Friday, November 27, 2009

sources of insecurity

Messages that point out "insecure use" of this PC terminal continue apace, following Palm Beach, FL, TV broadcast of young Norton arrested in the region and most probably as yet another grab at my Social Security Disability monthly payments (occasioned by a use of my idea to initiate archaeological investigations throughout the state of PA also grabbed decades ago, and instead implemented as a nationwide-and-beyond jet-setting educator labs-and-centers research-and-development network -- followed with Three Gorges Dam constructed in China).

According to the non-voluntary 'virus scan', from time to time a substantial number of websites are trying to gain entry to the desktop-PC screen-page, which appears to slightly stretch then quiver slightly as the errant cache attempts incompatible program penetration (without the 'r', that's 'pogram' for the uncareful typist). That slow and thoughtful ISP data delivery and transmission requires a special, paid virus-control service to prevent 'blazing fast' programs from electronically crashing machine function seems unjust, especially since such intrusions might represent experiments outside legal laboratories to identify exactly which amperages might physically crack or shatter the monitor screen as a potential harm to users.

To the person who decided to dump a bag of kitty-litter on the berm at the edge of the neighboring lot -- boo to you. 'No dumping' signs are posted throughout the lot, and the drop no doubt is reaction to a bag of dry cat food poured and left in a pile just outside that lot as well, as an aid to stressed kitties now never released from the SPCA to roam freely but are instead primped and pampered to be 'adopted' rather than simply confined, fattened-up and devoured among roaming pseudo-tribes. After the drop, a flock of crows appeared at the edge of the retention pond along Kingswood Terrace Road, foraging and calling-out with the same kind of expectant attitude seen in the Hunters' Point district of San Francisco, CA, years ago when an adult male fell overboard in San Francisco Bay during a Halloween party-boat excursion. The pond discharges directly into the St. Lucie River.

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