpiece and bottom sections of a brown beer bottle left in the bicycle lane (westside U. S. 1).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

did someone write "scattered beer cans"?

Just saw a Pittsburgh, PA, entry that described cemetery tombstones toppled and "scattered beer cans".

This weekend, near by a layer of aging aluminum beer cans lying beneath some scrub brush past the terminus of KTR, beside the retention pond, one small clear-plastic liquor bottle lay in the sand at what is now the trail entrance. Then, a larger heavy clear-glass liquor bottle was found busted near the Vista Pines condo complex hedges that border SE Ocean Boulevard near Cedar Pointe Plaza.

What else is there to say? The tiny sheaf-worms appear to undergo metamorphosis, becoming tiny bluish-black flies with stylish spotted and curved tail-ends.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

a...celebration day?

School days history textbooks described how European settlers in North America decided that freedom from King George in England was a priority; it is now more than three centuries since colonists in the "New World" eschewed obediance to the Kings of England.

However, as shows us, the history book itself appears to influence descendent scenarios in the present-day time-frame. An entry titled 'Oil/gas driller's skull crushed' tells us that "An Ohio man...head caught in drilling Crawford County...37-year-old Kenneth Georg II of Brinkhaven...neck was broken. ..." How much of an accident can that be?

It was cloudy but clear in places in the night sky here in Martin County, FL, arguably a 'brink haven' -type place at the shores of the St. Lucie River, Indian River lagoon and Atlantic Ocean but the fireworks displays did not attract the same kind of attention this year as in years past although loud as ever and some (as ever) exploding quite uncomfortably close by Kcc.

There's no independence from intimidation tactics and ghastly quasi-accident scenarios.

Friday, July 3, 2009

a very close look at the lawn

Among the unusual creatures found within this Martin County region include a type of small caterpillar/worm that embeds itself within the hollow stem of grass-seed sprouts -- and, yep, lawnworkers take note because the lifeless sprouts appear to be clippings from lawnmower leavings, with the appearance of tiny wheat sheaves only about 3/4 inch long.

The caterpillar/worms are black, and completely envelope themselves in the grass-seed-sheaf, undulating with their many legs in a locomotor way while maintaining an inner grip upon the protective bud tip (that reembles an asparagus tip, only dried/golden). They crawl over and around live grass blades and resemble tiny animated porcupines. They also crawl onto and up stucco walls, then affix themselves at the head area such that they appear to be grass chaff blown onto the walls; numbers of them congregate in this way but can be carefully plucked from the walls and tossed elsewhere. The creatures appear to be carrying a sort of camouflage that also to some degree protects them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the peatpot 'fez'

Two viewing angles of an avocado plant growing ever-upward on the sleeping porch here in Kcc, carrying its peatpot seed cover to new heights each day.