Sunday, May 31, 2009

a stroll to the newsracks

Much different from days these past few weeks, today's weather was warm and sunny and it was easy to strike out towards the newsracks located beside the Martin County Golf Course on St. Lucie Boulevard.

However, the brown recycling bin lying in a wood lot along that roadway remains without retrieval, years now, causing anxiety among older women especially and also by extension among older men (following a certain 'Snapped' TV segment).

Toadskins galore, the rescue of a wriggling worm on a hot sidewalk, and distribution of 'unsightly' yet live-seed small mangos continued, as did pick-up of brown beer-bottle glass. Youths on bicycles again monitored my walk past small piles of small mangoes heaped with other yard trimmings along the berm. 'Sunday drives' were evident, and boaters could be seen navigating the St. Lucie River as sighted through the few openings between private newly-rebuilt homes along the boulevard. Following from the theory that hurricanes can be deliberately caused, most old wooden shoreside dwellings have been replaced after the 2004 hurricanes and also augmented with cement-block structures.

The slough that continues waterflow from the retention pond near the SE Ocean Boulevard condo complexes merges sluggishly with the river, and the slough area has an odor which is very similar to that nearby the Indian River lagoon (i.e., rotting vegetation), brown and muddy water chock full with aquatic wildlife with little or no actual flow at the confluence with the river.

I decided to purchase my own vinyl swimming pool at Walgreen's (a special sale item, "made in China", printed within the store's weekly newspaper advertising supplement) and use it as a 'cool tub' on the grassy area near the condo-unit's hose installation, concurrent with an Amber Alert describing the carry-away of a two-year-old boy in Miami.

The newsracks are a surprise near the golf course, but hold useful information that will hold an elder's attention. An aging disposable lighter, with blue paint rubbed off all but the slender sides of its little container, lay mostly black and some liquid yet sloshed when shaken while ignition-parts deteriorated in the sandy roadside berm extended over the slough at the side of St. Lucie Boulevard where the river influxes (where did I put it next? ... in one of the trash dumpsters within Kingswood condo complex, laid carefully atop a dimpled plastic trash bag.)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

another cool and thunderous day

Today I decided to walk along SE Ocean Boulevard westward to Hospital Pond Park at the coirner (ha ha!) of Palm Beach Road.

The night before last I pulled shut all the window-blinds hanging in the bedroom where I sleep -- usually I leave some some open-window space to maintain contact with nighttime reality -- and as privately predicted, the armadillo carcass had been reduced to tough outer 'shell' and tail.
Above:  rainwater 'wash-out' onto sidewalk between Kingswood condo complex and Ocean Palms retirement facility [time-date stamp wrong]

More trouble for snakes--there was a dead black one in the bicycle lane in front of Ocean East Mall and someone had doggedly cycled over it, smashing its upper body (certainly different from a simple shed snakeskin), about a foot-and-a-half long. Multiple toadskins were evident on sidewalks and in roadway, along with a shed turtle-skin, and an almost unidentifiable black bunch of fluff with a skeleton.

A fishing lure has been lying on the southside bridge walkway over Krueger Creek more than two years now, so I pocketed it; the lure consists of tied black-and-brown hair and a metal spoon that is stamped 'Made in France' with triple rusting hooks. I also pocketed a flattened and rusting AA battery lying in an intersection and picked up pieces of the same shattered brown Budweiser beer bottle lying on sidewalk in front of the American Heart Association's Gross Center that was seen during the last walk thataway. The pieces of glass were dumped into a trash can at the Pond Park, and replaced with small mangos taken from the ground and held in a Lender's Bagels plastic bag.

The small white worms-stage of small fly metamorphosis had almost totally consumed the flesh of one mango fruit on the ground while locals watched, so I picked it up and carried it to a bushy area beside the creek between water and private lawn. I tossed it, and it landed in a perpetually moist area with a sandy 'thud' while lizards scrambled to add it to their duty watch (the second seed thrown there).

So I ultimately returned, after resting on a bench in the small park, to Kingswood condo complex via Kingswood Terrace Road, stopping briefly to scoop up three damaged figs lying in the roadway beside Walgreen's to toss hither and yonder near water-filled slough populated with large wading birds (three more 'thuds'). Hospital Pond Park also has a tree growing near its single bench that has long slender seed pods dangling from the branches, which are blackened from the hot sunlight and suddenly split lengthwise with a loud cracking sound; each half of a seed pod falls to the ground and they slowly curl into black ringlets, with a similar appearance to human-hair ringlets or manufactured electrical-line coils (the origin and inspiration for 'geri-curl' hair treatments).

To whom it may concern: there is a swirl-pattern multi-colored glass smoking pipe in the grass in front of the Vista Pines condo complex; a chunk of glass at the mouthpiece is missing, but it is still nice-looking. Oh yeah, the rusting muffler removed from the bike lane a few days ago has been further removed, from the Holy Redeemer church lawn to an out-of-the-way place in the grass near the Chevron station on SE Ocean Boulevard.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the wrong website, I presume

What a coincidence -- 'Blogs of Note' lists

The website recently entered, 'RIAA withdraws judgement enforcement motion in collection action, RIAA vs. Viola'. The website has been initiated at the behest of others by an individual lawyer who obviously represents performer interests while music-album piracy actions occurring within RIAA factories are entered into a common database. It's a bad time to entrap the Viola family to use them in an Internet file-sharing legal 'contest' -- they lost a very young child in one of the Stuart, FL, 2004 hurricanes.

Therefore I felt compelled to comment at the article, since it has been little articulated anywhere that all-vocal music has been released into the mainstream broadcast domain without informed consent, and specific performers take instruments in hand to do stage shows. Quote: "The happy Viola hums; the angry Viola...".

Following that comes a entry attributed to the website lawyer -- quote, "Good riddance, Hummer!", a somewhat questionable observation since a middle-aged storm-affected Viola recently died as a diabetic here in Martin County, FL (too late to enjoy savings advertised with Walgreen's cereal-for-diabetics coupons).

Today's front-page section of the Stuart News (5/27/2009) gives the article titled, 'Okeechobee fisherman escapes from the jaws of 11-foot alligator', datelined Fort Pierce: "...with his son...Nubbin Slough...Antonio Prado, 47...self-employed truck driver...". Quite possibly there is no more Italianate name than 'Antonio', who was net-fishing when he was bit on both arm and chest as a photograph shows.

Since the 'viola' instrument can be categorized as a sort of sex object, and a dark-brown one to boot, 'Devil's advocates' find it easy to criticize the Violas about their losses and alleged misuses of ISP music files, using journalism made public; and as usual to also extend such beratements to peers with similar Italian-like surnames. In all likelihood, Prado has lost a regional fuzzy magnet-beast (lynx claimed to be Russian and recently shot trying to negotiate terrain near sudden 'world-class transportation hub' installations) along with the rest of us.

Monday, May 25, 2009

the conspiracy continues

Suddenly, all the bottles of naval jelly sitting on shelves in the Dollar General store are missing, precisely when I am entering the store to buy one.

Property owners have been warned during this weekend's FEMA presentation in Florida that "hurricane season starts June 1", but FEMA website contact numbers can be suddenly changed (i.e., 'Disaster Assistance' fax number now "non-working number of United Healthcare..."); property owners whose damaged housing has not yet been repaired (such as those still missing loved ones lost during the shock of two consecutive 2004 hurricanes in Stuart, FL) are surrounded with medical-mall settings that lack safe pedestrian walkway entry-/exit-ways while eagle-eyed realty-representatives wait to swoop in and claim non-repaired property.

Hurricane-damaged property that has been repaired is also being targeted with realtor by-mail contacts who present themselves as candidates to participate in personal property sales.

Marriott Hotels have been built in the region, dominating the regional atmosphere, no doubt under the watchful eyes of gun-toting security personnel, and the incidence of gun-related deaths in the Martin County area during such construction activities should be a significant statistical figure. Families yet mourn small children lost during the major storms; yet a 'Children's Museum' construction has been made a priority in the Jensen Beach proximity within Indian Riverside Park along the west bank of the Indian River lagoon (so-named 'Indian River' because certain species migrate into and out from the region from continental India seas).

A SWAT team encounter was orchestrated and staged during Hutchinson Island condominium construction activities at an embedded ordinance site, with intent to make that a legal precedent to use as reference when other construction-companies begin land-grabs in a region (storm-shocked or not)--in other words, if construction personnel are not building over ordnance in the future, then SWAT will arguably have no jurisdiction.

Near the pedestrian-hazard medical-malls here in northeast Stuart, a blood-'donation' facility (and the word 'donation' is always in question where individuals can be demanded or ordered in to have their blood taken as a nonvoluntary act) has been constructed and most recently, a former convenience-store is now lettered 'Catering Service'. A Starbucks location is listed for sale, open for business only a time-period of months, converted from a former 'Burger King' franchise building.

It is an accurate perception that conversion of the area to a 'service-economy', typical of some California regions, is being actively attempted which means that no-serve somewhere = no service. Such economies exclude a diverse and humane variety of human endeavors, and churches become nothing more than the political soapboxes of occupying troops.

Large-scale automobile clearances have increased the number of young drivers using newly-renovated roadways, lacking front-bumper license-plate identification. The same populations have not acknowledged continuing debate about the uses of tag-plates to advertise companies or political persuasions, and typically carry one or more guns within vehicle storage compartments.

'Stage shows' continue to be scheduled in the Stuart area, as a use of food and space that can't be questioned among storm-shocked, bereaved inhabitants -- such performances often featuring pirated song/script materials while other debates continue about how to address RIAA piracy now prevalent within the nation's factories. Populations must either attend performances or stay inside other dwellings so as to not be snuffed out; young children in the area have been saddled with music compositions and other pirated content such that their young lives have been snuffed out during 'criticism' actions.

It's all very sordid, and follows the behavior patterns established after the Earthquake of 1989 in San Francisco, CA, and those surrounding environs.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


o Aw-ww. Another armadillo, smaller than the previous ones lying dead close by Kingswood condo complex on asphalt roadway. Less corporeal damage evident than previous larger examples of the species, perhaps as a result from bicycle-lane demarcation; cracked but not horribly split or crushed. About the size of a football, the young creature was easily carried to a probable final resting-place in the cast-off fronds and other foliage near the transit bench beside SE Ocean Boulevard here in northeast Stuart, FL, only one block from the St. Lucie River.

Facing the local telephone directory, a call made to the Martin County 'Dead Animals' number was answered with a recording which informs any caller that the 'Dead Animals' number is no longer in service, that instead an 'Engineering' office would redirect call. Therefore, a different call was made to the Health Department's 'Environmental' office, where I was informed that the office does not do dead-animal pick-ups, but that private-property maintenance might include a burial of the dead beast with its various flesh wounds, already attracting the very close attention of ants and large birds.

* * * * * * * *

From the Kcc tweet-line:

/ -- 'Fires at Regional Restaurants', 4/26/2009. What has subsequently happened in McKean County, PA.
/ 'Cook loses Brother to Brain Cancer' at, Memphis News, 5/3/2009.
/ 'Man sustains burns from cleaning chemicals at Sonny's BBQ', Palm Beach County (FL), at, 5/8/2009 (also reported via TV journalism). What is notable about this entry is that years ago in San Francisco, CA, I had joked with a co-worker that I hoped there wasn't going to be a staple in food served in an untried lunch-time restaurant while a think-tank employee -- but, yep, there one was.
/ San Francisco Sentinel, 'SF 'shooting du jour' -- shot in the butt at Bay and Taylor Streets', 5/10/2009 (CA).
/ 'Giuseppe Gregory pub shooting: police examine CCTV of three masked men in Manchester' at, "...shot outside the Robin Hood VW Golf..." 5/13/2009. 'Casa Giuseppe's Italian Grill' here on Indian Street, on the other hand, offered a coupon in the 12/18/2008 issue of Treasure Coast Neighborhood Post.
/ Salamanca Press in Salamanca, NY -- 'Former mayor and current county legislator to run for city mayor in next election', 5/7/2009, "...first made his name in the restaurant business when he opened Carmen's Pizza in currently in his third four-year term as county legislator...Cattaraugus County...NY...plans to run under dual party status...".
/, 'Tidioute victim ID'd' , "... Tidioute Pub on Main Street...fight outside...Troy McFarland...punched in the face by...Brandyn Bynum ...fell...hit his head on the ground...". More thoroughfare news from the great state of PA (without so much as a finger in the Florida raffle pile).

The reason I quit AOL-Chat: too many chatter "Ouch"es, and now users must sign up with an additional identification service.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fresh clean air, but what's that sound?

Today's website gives us the 'Local News' title, 'Flood Watch in Effect'. "...excessive rainfall fueled by a moist airmass over the area...portion of central Florida...".

A walk along SE Ocean Boulevard last night was a refreshing change from the humidity of previous days -- cool raindrops falling all around with occasional thunder -- but with dismay an occasional crunching sound was heard beneath shoes as traffic whizzed around the curve towards and from the bridge over the St. Lucie River only (a ) block(s) away.

Little snails the size of a dime were arrayed over the sidewalk, moving headlong from wooded areas onto the wet concrete; pedestrian-sway near moving vehicles sometimes crushed one, their white already-made-flattened shells shattered as toads and other pushy creatures waited to ingest the victims.

Usually, worms are pushed out onto concrete or asphalt walkways to be immobilized and baked in the hot daytime sun for the pickings of small wildlife; toads can predictably be seen waiting in specific places (e.g., near drainage grates) for the inexorable phenomena.

The rainfall wasn't excessive in northeast Stuart, but rather gave the area a much-needed soaking.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Out with the old and in with the New"?

The website gives us the Navarro County story titled, 'Search continues on Central Texas Lake for Man, Grandson', "...72...17...Richland Chambers Reservoir southeast of Corsicana...pontoon boat...disappeared sometime between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. while fishing on the lake..." (3/26/2009) -- another pair of Kings. (4/22/2009) gives us 'Georgia man falls overboard in Florida cobia fishing; boat winds up in Alabama', " Panama City each...41-year-old...24-foot Century boat...borrowed...Chris Palumba, the boat's owner who lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia...Michael Bursten of Roswell, Georgia, was fishing by himself...[boat] ran out of gas and was found Fort Morgan, Alabama...".

What these two stories have in common is the stated fact that none were wearing flotation life-vests -- which does mean, same as any case with seat-belt issues, that the hue-and-cry of political social-climbers might drown a person if not sweep one or more off a boat.

What they also have in common is regional sur/names which can be associated with a past Pennsylvania state District Nine basketball championship won by a Bradford, Pennsylvania team (Bradford Area High School) who carried mental 'specks' of 'special' historical baby palm-tree images now growing tall in various regions of the planet, as components of their cortical glue.

McKean County, PA, where the city of Bradford is located, also has initiated an annual 'Take a Vet Fishing' event that also appeals to political social-climbers wishing to control the elderly or at least filter out anyone unfamiliar with any given territory.

Which is to say, when I saw two dead infant birds down on the sidewalk within Harbor Point Plaza after seeing the filleted-by-birds fish on the shoreline beneath the 'Ernest F. Lyons Bridge', I was not surprised.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

t'anks for the memory

Today I walked to the 'east island' on the bridge over the Indian River lagoon, lettered 'Ernest F. Lyons Bridge' in small black print at its Hutchinson Island end. The same tanker truck that was seen yesterday again carried its load over both bridges and back again a number of times; the tank was at one time painted white without any identification but appears to be rusty yet perhaps simply petrol-stained in affiliation with older-model trucks in use to renovate various Martin County (Florida) environs post-hurricanes, with landscaping as example.

The east island differs from its west-most counterpart in that there are restrooms. Some people were enjoying the wind-surfing conditions (warm and a steady breeze) while others boated and fished. Again, large birds floated and bobbed in water while fellow crows and terns circled around the bridge area; pelicans and terns made spectacular splashes into the water to pick up spent fish. Flashback to Sandsprit Park where large waterway birds scooped spent fish from the shallow water and filleted them with long sharp beaks; three white fish about two feet long lay on the south shoreline, flesh stripped from all bones except the heads, which were large enough for a fish-heads 'n' rice meal should anyone care to claim them.

A screen-printed t-shirt covered in sand at the north shoreline was toed out and shaken to lay upon a rock arrangement piled among other human-made rock arrangements, some arranged in circles at the water's edge as if hoping that a spent fish will float in and be corraled. A Coke Zero plastic bottle filled with frozen-then-melting water carried in my backpack was a cool refreshment and joke. Small children fished or played in the shoreline sand under close and watchful eyes of their families.

Small crabs swam in the shallow water near sea-lettuce type plants, fanning brown/transparent leaves in the tiny-wave action.

When I returned to the Internet this evening, the website's Buffalo, NY, newswire described a scenario where a store clerk had been terrorized at Massachusetts and Normal Streets in that city, and the video/photos of the two men alleged to have held up the store appeared to match the appearance of two men encountered on the east island. But then again, do horseshoe crab shells more or less resemble the shells of true crabs when seeking the former? The sea-lettuce was not green.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"mortal coil" strategies (continued)

Also during yesterday's walk to Stuart Beach ("the compound"), a pair of women wearing identical screen-print t-shirts arrived at the beach with a scooper customarily used to capture shellfish and crustaceans in the sand -- such smaller creatures are usually plentiful but were not visible beneath the hot daytime sun. The beach was sparsily populated and vigil was continued. A helicopter passed by overhead moving northward along the coast.

Old-timers in the region no doubt know how to spot sea creatures which have been feeding on human remains and/or that carry such residues in their guts. The example of the 'Body Farm' in Tennessee perhaps is the underlying impetus to initiate biotech research in this South Florida region, so that such creatures can be immediately identified where lives are lost within ocean waters. Maybe such identification ability is the reason that the Ocean Breeze Park, Florida, locale elected a female mayor at her age-century mark.

However, active vendettas appear to be the reason why at least some people are lost overboard from vessels traversing ocean waters; vendettas might also be the reason why some deceased people are 'earmarked' for use within forensic research scenarios (of the 'St. Peter's Gates' variety, using Biblical reference). In California, driver's licenses once had a stick-on label that identified the bearer as a future tissue-donor, but there is ample reason to believe that such status increases the likelihood of illegal surveillance and freedom-of-movement issues within that huge state.

Again, I was almost hit entering an intersection crosswalk during the brief return hike through Sewall's Point, as if automobiles are a 'technological advantage' existing for that purpose among other purposes. 'Advanced technology' is a catchphrase among manufacturer populations who have set their sights on FL, not especially to tame or as a symbiotic attitude but rather to dominate. Pedestrians who are weary or hungry must "watch their step".

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As the snail moves forward...

o A week ago, a green-glass beer bottle was found near bushes within the preserve-type adjoining foliage where one of the Kingswood condo complex roadways intersects with a through-road (a former lover's lane, now used as an age-55+ condo-complex traffic lane). Much of the foliage in the small woodland drops leaves/fronds which disintegrate into humous as a natural process, although the sizeable piles of dead plant matter cause some concern about the possibility of fire.

I have already described the avocado plants growing in pots {each new-pot buy larger than the previous ones) on this condo porch; I have also described the extremely hot temperatures of glass bottles left lying in the south Florida sunshine, embedded in the sand which is their composition-origin.

And now, yesterday and today the Stuart News has presented large- and bold-print headlines warning, '400 Acres Burn', "Mother's Day marred by brush fires in Indiantown..." and 'Fires still Raging', "...Little Ranch Estates...". Can we suspect glass bottles plus slash 'n' burn motives? Somewhere there are people who know exactly how many glass bottles were lying within that Indiantown acreage, and should be challenged to come forth with the data.

o Today's hike was initiated moving in the opposite direction from the Indiantown fires -- to Stuart Beach wearing a flamingo-pink Florida cotton shirt with light-green California cotton
shorts. Another man-overboard incident occurred recently, and there is no report that a previous man-overboard has yet been found near Vero Beach (California native). Both are missing from boats.

A handful of withered seed-pods about the size of large cherries were gathered up within Kcc grounds and tossed into the water from the west-side of the bridge over the St. Lucie River (technically 'snug harbor' territory), a 'happy beast' ploy that is effective only if there is no plan to trap or eat the creatures. About a dozen photos from two cameras were made from the Evan Crary Sr. Bridge over the river, from Sewall's Point, and from the bridge over the Indian River Lagoon, because a two-stage column of smoke extended as a mushroom-shaped tower of particulate matter suspended in the air over Indiantown. Have such incidents in the past inspired the deadly atomic bombs? The temperature has been ranging from 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit during the past week, and people who reside there aren't saying how many glass bottles were absorbing and amplifying the extreme hotness within the sandy turf -- there is a differential hotness when glass is lying in sand as compared to grass or earth, a skin-searing difference.

Several people were alert to the situation, pacing about on the west-island beneath the bridge over the Indian River lagoon; a glass-globe appeared to be missing from one of the nearby streetlamps that light the bridge's road/walkways. Only a few days ago, a TV-journalism broadcast proclaimed that "not all fire is wrong". Several fish appeared at the surface of the river water as I walked along the south walkway, and boats filled with fishing poles, lines and anglers immediately motored over and tossed their hooks into the water at that location near metal bridge supports. A steady breeze cooled all, and rain fell during the return walk to Kcc, rain that was shown to shower Indiantown as well, during video footage presented during the Palm Beach TV station's broadcast; dark water-filled clouds erased the smoke-column completely during the return walk westward.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ready for stimulus payment

One BudLight brown beer bottle discarded in Cedar Pointe Plaza sent into a trash can. Many bags of $2 and $3 14-quart potting mix in Dollar General store; two taken to repot avocado plants.

One quarter-section of an orange on berm in front of Martin County Golf Course, signaling the presence of a herpetological marvel of some kind, perhaps?

It's really quite hot. The black snake recovered, or its buddy, or a mirage of some kind appeared in a non-used yard along St. Lucie Boulevard. Some such snakes grow to be eight+ feet long near the rivers in Florida. Gun sales are up in FL (sez the Stuart News), which might mean that it is less safe than ever before to think about getting a free drink of water among riverfront private-properties claimed.

The Stuart News printed a notice asking to have volunteer help to set oyster shells in the St. Lucie River this week, then printed a photo and story about the work which involved boats carrying oyster shells to the western end of the Evans Crary Sr. Bridge, where people placed them in the water. The newspaper tells us that infant oysters prefer to anchor themselves on other oyster shells as some kind of primary identification easily exploited; the article does not state whether such bag-o'-shells placement is an annual event or not.

[In some regions, longtime denizens often opt to behave in a "be our guest" or "like family" way, such that any harebrained idea communicated during casual contact will be publicly demonstrated as reason or not to accept strangers' interest. Most recently, minced rabbit is all the rage and featured in one regional restaurant, as example.]

Monday, May 4, 2009


Remember the music album-theme titled 'Jamming with Edward' -- one of many such album-themes seized and illegally copyrighted within the premises of the Recording Industry of America here in the United States, paradoxically using "freedom of the press" as rationale.

The resultant social pressure affects all Edwards everywhere now, and no doubt is believed to be an effective means to control the historically gun-toting British here in the Americas, albeit an illegal recourse.

A December issue of the Stuart News describes one Bill Edwards, in his age 70s, who has "emphysema and a bad knee" and who is set up to accept all kinds of donations which should be sent to the Council on Aging organization addressed on 10th Street here in Stuart, FL.

This week's Internet news describes efforts to investigate the financial affairs of John Edwards in the Carolinas, who has been nominated from time-to-time to hold national political office.

Because the RIAA has illegally copyrighted and distributed 'Jamming with Edward', the question remains open about just who is the 'Edward' referenced within the music album-theme title such that all Edwards and their families everywhere remain under constant sometimes debilitating scrutiny. It is conceivable and somewhat obvious that one Edwards is successively nominated as a candidate to be elected as a way, believe or not, to determine just which of all Edwards is the one to which the music album-theme makes reference.

This is not a complex or complicated political maneuver, but its intent has not been clearly explained within the nation's sociopolitical arenas. The 'Jamming with Edward' music album-theme is furthermore a singular one issued from the recording industry factories, and is not particularly well-known and has never been hyped in the mass media.

In no way has an investigation of the activities of the RIAA been yet initiated, although they are the offenders who also enable a type of enslavement of performers, who are scheduled to participate in shows upon demand.