Monday, February 28, 2011

sudden precipitation change

o  Rain began falling last night, that helps to disperse the piled snow and frozen-drip icicle layers of snow as well as transforming other snowfall to walkway slush.  Two lightning flashes around 3:00 a.m. were each followed with thundercrunch overhead cloud collisions that are slow as-if-deliberate atmospheric impacts perhaps the origin of the phrase from children's Chicken Little book "the sky is falling", in the sense that the clouds sound like snow being pushed together to form snowballs that are hurled or otherwise fall to earth. The latter of two thundercrunch impacts was at least a minute long from initial impact to sound cessation, different from thunderclaps or regular thundercloud sounds.

o  Flashback to Cox-addressed household now gone among other wooden housing destroyed in the Washington Street area nearby upward-flowing Tun'a Creek during past years, many board-feet of housing destroyed with fire row-after-row throughout the Bradford city valley-area following UPB campus installation.  The house was situated directly beside Tun'a Creek between Washington Street and Boylston Street at Pine Street, where metal-pipe railing now stands at creek edge.

Another sports bar is planned as a renovation of the Bradford Hotel (sez situated at Main and EastMain/High Street, where other metal-pipe railing bounds small parking-lot area with more than 50 feet direct drop to concrete-edged Tun'a Creek confluence; other sports bar is already located in Davis Street plaza at Forman Street bridge with similar metal-railed drop to stony confluence waterstream stretch (see photo below).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

is the State of FL a phallic symbol?

The Topix website presents entry titled, 'Ed Killer:  The United We Fish rally has changed nothing' from

bookmaking schemes and regional health problems

That the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site in Degolia PA might be suddenly razed as a demonstration of mechanical know-how and political might is a possibility concurrent with bookmaking schemes that gather words and phrases demanded from inhabitants to claim 'collaboration' paper-use.  Such razing would be a 'wrong-use' of equipment and bookmaking-process applications  --  i.e., how the region might be ethnically-cleansed with destruction of Greek-reference Seneca-related statuary.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

light fluffy snow in a plein air setting

Today's unusual sight  --  a man climbing ladder to shovel snow from neighbors' roof, using axe to chop hard-pack snow as well.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

IMEC creates flexible microprocessor with organic semiconductors -- computational clothing right around the corner -- Engadget

IMEC creates flexible microprocessor with organic semiconductors -- computational clothing right around the corner -- Engadget

There's that 'cloth' idea again -- to record microfaunal visitations at waxy/gel oracle-bead site, weight and when?

sardonics, nightmares and the-wonder-of-it-all

o  The most recent March/April issue of Archaeology magazine presents 'The New Upper Class' (p. 40) together with the photo of a rather new-looking skeleton surrounded with "more than two pounds of gold" in bead, bracelet and bar form at "the Copper Age site of Varna, Bulgaria" (in Europe a theft of housed artifacts was reported in the San Jose Mercury News some years ago).

o  Scientific American March 2011 issue presents 'A New Spin on Cooking' (p. 23) that describes "...a new piece of equipment to the kitchen that until recently was found mainly in medical laboratories and university chemistry departments...ultracentrifuges...intense pseudogravity...".  Must add this to nightmares about waxy/gel rare and tiny mucousal-artifact oracle-bead possibly being torched, sliced, doused with chemicals, mashed or maybe 'ground-up' rather than fingertip or nanotech viewing of its historical content-imagery and hearing of its audible voicestrip.

o  It doesn't happen often, but from time to time I receive mail bearing no return address, usually containing some kind of newsprint clipping or other commercial notice.  Yesterday's mailbox find is a page from the Automotive Insider magazine that describes "double manufacturer incentives" beginning today across the PA/NY state line near Saint Bonaventure University (ending Saturday).  Dealer surname matches surname of 'missing person' female presented in recent Nancy Grace telecast.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's on the way

Received telephone call yesterday afternoon (approximate time when schools release students) from Representative Martin Causer's office with information that new STOP sign has already been ordered for the School Street Elementary School crosswalks corner  --  where, a past Bradford Journal tells us, students have been learning the Greek language.

Poll entered at, Custer City PA forum; Custer City is very close to Degolia PA archaeological site.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

eye-opener news stories

[See also 'St. Marys Man Charged with Rape' at]

it's a bummer

Left a message yesterday at Pennsylvania State Representative website that describes neighborhood crosswalks-corner at School Street Elementary School here in Bradford PA as place now hazardous after ONE-WAY sign installations that 'lost' the STOP-sign usually standing at that location.

Where oh where is Little Miss Street Dreams when she is most needed?  Website can be searched to find descriptions of the local car club and annual contest.

Temperature showing 0-degrees F early this morning, with both morning star and moon visible in the morning light.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday walk to the Post Office, Bradford PA

o  Multiple cans of 'silly-string' and fragments lying on berm/sidewalk in front of Pleasant Street address southside about a half block from School Street Elementary School.  Red disposable lighter in Pleasant Street roadway some yards from 'heinous house' address.  Pothole-pitted crosswalk area extending from Pleasant Street southside to Summer Street juncture.  Very slightly slumped retaining wall (topmost acute angle) fronting address northside on Jackson Avenue at juncture Pleasant and Summer Streets.  Merged pothole at Jackson Avenue and Kennedy Street becoming ever deeper.  Broken squared-stone from piled-stone retention wall, parking lot beside Hull Electric Company; new gas meter slightly squeaking/chirping continuously between parking lot and store premises.

Deep potholes evident on Kennedy Street bridge (now one-way), and rusted broken street-sign down between asphalt bridge roadway and sidewalk eastside.  Extreme waterflow subsurface conditions continue.
Above:  Tun'a Creek cresting, below Kennedy Street bridge.

when coach is wrong

Friday, February 18, 2011

sunny and cool hike to Degolia PA

o  Street-side sign down along West Washington Street southside, across from Country Fair at intersection with Mechanic Street.  Intact brown-glass beer bottle on sidewalk and broken green Straub's beer bottle in roadway between parked vehicles in the South Avenue '100' block-addresses area, Bradford PA;  a number of different gloves abandoned or lost along same street; slumping wall at Clyne Builders premises alongside sidewalk, downslope; yellow disposable lighter at guard-rail area where sidewalks end (South Bradford) plus cracked asphalt at eastern edge South Avenue moving toward/from South Bradford, slumping at guard-rails and berm in Bradford city limits area.  Strong gas odor at equipment/tank, corner Tibbitts Avenue.

o  Blaisdell/Emery Tun'a Valley Trail at Owens Way shallow snow from trailhead to Degolia (and beyond); plowed asphalt-tinged snowbanks at edges cemetery-installation alongside Minard Run Road at intersection with South Avenue, southside piled snow covering metal-plaque gravesite at curb in that rural area.  Drainage grates set into roadway/asphalt alongside Owens Way are the same type seen at edge West Corydon Street  --  aging/rusting yet still- tough metal bounded by a curb and stretching/cracking asphalt affected by increased/continuous traffic flow (W Corydon traffic to/from UPB and Owens Way traffic to/from overpass entries/exits).  All roadway drainage grates in the Bradford PA area cover deep pit-like descent-shafts to water-runoff storm sewers, large enough to drop people (child-size shafts in the city proper, with larger shafts in the outlying area).

Retraced own tracks during return to Bradford city; three gunshots heard from direction of Custer City PA.  Strong odor gas near Cline Oil Company equipment.  Congress Street return -- slumping property-wall, roadway potholes at Zippo Manufacturing and at Race Street; one red lighter lying in snowy/slush.  Upslope Pike Street from Clarence Street between and parallel to both South Avenue and Congress Street, to South Avenue become Mechanic Street.

o  New tattoo premises addressed between Players Lounge on Mechanic Street and God Rocks Ministry at corner Main Street; hubcap at corner West Washington Street at Mechanic Street [Bradford Era newspaper describes lost Cadillac hubcap]; ice gone from Tun'a Creek, Dollar General shopping cart nowhere-to-be-seen in rushing snowmelt waterflow; slumping wall at Grace Lutheran Church.  Intact Miller brand beer bottle lying in snowdrift alongside yard between Mechanic Street and Pearl Street at School Street address.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

thaw continues, cool temps

o  Walked to BAPL.  Removed red lighter from sidewalk W. Washington Street and placed in empty tortilla bag with glass fragments from brown beer bottle broken in melting snow on sidewalk near City Beers addressed W Washington Street at Poplin Avenue.

o Tree branch breaking from trunk in Callahan Park nearby basketball court..

o  Eaves-trough twisted and lying on ground in front of Brook Street home, formerly attached below front-roof.  New wooden electrical-line/telephone pole installed in sidewalk area beside Medical Arts building already leaning toward that structure.

Removed TOPS Market shopping bag from trash-can in Callahan Park, and another from Abbott Lane, to wash and carry to TOPS recycling bag-holder downtown sometime soon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saturday plus observations

o  Orange baby-over-a-bucket container on-site with workers during W. Washington Street garage painting, past weekend.

o  2/15/2011  --  Very icy/slippery walk to BAPL and some stores.  Wet TOPS Market plastic bag directly at crosswalk exposed from melting snowpile at Abbott Lane and Interstate Parkway; removed to trash can Callahan Park.  Red somewhat battered disposable lighter on northside sidewalk W Washington Street between Bennett and Interstate Parkway intersections, beside former McCourt Label Company brick premises.  Dollar General shopping cart moved and set upright on ice in middle Tun'a Creek at bottom of plowed snowpile, as seen again from Mechanic Street bridge, westside.  Jets and their exhaust-trails evident overhead.  Two brown beer bottles seen as uncovered during thaw/melt embedded in two different snowdrifts, one in the former Post Office yard, both at E Corydon Street addresses.

Made note of iced-over outside meters, one addressed W Washington Street across from abandoned plaza.  Lettered 'CROSSWALK' with red felt-tip marker on backside one new metal 'Do Not Enter' sign missing 'STOP' sign at Pleasant/N Center Streets schoolzone crosswalk.

entries at other weblogs

 Above:  comment preview, REJECTED at, 'Vibration Training:  Foolish Fad or the Real Deal' in Sci/Tech Section.
Above:  poll entered at 'Business' forum.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trial begins in submarines for sultans case - Topix

Trial begins in submarines for sultans case - Topix

More results from influence-networking that uses my replies which describe a mucousal-artifact site in northwestern PA.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

want oil?

Comments included with above-entered title, posted originally at 'Bradford PA' forum, can also be applied to incidence of rabies as a result from targeted harassment of other species that roam near oil-wells and other regional structures.

Friday, February 11, 2011

speaking of 'Dem Bones'...

The most recent ScienceDirect Alert received as an e-mail listing of articles includes link to abstract titled, 'The abrasion of modern and archaeological bones by mobile sediments:  the importance of transport modes' from UK schools as presented in the Journal of Archaeological Science volume 38, issue four, April 2011.

Reminds me of an unusual day in San Francisco CA, where an antique shop addressed Market Street was having a going-out-of-business sale  --  I scored a circa-1900 atlas that shows sinkhole/ponds located in Golden Gate Park printed-up using term 'lakes'; and also witnessed the purchase/sale of a humanoid spinal-column, one component of which later appeared to be lost on the sidewalk alongside Hayes Street upslope from a Popeye's fried-chicken restaurant, nearby a curious-and-hungry pigeon, and beside the sandy fill around a streetside tree transplant.  Timely article!

Sunny and cold (again)

o  Row of cars parked about two feet from curb in front of YMCA, north side Boylston Street.

o  Slightly-rusting TOPS Market shopping cart standing in front of Holley Hotel addressed Main Street; pulled across street to store parking lot.  Dollar General shopping cart lying on ice over Tun'a Creek across from piled snow dumped into waterstream area, below Moonan's Touchless Car Wash addressed W. Washington Street, seen from Mechanic Street bridge west side.  Flattened metal car part about 10 inches long protruding from snowbank beside sidewalk W Washington Street south side just westward from Mechanic Street.
Below:  Ice flow from CVS, Davis Street in Bradford PA.
Above:  traffic lane obstructed; parking area piled with snow in front YMCA Boylston Street.
o  It's been stale-dated past months until today, and it's a wonder whether unsold 18-packs of Miller Beer available at the W Washington Street beer distributor are a contributing cause of 'unrest' in the Bradford city area.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

another Bradford coincidence

Brrr!  Zero degrees F this early morning, now sunny.

Following post that very briefly described ramshackle Taylor premises in Stuart FL, actor Wesley Snipes has been sent into the regional Federal Correctional facility located near Lewis Run PA, following a sentence for tax-evasion that has resulted from influence-networking entrapment typical of that strategical effort.  Huh?  former PA District Nine basketball-champ team-member first-named 'Wesley' decades ago.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

another rejected comment at

...added to 'Stephen Barr, Particle Physics, and the (Dis)proof of God' in the 'Culture' section.

from sunspots to waterspots

o  Augh!  Nasty-looking large brown waterspot in laundryroom ceiling, from crawl-space near iced-over eaves, post-eclipse (cannot complain).  Outdoors thermometer reading 0-degrees F around midnight last night.  Streamside wall cracked top-to-bottom just below BAHS outdoors football-field that is situated above Bennett Brook just outside Callahan Park here in Bradford PA.

o  Current National Geographic issue (February 2011) presents article titled 'Opium Wars' beginning on page 58; page 70 as example, "...millions of dollars have poured into Badakhshan Province by the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other western organizations in an attempt to lure Afghan farmers away from poppies...a village like Sar Ab in Yamgan district...or village like Du Ghalat... .  ...mujahideen...dead husband...widow's poppy field... .".  That entire opium-procurement-then-abatement effort is relative to content-imagery and physical appearance of mucousal-artifact oracle-bead visible beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument in northwestern PA is not at all common knowledge.

Another article in the same issue, 'Under Paris' (beginning p. 104) describes findings beneath the city of Paris in France, showing photos of graffiti that appears similar to graffiti found in the U. S. (see previous descriptive post), along with photo of piled human bones so that we must wonder (only to some extent in San Francisco CA) if and where are any human bones associated with other such U. S. graffiti-locations.  The mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle also contains preserved memory-images of ancient France that might well match some of those piled human bones.

o  Pepperoni gone from Kennedy Street.  Snow-cover remains 'crunchy', with sudden top-layer breaks and leg-sinking that perhaps occurs nowhere else except in that type of snow.

Monday, February 7, 2011

cereal time

o  Yellow fire trucks raced to an address not far from the USPO on Boylston Street, while a local police officer directed traffic away from the scene at the intersection of Davis and Boylston Streets, squad-car lights flashing.

o  Several clusters of sliced pepperoni dropped at intervals on west sidewalk Kennedy Street between bridge and Walker Avenue.

o  Clear glass Corona beer bottle in Chick-Filia styrofoam cup seen lying in roadway near curb in front of 'heinous house' addressed Pleasant Street; removed and carried to household recyling-items trash can.

o  What a slap in the face Frostwire service is, in a mountainous region where some die from weather exposure  --  subscribers are singing along with the selections while others await rescue?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

rain-to-sleet walk

Ice, ice everywhere then yesterday cold tiny raindrops.  Pathway through Callahan Park slick with crusty layer of ice; sidewalks throughout W Bradford coated with +/- one-inch of layered ice, as were driveways and some parking lots.

Large pile of plowed snow blocking south sidewalk alongside Pleasant Street near juncture with Summer St and Jackson Avenue, nearby address known as home to surname jailed after throwing punches with injuries resulting in the Riddle House space at Holley Hotel recently.

BAPL not crowded.  The Bradford Era dated 2-5-2011, page four, tells us in 'Another Era' column that "...40 years ago, Bradford offices were inundated with complaints about city streets  --  specifically, West Washington, Elm and Mill Streets  --  being covered with curb-to-curb water due to clogged catch basins.  ..."

Mechanic Street bridge was viewpoint to gaze over frozen Tun'a Creek streambed topside  ice/snow layer, where some kind of scuffling or shuffling was recorded below a patch of bridge walkway snow that seemed to be red with spattered blood (or tobacco juice?).  Feces lying on sidewalks and yards in various locations are a  testament to nonvoluntary wintertime 'pet' premises.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

a simple question...

It's gone from 'Politics' section, but here it is anyway.

past week observations

o  Yesterday, direct-sunlight sunny-spot 50-degrees F registered on outside thermometer, in morning freezing-cold air (could see breath).

o  Family cars/trucks/SUVs line up outside School Street Elementary School front-door each school day (sometimes a safe and spacious sidewalk area), parked straddling curb on both sidewalk and street as multiple school buses line up to carry students to homes outside Bradford city, while neighborhood children negotiate streets/sidewalks nearby.  Two STOP signs installed at Pleasant Street one-way intersection with N Bennett Street, where personnel and visitors move to/from parking lots and bus stop (formerly row houses addressed Pleasant Street at corner and row houses addressed alongside N Bennett Street downslope from corner).

o  Wicked-wet large slush-holes again encountered in various city locations, such as Choice service-station driveway at S Center St, crosswalk areas at Davis Street corners with Boylston and Forman Streets.

o  Gunshots heard in the nighttime around 2:00 a. m..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Current Sense Resistor utilizes metal foil technology., KOA Speer Electronics Inc.

Current Sense Resistor utilizes metal foil technology., KOA Speer Electronics Inc.

Metal foil-chip for the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle? [no NO NO! or si, foil-chip] [adhesive application -- NEVER, the bead-chronicle content-imagery is viewable when waxy/gel orb is vibrated in a nano-wavelength mode]

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

return trudge to downtown Bradford PA, yesterday

Photos:  Expanded pothole near 'heinous house' address, Pleasant Street here in Bradford PA; Lexus parked over expanded pothole at driveway across from Pleasant St 'heinous house' address; Lexus reparked parallel over expanded pothole, one-way Pleasant Street between near-SSES school-zone missing stop-sign and new H[OSPITAL]-lettered sign installed at Pleasant/Summer/Jackson roadway juncture looking west toward Bradford Regional Medical Center.

Shopping cart removed from Kennedy Street bridge area and pulled to TOPS Market at Main and Davis Streets while snowplows cleared snow from area streets.  Hair-detangler product purchased from CVS to remedy large mats/dreadlocks apparent since sub-zero-degree F "cold snap" (such temperatures perhaps a planned cultural action, population-linkages vacuum effect).