Friday, November 27, 2009

a new title, not data disappearance

[This section was already posted to the previous title, but has since then disappeared.]

The website appears to be a popular website among seasonal and well-travelled home-owners here in Martin County, FL, who may wish to participate in and/or contribute to website functions. The website 'user agreement' also includes "Compliance with California Privacy Rights (see also [www.] policy...applies only to information [they]...collect through the may change from time to time without notice...".

Obviously, the 'broccoli brigade' or brigands, whichever is applicable during any given point in time, is at work here in south Florida for those populations who have known broccoli as a dietary staple. While growing up in Bradford, PA, broccoli could be found as fresh bunches and/or contained in frozen packages within area supermarkets.

Within recent past years, the Spanish Club of Bradford Area School District in PA planned and travelled to those areas of Mexico written up in textbooks as places where 'the Spanish' landed during their exploraton of "the New World". It is suspected, however, that the real focus of the trip was palm-tree growth, since many individuals residing in that northwestern PA region are known to carry historical mental-images of baby palm-trees (without documented disclosure) that are now grown adult trees observable with specific regions of the Americas and planetwide.

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