Saturday, August 30, 2008

You put what in the dryer?

A few years ago, as a tenant in San Francisco, CA, a notice posted in a nearby laundromat warned against drying rubberized articles in the tumble-drum machines. Not as defiance, but rather to tumble out most of the moisture from a skid-proofed bathroom rug, such items would be briefly tumbled anyway under close watch.

However, warnings came in the form of brandished disposable lighters and such lighters abandoned on sidewalks and in the roadway. While staying here with family the same pattern of plastic-lighter discards yet partially filled with fluid has become evident, with one change: a broken, empty plastic lighter case abandoned in the new bike lane a short distance away from Kingswood condos, beside the Vista Pines condo complex.

A tiny receptacle made available, its ignition parts removed? but where is the lighter fluid?

Friday, August 29, 2008


This past afternoon was very hot, and the cement sidewalk was almost as painful under bare feet as hot asphalt can be.

"Imagine my surprise", after reading and note-taking from the Stuart News as representative of such reporting about incidents involving burning cars with dead bodies found within, to see an elderly neighbor's automobile with a broken front bumper trussed together with a length of brown rope near the engine. Although the vehicle in no way resembles a candle, the possibility of a wick set-up does come to mind after reading such stories.

Suddenly, in the not-much-cooler evening, there was a power outage -- causing some gladness since the oft-pointed TV remote-control device was thereso become useless and the air conditioner no longer cooled the various emotional reactions to program content, loud in volume as if sharing. The power suddenly switched on again about two hours ago.

Now, the rumbling of a thunderstorm and flashes of lightning cause some suspicion that an irate population is striving to perfect lightning strikes, since the baton-like impression made by such a strike upon a condominium roof elsewhere in this southern FL region. Rainfall has recommenced after the deluge that was Tropical Storm Fay.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reality check

With regard to the oracle-bead archaeological site I am researching:

o 'Clinton' -- a word-form of the name 'Cline', a sometimes noisy oil-business family property located near the PA site

o 'Barak Obama' -- a name containing both forward and reverse 'bo/ob' abbreviations of the artifact term 'oracle bead'

o 'Crist' -- a short form of the word 'Cristobal' which approximates the term "crystal ball" descriptive of the oracle-bead artifact

Check check and check. The investigation is proceeding as a diversion rather than an academic action.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

While FL was electing Crist...

Months ago, a TV show titled 'Snapped' described the discovery of a woman named Christine who had been placed in a recycling bin and put into a (cold) storage unit in California. Whereas the activities of those who sent the body into storage were traceable within the native/indigenous CA population, the logical expectations that she would be henceforth routed from the storage facility location into a local morgue were apparently pre-empted with intent to hunt down and capture the relay team.

Enter a live Republican in FL -- a native from St. Petersburg, where information about a tiny artifact located in the mountains of Pennsylvania had been e-mailed from CA to the Florida Wildlife Commission, because the artifact has a traceable effect upon small wildlife as placed beneath a streamside limestone roadside-rest in Degolia, PA.

As national attention focused on Crist, the deceased Christine slowly deteriorated within a PVC recycling bin behind the locked door of a garage converted to storage facility. Whereas speedy apprehension and questioning of the relay team and a dignified funeral for the woman should have been easily accomplished with a minimum of scandal, the Crist campaign instead dominated national consciousness as actions of the mass media and national political party.

Monday, August 25, 2008

mo(o)re marcias bite the dust

...and their friends/family aren't happy about it. With The Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) such a visible presence in Martin County, FL, the possibility of law-court overthrow of an entire needle-wielding regime becomes overwhelming for those who may have been named by an RN plucking a seafood-related (albeit foreign) name from the minds of women taken into a hospital for pre-natal observation -- then released only after birth in a sickroom (and the surveillance continues into tenure-track professorships).

o More about the beaked whales: these appear to be giant-sized versions of those marine mammals confined in aquatic tanks within oceanside parks. Awaiting tasty discards or stray fruit from waterside tropical trees, these zoom into river-stream waterpockets quite suddenly, so close that they might 'bus' a nearby human (see dictionary definition, word analogous to kiss). The oceangoing visitor necessitates a quick grip in the earth with toes, a flinging back of the head and hair plus a quick closing of the ear openings when heckling by a giant Flipper seems eminent.

o Why have financial institution fees for basic bank accounts become so high? because the U. S.-born relatives of Nazi-names have no other way to earn an income than embeddment within the accounting profession to fulfill their employers' dreams.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


The adjoining property between Kingswood Condo complex and Ocean Palms retirement home is a sort of small preserve and possibly a former a "lovers' lane" before the AARP set took control of Kingswood. Located only a city block from the St. Lucie River and a few miles away from Indian River Lagoon and Atlantic Ocean, it is land-ho from a distance and hope of salvation when absolutely necessary. A variety of wildlife passes through the area, as do the interests of a crumbling city roadway as mapped. The property holds a considerable amount of litter sometimes that is purposefully discarded as if such activity is a way to initiate new jobs (such as 'chief litter-picker-upper' or some other such role).

Tropical Storm Fay dumped a considerable amount of water on Stuart, and the wooded lot shows standing water all alongside the sidewalk, which protects pedestrians with a heavy-metal rail. Of course, the water has thereby freed up some embedded litter not easily removed by hand. The owner has apparently been taking some flack about the litter, which also serves as reflectors (aluminum cans, plastic bottles) that apparently are some reassurance near retaining pond and river-stream water-pocket. Water is pooled around two marker-type utility posts near a yellow-clad utility pole line.

The days-long drenching added to a late summertime atmosphere "as thick as hasty pudding" and the local journalism tells us that a tornado struck a Shell station. Last month, an ATM was ripped from a Stuart Shell station as well as from a few other places; and ATMs were then found lying in a canal.

In past years, tornados have caused damage in Florida environs without the Tropical Storm designation in effect, freeing up board-mounted fish trophies and other such errata from shattered homes.

Friday, August 22, 2008

From beaked to busheled

Another small whale stranded, during Tropical Storm Fay -- a pygmy sperm whale, so the journalism tells us, with a mouth the size of a bushel basket.

The whale was promptly euthanized -- no weeks-long drawn-out Navy hearing tests for the pygmy sperm variety.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


o The Palm Beach Post newspaper last month published a 'Letters to the Editor' section which featured references to the execution of Mark Dean Schwab. Unfortunately, the incidents about which Schwab was prosecuted may have been occasioned by an influence network which inter-preted telephone elicitations about use of a swab to recover a tiny archaeological artifact as some kind of carte blanche to demand initiation of a Schwab-named company.

o Publications which described a re-appropriation of aid to Indians in the United States from the "global AIDS budget" have not taken up the more recent story of an Indian woman in Baltimore whose infant was found dead in a suitcase.

o An elicited recipe using influence network tactics was routed to a young girl chef-in-training before it was ever made anywhere else; music riffs casually communicated in a familial context were also routed to a different young girl. The results for both girls in FL were the same -- they died.

o Is Ricky Thompson being tried in FL, charged as a human smuggler, also a habitual smuggler or some kind of 'diversity patriot' directed toward the wrong port, following from accounts of the deaths of a Thompson couple in CA?

o Early this morning CNN reported about a group of people in Oregon causing some kind of ruckus with bats and fistcuffs -- the video shows a of group of people who closely resemble headshots pictured in full-page newspaper 'wanted by law enforcement' ads periodically printed up in the Stuart News here in Martin County, FL.

o Renovation-compound containers having printed-label images of a baby peering into the com-pound bucket, which appears to have a liquid at the bottom, remain used for other purposes despite the drowning rate among young children, but with what might be pressure-washing which, however, removes all the label except the baby-over-the-bucket image.

o Decades ago, the Readers Digest published an article and photo which purported to describe the Loch Ness Monster in European Scotland. This week's sighting of a large cormorant/
merganser in a flooded retention pond near this FL condominium complex has afforded a per-spective of the bird that resembles that photo, where the beak (although quite long but narrow) is hidden from view at a certain viewing angle.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay in north Stuart, FL

The storm is not so different from others -- there is a prevailing wind and a steady downpour with some gusting, no thunder or lightning. When walking about Kingswood Condo complex, the usual wildlife sounds remain the same -- a bit louder and closer since all the areas that puddle during rainstorms have more downpour to contain on intra-complex roadway and lawn areas between cement-block (heavy) dwelling structures. Yesterday afternoon a city crew came in to pump water from an especially flooded common roadway.

During the late-night/early morning hours, a few nearby automobile horns were set off without anyone contained within the vehicles, loudly sounding near flooded complex roadways when the rain suddenly stopped (after an acrylic blanket was placed against our unit doorway to block water seeping in as gusted onto the second-floor common railed walkway).

During a mid-afternoon walk to the retaining-pond/slough area beside Kingswood Terrace Road, a large black merganser was sighted gliding through waters flowing and pooling from the east through the ditchlike slough, such that the area resembled a run or (historically-documented) small creek emptying into the St. Lucie River over a small dam that controls water-flow moving beneath the St. Lucie Boulevard roadway directly beside the river proper. Other reasons the dam exists include control of large aquatic wildlife that might want to haul themselves out into the sandy trailway pool.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What movie is that?

o It appears as if 55+ condo complex retirement 'communities' exist more to kowtow to the cement-block industry which was initiated decades ago here in Martin County, FL, a brief history as reported within the pages of local Stuart News journalism.

o This past week, showings of an animated film titled, 'The Marvelous Adventures of Flapjack' were scheduled throughout the region at the CART (cartoon) TV channel -- never mind that the theme was originally intended to be a children's book about a breakfast food. The opening sequence of the film shows animated cartoon imagery of a sheet of rain become guillotine that separates a dreadlocked human head from the body.

About a month ago, an obituary was printed in the Palm Beach Post newspaper that showed a headshot photo of a deceased young man that does resemble the cartoon character described. The deceased youth bears the surname of a popular jazz drummer, and apparently the planned volume-theme has been pre-empted in favor of a sort of tribute film not publically advertised as such. Although the montage-type film sequence to some extent illustrates the problem of flux directed toward specific locales, it is entirely possible that many will find the film to be emotionally offensive.

o Tropical Storm Fay is on its way toward Key Largo, the TV/newspaper journalism tells us, where a small beaked whale was captured and euthanized more than a month ago, as well. It is not yet reported to be a hurricane, as approaching from Cuba environs.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Popping the people, not the doors -- post hurricanes

Here at Kingswood Condo complex there are an association, a women's club and a men's club. The set-up post-hurricanes here in Martin County among condo owners whose units were severely damaged, is that a realty company has taken control of the premises and contractors hired to repair the condo units that have then been re-offered to the pre-storm owners using month-to-month payments.

Unfortunately, though, as is the case in regions where some populations routinely vie to have property, the renovation plan (believe it or not) was originally intended for some other, different project elsewhere. What is happening is that structures near each complex swimming pool are now termed 'clubhouses' as an exclusionary action and remain locked unless club members have personally scheduled an action, usually for their own relatives.

The condo units have been repaired but some parts have not been replaced, possibly as result from a lawsuit quite hastily engaged against the contractors who have not been able to conform to a predictable timeline of work accomplished. As example, windows lined with metal still show dripping rust and the front-door hinges are also rusted. As a result to some significant extent from wintering residents streaming into the region anyway post-hurricanes, sociopolitical conflict frightening to condo repossessors causes them to bond through air-space beneath such doors with the obvious intent to maintain door protection although the hinges are rusting.

The doors do not pop off, but it has become obvious that surrounding populations may instead pop off solid ground or sidewalks or into canals during such flux, adding to the distress and horror of post-hurricane recovery attempts.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting a grip

Added to the list of things apparently grabbed without sufficient grip security is the sight of a sign on a worn-out Nissan placed where the license plate should be: 'Tag Stolen'. Such incidents can be categorized to some extent as possible reactions to "going my way" attitudes among others rather than intentional crime, where an individuals must hold onto something or be dragged away and/or perhaps slain.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Throughout the Realm

More than occasionally thrift shops provide books that really can assist independent research, as do special sections found in local libraries.

o A few days ago, while hiking to St. Mary's Thrift Shop off SE Ocean Boulevard in Stuart, FL, a small sandwich bag filled with what appeared to be (dark-brown) Columbian cannabis sativa lay on the sidewalk beside the local middle school -- a note was made as if an actual narcotics squad had passed by, south side of the roadway.

o Finding and entering St. Mary's Thrift Shop was not too challenging, although a position near the used book shelves was pre-empted by a couple who seemed to have followed. And "Voila", the 'collection' contained such omens as 'The History of Music', a slender paperback that may have been used as reason to schedule cultural contacts in EurAsia with the ostensible purpose to study musical culture there. Just as St. Mary's original metal sign shows rust obliterating the lettering, the volume shows wear indicative of reference use.

Nearby the 'College Series' music history book shelved was a hardback titled 'The Coming Conflict with China' -- an especially apropos find since the Beijing Olympic Games are scheduled to be performed soon. Bric-a-brac and housewares were advertised as discount priced, and the book purchases were handled as if they were included in those categories.

o So, today is the day that the two books were purchased and backpacked into Kingswood Condo Complex. Two cigars on the sidewalk near Palm Beach Road reminded the acquisitor of a larger discarded stogie observed roadside a few years ago in Limestone, NY, with fleeting memories of a Bradford, PA, cigar smoker parked in a car outside the local police station there -- plus today's sighting of a a more rotund male puffing outside Martin Memorial plaza's thrift shop, wherein was acquired an 'Abnormal Psychology' paperback very similar in type to the music-history book.

o The Peacock 'Chinese Food' restaurant within the plaza closest to the 55+ condo complexes and St. Lucie River has experienced some kind of alteration in its nighttime lighting, such that only the lit letters 'C OOD' are displayed in the darkness, a la the book titled 'The Exiles of Florida' which is one of the primary ethnographic volumes available that describes a harrowing capture and shackling of a man then transported west on a navy vessel. Indeed, perhaps indicative of demands upon local brothers to set up fraternities to complement the new bacca-laureate degrees offered at regional schools, two Peacock brothers have died in past months (their restaurant does not include pineapple with the sweet-and-sour sauce, as do the California Chinese-theme restaurants), and local commuters now can only stare at the 'Peacock Crossing' sign posted roadside in Jensen Beach.

o The ties with New York State therefore continue to seem sinister, with the Olean Times-Herald newspaper touting its most recent format changes, nearby the Allegheny River's alligator-gar population, within the same time frame as the change in size of The Stuart News and Hometown News 'papers in Martin County, FL.

o How many families hope to supplant the 'Collier' county name in FL, using a 1907 misprinted map of California as reference? The 'poll' function at www. has mysteriously disappeared, so even a rough estimate cannot be computed at this time.

Monday, August 4, 2008

"made you look"

o Some condominium complexes have been set up not a long time ago to accommodate the 55+ crowd, those mostly retirees. However, the process of debate and change-acceptance may have excluded the possibility of sociological disruption and incredibly the new dwelling format has been set up here in Martin County directly following the meterological hurricanes disruption of 2004 and 2005. In addition to the sudden clustering effect already tightened with the introduction of AARP, condo complex pools are now said to have 'clubhouses' as a term used to designate the buildings situated beside each swimming pool. Locked much of the time, intra-complex club members monopolize the premises.

Debates are routine among political cadidates. Shouldn't public debate be just as routine when introducing new dwelling formats? It is all too common an attitude to 'try' a change simply becuase no arguments can be immediately formulated to stop the 'innovation'. Such innovations affect directly the most youthful members of a community who are especially helpless to voice opposition or defind themselves against proponents of sudden change.

o Moving along Kingswood Terrace Road a night ago, a police patrol car deliberately passed by a snake on the road and a large toad was observed upon the asphalt entryway within the condo complex 'private property'. A resident in a silver car appeared to have pulled onto the sandy trailway near the non-fenced part of the retaining pond so the officers could more easily bypass her, as well. Today, though, an indigenous corn snake was found in the grass alongside the same road in direct sunlight, its head covered with crawling ants and black dirt as if the beast took a header into the berm. Why is this note-worthy? ...

o A PCV pipe with the size of an average metal property-marker is observable near a mini-plaza addressed on SE Ocean Boulevard near the previously-described concrete-encased palm tree. Suddenly, the capped top of the pipe has been broken off such that the remaining pipe yet embedded in the soil now resembles a spear that might impale pedestrians and sidewalk bicycle riders, if not wandering alligators or bears. The potentially hazardous tip has been covered with a plastic Coca-cola bottle modified with quick cuts to form a cap, but where is the missing pipe top, broken off with its own sharp tip carried where? Into a prison? In a backpack? On a bus? Staking a claim?

o Last but not least, thanks to whoever left the plastic cola bottle on the bench nearby.