Saturday, November 14, 2009

scheduled events and sights

Today, as scheduled, the Visiting Nurse Association Air Show is proceeding. Yesterday a number of helicopter and airplane flights "cleared the air" in the area around Witham Air Field here in Stuart, FL. All the roadways in the Stuart area are scheduled to be closed/blocked off during the planned festivities this weekend.

A slight botanical review is presented, with condolences to the families of two landscape-trimmer youths who lost their lives this past week -- wielding loud plant-trimmers that were a worse effect upon their own hearing than to those who also suffered nearby. Palm Beach, FL, TV journalism tells us that one of them was shot.

Continuing a description of tiny plants similar to bathroom mold, two photos show the leafs as affixed to a pair of cotton-blend pants, and as compared to doily lace.

Continuing a description of trees growing beside the St. Lucie River on Sewall's Point, one photo shows matted strands dangling from tree alongside previously-pictured extended-strand tree; plus photo of small flowering tree that also supports Spanish moss same locale.
Continuing descriptions of west island beneath the Lyons Bridge in the Indian River lagoon, a photo shows water turbulence nearby parklands turf and concrete-framed drainage-pipe (first encountered years ago stuffed with six-packs of empty beer bottles) during time-period when Tropical Storm Ida was active elsewhere globally outside western FL .

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