Tuesday, June 30, 2009

not a surprise, really

Huh! here using my father's PC terminal (a businessman), no trouble at all using Topix.net or the other blocked website, http://www.wesb.com/ (a northwest PA radio-station website). Having searched a bit through the various keywords 'Bradford, PA' (my hometown) websites listed in the ISP overture, http://www.talkaboutbradford.com/ forum states that it will not accept 'free' e-mail service communications (such as AOL free e-mail). Why worry about 'Bradford'? -- 'will kill will travel' school history textbook accounts of the early European in North America.

Some 'Jacksons' have rented a condo here in Kcc, and very recently my father appears to have adopted a 'Jackson'-theme user name, as continuance of a 'Jack'-theme business name -- to use TalkAbout Bradford website, he'll pay and pay and pay. Click -- photo of the new user name.

As follow-up to the 'Truth in Advertising' laws enacted during a past decade, testimonies from various performers about the inner workings of the entertainment industry were expected to be thoughtfully and safely scheduled. Instead, as example, the elder James Brown is dead without testimony and now so is middle-aged Michael Jackson (thankfully, not outright ripped apart), while the RIAA uses a "best defense is a good offense" tactic to target Internet file-sharers acquiring music downloads so as to determine just what kind of performances entertainment stage-shows are and will be that yet lack 'TIA' compliance to give performance-type keywords during any staged music-show (including military, who routinely perform 'rendition's as one key word).

In addition, there are/have been other Michael Jacksons numbered among the United States citizenry, as well as 'faux Jacksons' who have participated in demand-call influence-networking to gain 'access' to the Jackson family. In Bradford, PA, there is a main thoroughfare known as Jackson Avenue within that northwestern PA region where oil refinery installations generate a specific type of temperment.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Florida Woman Loses Arms, Legs After Misdiagnosis - Incredible Health - FOXNews.com

Florida Woman Loses Arms, Legs After Misdiagnosis - Incredible Health - FOXNews.com

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As a small child, given explanation about the behavior of the relatives of the Queen of England residing in our northwestern PA hometown region -- such explanation being a description of the Germans bombing various places in the UK -- naively I asked, "Did it hurt?" not knowing if only well-planned property destruction had occurred.

I'm not asking that about this series of incidents. A member of the 'Manson family' has been reported to have lost a leg in prison, without investigation of the telephone call-demand influence-network that routed the group into private CA homes.

Should church memberships expire? - Topix

Should church memberships expire? - Topix

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If a person walks into a church to ask questions of clergy, and instead is made a 'member' as recorded within church documents, can s/he ever quit?

o Reflections on sudden unavailability of naval jelly at Dollar General (after contact using DG website): A small, formerly-black SUV has been seen driving through Kcc, almost one entire side painted with reddish 'flames' -- perhaps the former property of a driver named in past year within Stuart News obituary notices (but then again, perhaps just another banged-up and repaired SUV).

o/ o/ we are the palms... o/o/

What better way to demonstrate prejudice against long-haired people than to abandon useable bread at the edge of the retention pond? You know them -- miss 'grouper supreme'!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tunguska Caused by Comet

Tunguska Caused by Comet

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As reported during AOL-Chat recently, a large tree recently fell here in hurricane-shocked northeast Stuart, FL, beside a retention pond -- large birds had routinely perched on a branch at the top of the denuded tree -- simultaneous with a soaking downpour of rain, lightning, and thunder such that the cracking sound of the tree-base break sounded almost identical with 'thundercrack' sounds. As commented during chat-session, now ducks can sit on the tree, too. The retention pond is located very near the north fork of the St. Lucie River and Stuart causeway, where the river flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

All hail, Comecticut?
Also shown are bent-double 'hairpin' trees scattered throughout the foliage at the southern bounday of Kcc, apparent hurricane casualties.

life without Topix-complete

Topix.net has become dysfunctional since the death of Michael Jackson. It is not the only time that the website has become an 'incomplete' service; apparently the entire Internet is jammed with user-contacts seeking information and music-album file-sharing.

The Canada-based Topix, an Internet website concept/design so cavalierly granted to that nation, might also become dysfunctional during active attempts (demands, programming, etc.) to regain control of it so as to return it to United States jurisdiction -- its popularity apparently has become cause for alarm.

Let 'em know near the North American tundra!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

cleared out and quiet

It has been a hot, sunny and not-so-active Saturday in northeast Stuart, FL, so off I went with household dustpan in hand to scrape dried and smashed figs off the sidewalk (the sidewalk!) this time beside Walgreens drive-through pharmacy on Monterey Road, across from Stuart Surgical Center. It was easy work and continued demonstration of rubber-toed sneakers as a sort of tool that can be used to pry the small fruits from the cement -- a sort of dance if no one else is walking through.

Two regular (mid-)-sized plastic bags (one shopping, the other protective) were filled with the fruits peeled and scraped to clear the walkway but there were many hazardous (hazardous!) fruits remaining when I walked away with one full bag leaving a full Wal-Mart bag in the grass beside the store. Oh, the happy tweets there were when fruits were again scattered nearby/into standing water, together with live seeds that the breaths of well-behaved birdies can nurture into real vines and trees.

o To complete a survey about museums, go to www.sunnycherkea.blogspot.com, or go to www.ancientworldbloggers.blogspot.com or to www.blogs.nyu.edu/blogs/clh365/antiquities.

o At www.WESB.com, the annual 'Wedding Belles Contest 2009' names regional winners of cash prizes. One name might well be a backup-fund recipient so as to 'rescue' an ailing Amy Winehouse (ailing! if we are to believe the recent-past press accounts). Their mothers will hate such an interpretation of events, ain't no doubt.

Look at this, folks

OMG -- I decided to delete all my AOL-ISP 'Saved Mail' from the www.webmail.aol.com free e-mail service (more than 600 entries) during the afternoon of 6/24/2009 and just a few hours later Internet 'Breaking News' reported that Michael Jackson had died in Los Angeles.

Friday, June 26, 2009

purple piles become more dense

Whoa! It's a walkaround moment near the northeast Stuart (FL) Walgreens, waiting for traffic to clear from the roadway so as to walk around piles of small and tiny figs staining the area purple....which reminds of a book titled The Withered Fig.

Years ago in San Francisco, California, a vinelike tree-trunk twisted itself skyward from an area located beside housing addressed at the corner of Masonic Avenue and Grove Street. A concrete driveway and sidewalks had ultimately surrounded it; its top and any branches once growing had been broken or lopped off. No shoots had yet sprung green from the remains. A tree growing nearby, however, continued to produce comfrey buds that could be gathered to make tea.

One day a pedestrian carrying a load of groceries was surprised by a classroom of children walking around the corner with teacher and aide from New Traditions Elementary School up the hill northward on Grove Street; the kids sauntered downhill and swung around the corner such that one young boy was bumped with a bath-tissue package purchase while negotiating space near the defoliated vinelike tree. Rather than a logical attempt to cultivate the tree so near the University of California campus -- fertilizer or other remedies -- the landmark twist was suddenly cut flush with the ground and covered with concrete, a shocking act to all those who had grown up with the 'withered' tree generation after generation on the water-surrounded peninsula near Golden Gate Park.

At the beginning of this week a man in his age-70s was found shot and dead in Fort Pierce, FL, not far from here, near one of that city's school campuses; among those born or sometime residing in San Francisco, CA, environs, the feeling of shock was similar. Local journalism presented the viewpoint that the man had shot himself, and a photograph of a gun was displayed within Internet website accounts.

P. S. Now the pedestrian only purchases bath tissue using Walgreens coupons.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Carol Fitzmaurice, murdered in Allegany 1970, unsolved? - Topix

Carol Fitzmaurice, murdered in Allegany 1970, unsolved? - Topix

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"Tapped"? You're thought to be in wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe the right place at the wrong time, or maybe the right place at the right time. However, if you routinely eat/drink milk products, a finger tapping on the shoulder might be your only warning of disapproval, testing your ability to move the way that humans should. What kind of report will such a tappee make?

Back to Salamanca, NY, and the city's future mayoralty race where an additional candidate has forfeited his membership in the Democratic National Party so as to accept endorsements from either/any political party during a contest with the guy who introduced pizza to that Cattaraugus County region at the headwaters of the Allegheny River (see SalamancaPress.com) at the terminus of the northern Appalachian Mountain range.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

MCAC Reef Builder Tournament July 10-11 - Topix

MCAC Reef Builder Tournament July 10-11 - Topix

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Upcoming -- real artificial reef projects, not sunken-ship politics.

The dark-blue plastic key-case remains where placed upon a signpost years ago within Kingswood condo complex, blackened with weather extremes and changes. The glass beer bottles -- some aging -- have been gathered up and placed in a recycling bin during searing-hot midday temperatures.

Knitters in Lancaster County: Where to Go for Knit in Public Day - Topix

Knitters in Lancaster County: Where to Go for Knit in Public Day - Topix

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Plus, Topix.net website also lists a Lancaster Online story that describes 'Re-enacting Hiroshima with Fireworks in Buchanan Park' together with comment 'Talkback'.

o/ o/ It's over it's over now... o/ o/

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the success of predictability

Today the Martin Memorial Thrift Shop here in Stuart, FL, presented a special sale with special prices, to benefit a local cancer fund. Advance notice of the sale was printed up in the Stuart News yesterday. I found three great tops in various shades of green, one 'Made in Indonesia' and another 'Made in Guatemala', all three cotton.

It's fig season again, and the fig trees beside Walgreen's on Monterey Road are dropping fruit onto sidewalk and roadway. It's a slippery mess for pedestrians; some of the figs are the size of raisins. I stopped and gathered some of them, many not yet spent, from the roadway and filled a plastic bread-bag about a third full with all sizes, some rose-colored and others yet green, most bearing live seeds. The sidewalk on the opposite side of the road is always swept and clear of the figs that fall from multiple trees. All but a small handful were tossed from the bag into various marshy areas of Kingswood Terrace Road and the retention pond.

A squirrel lay slain in the middle of Monterey Road near the Blake Library. Just a night or two ago, some TV broadcast (from "the Palm Beaches") showed a squirrel on waterskis that was prevailed upon to give performances, if we are to believe the story, some overseas. Sometimes only the pelts are found. The creature was pulled together and placed beneath a cool clipped bush in the Monterey Commons area.

A helicopter spun into the air from Witham air field and passed over Kingswood Terrace Road just as I discovered some glass bottles lying in the hot sand (searing 90-degree sunshine this week). My backpack was full with tops and books purchased from the Blake Library; the bottles were too hot to carry away from the wisps of dried grass interspersed among the scrub-brush nearby both slough and fenced retention pond. The operators of the 'copter could not miss sighting the figs piled a short distance from Martin Memorial Medical Mall, but I sent a description of the scenario to a local Stuart website anyway. They were flying low enough to sight an open safety pin on the sidewalk near the library as well (it's going to be a safety-pin stretch now that the Krueger Creek fishing-lure has been removed?)

I was speechless as I checked the new cactus patch and discovered that the rounded tops of each nascient cactus pad had been clipped straight across, not easily accomplished between signpost and KTR terminus fencerail, as if those were mere weeds thrusting moisture-holding pads up from the hot sand. Someone weed-wacked the bunny-ear cactus pads. Fish tiny and larger were alarmed as well; wading birds scanned continuously to detect threats to their long curved beaks.

And, oh yeah, a cigar stub near the shopping carts at Walgreens.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

while you were killing -- 'fishes forever'

Recently a United States warship was sunk here in the waters off the state of Florida, where the supply of fish seems to be as endless as the demises and cuisines planned for them. Routine killing of 'gators that grow longer than a certain specific length is thought to augment efforts to genetically manage the species such that they do not grow much longer than the average man. With regard to the vast amounts of water in the subtropical region, more human excrement ('poops') in that context means more land-mass, with significant numbers of Italian-heritage troop members relocated as if that experience will help altogether establish humans in Florida (where, however, humans have always ranged).

Apparently, however, the mentality has been extended to people thought to breed in the way other animals breed -- a twin named 'Morales' has been shot by a police officer in St. Lucie County, in his own bedroom.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

photos from the walkway on the Stuart causeway bridge over the Indian River lagoon

South side, two piles of excrement one large and one small (Evans Crary Sr. bridge over the St. Lucie River). Camcorder photos of west island, south side, showing a popped palm-tree base in a few inches of water plus overhead sequence of very clean black tire suspended in shoreline foliage -- both near previous hermit-crab rush towards abandoned live-seed avocado. The north side also has a popped palm-tree base with a smaller circumference visible in a few inches of water, but only the south side was being photographed yesterday.

Walking off the Ernest Lyons Bridge toward Stuart Beach, a lone disposable blue BIC lighter on sidewalk with rusting ignition parts, yet containing some fluid; lighter later deposited in a Kcc garbage dumpster. Stuart Beach was fun, fun, fun in the late afternoon before high school graduation ceremonies but a pothole in the parking lot marred the exhilaration.

The return walk to Kcc was a stumble near disgorged fur/skin/nails/skeletal remains of some small mammal lying on the northside walkway of the Ernest Lyons bridge, carefully slid into a plastic bag from backpack and deposited on a grassy plot in Sewall's Point that extends northward to the Rio/Jensen Beach mainland. The pelt-like mat resembled a small gray kitty-cat, and I am still feeling weepy. When I first arrived in Stuart a few years ago, the flattened pelt-like mat of a larger (yet perhaps younger) spotted cat was removed from the SE Ocean roadway to the extended-curb near Krueger Creek.

And, a set of automobile skid marks extending from one side of the roadway to the other, crossing double yellow center lines, on the bridge over the St. Lucie River.

[Stuart News 1/1/2009 -- Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, Palm City (FL) ad/notice, PETS OF THE WEEK, "...Amore: this adorable little girl was left behind after a move and is looking for a home. She is just over a year old, a beautiful, gray domestic longhair and is sweet and cuddly. Amore can't wait to meet you!...". With photo. Gee, if they had spelled the color 'grey' would the little kitty still be alive today?]

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thought for the Week: Try this sign: Scientists Against Disease - Topix

Thought for the Week: Try this sign: Scientists Against Disease - Topix

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The 2004 hurricanes were something really 'special' in this Martin County, FL, region -- they overlapped, being both consecutive and for awhile simultaneous. Those who weathered the first storm were totally surprised by the second, which gives us the unsavory situation that unrecognizable lumps of matter along shorelines just might be the non-proven remains of relatives irretrievably lost.

Hence the sudden impetus to initiate the Torrey Pines molecular research facility in Tradition, FL. Although most believe idealistically that Torrey Pines has been started-up to formulate new medicines from matter/materials found in sea and ocean waters, thereby attracting ambitious future pharmacists, researchers first and foremost must be able to know exactly what kind of matter it is that they are holding/testing post-hurricanes.

All those (mostly people who did not stay in the region during the hurricanes, including especially those who routinely leave the area during the summer months) becoming perturbed about the slow pace of plasma-arc trash vaporization facility lobbied to be set-up in St. Lucie County remain worried about the kinds of diseases that remain active or dormant without a vaporization facility to which they wish to refer their relatives as potential employees and as a way to maintain/increase political status in sub-tropical Florida -- an insensitive attitude toward those whose relatives may now be unrecognizable lumps which beachgoers and anglers must walk over/around.

Open opposition to those now ensconced within condo complexes suddenly converted to age-55+ premises now includes routine use of mass-purchased, topless plastic trash-receptables into which all household waste can be dumped, becoming a smelly, insect-laden cache of household discards simply transferred to common dumpsters for wage-earning laborers to haul away to landfills. Their deer-slaying 'mos' diff'rent' days are past.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is 'safe space' in South Florida? - Topix

What is 'safe space' in South Florida? - Topix

What is 'safe space' anywhere these days and nights? It appears that 'safe space' is a multipurpose term that business-domains are busy implementing in various ways:

Wells Fargo bank (recently made partners with Wachovia Bank in Florida and elsewhere) offers Wells Fargo 'vSafe' service that stores personal documents electronically. Social-services departments in South Florida have set up 'SafeSpace' premises which, alas, are not safe havens for all clients (one death in Stuart and one in Vero Beach). 'Safe Space' can also be associated with business-schemes that might provide hard-copy document or valuables storage that can withstand hurricane-force winds.

As a business-scheme term, the possibility that SafeSpace clients can be required to work maintaining Wells Fargo 'vSafe' and perhaps also ultra-security valuables storage sites seems to be a perfect mesh of services -- if clients are dolls or robots.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Should bait be used to capture/sell hermit crabs? - Topix

Should bait be used to capture/sell hermit crabs? - Topix

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The Hermit Crab Association presents a website that offers all kinds of information about keeping captive hermit crabs, including a forum and photos.

However, some may press to have the creatures Federally protected because they are so unusual. Furthermore, one of the reasons that they are so unusual is the possibility that they mimic users of the ancient pyramids uncovered as archaeological taskwork in Central America and elsewhere. Why 'mimic' without 're/displacement' accusations? because a rare mucousal oracle-bead chronicle discernable beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument in the Allegheny Mountains of northwestern PA shows historical memory-images of such pyramid-builders preserved within it waxy-gel composition -- predominantly for micro-fauna to view and transmit throughout the planet's waterstreams, earth and air.

Monday, June 8, 2009

more bridgewalk

Another walk to the west 'spoil' island beneath the Ernest F. Lyons Bridge today -- a rounded piece of grommet-type heavy-metal lay in the crosswalk at the intersection of A1A/SE Ocean Boulevard and Harbour Point Road in Sewall's Point, such that drivers speeding around the corner toward the Evans Crary Sr. bridge saw a heavy-metal reminder on asphalt first, then in hand. I always toss the roadway 'nuts and bolts' type debris into the grass.

Broken mostly-clear glass from a shattered bottle littered the walkway leading to the west spoil island. However, the handrail barrier has been repaired such that nothing seems to have ever been damaged. An average-sized crab lay smashed/dead in the roadway westbound lane leading from the Lyons bridge, easily scraped up and place beneath one of a number of roadside transplanted trees supported with cords-'n'-stakes. A light-blue semi-transparent disposable lighter also lay in the roadway leading onto the smaller island, empty with rusting ignition parts.

Hermit crabs had been lured onto island shorelines; a small green FL-grown avocado lay on the southern shore together with a standard-size coconut yet holding some interior liquid. The hermit crabs gravitated toward wood and other discarded/empty shells. predominantly favoring whelk shells but also seen within 'moon' shells. Two small hermit crabs co-habited within the space between two halves of an empty oyster (bivalve) shell as extra protection. The pre-existing coloration of the univalve hermit crab 'homes' was mostly obscured with a layer of light-brown silt and live algae; some lay in the open air along the shoreline, while others lay in an inch or two of water, none more than three inches long.

Sand fleas were abundant today, as were small true crabs scuttling from rock to rock and beneath debris. (The orange shirt is still there, higher along the shoreline in the sand.) Pelicans and terns, as a sort of teamwork, splashed into and out from the water as small fish coursed toward the shoreline and jumped above the surface of the Indian River Lagoon. The terns, much smaller than the pelicans, appeared to rely upon the latter as a potential rescue buddy, while the sack-like maw of the pelicans' beak was justified as more than an overgrown food receptacle.

A brown wooden stake remained securely driven into the sand, as a reminder of more serious captures possible.

While leaving the island, retracing steps to the condo complex, a lizard-like snake (small, about six inches long) lay in the roadway curb-zone at the merge-point onto A1A moving westward -- the demeanor of a lizard yet legless, brown yet with colorful spot-like rings both white and red as if stenciled onto the skin.

remember when

Remember the woman put on TV show presentations as 'Moms Mabley'? Everything that she said seemed to be funny to some viewers.

Recently, a notice presented in Internet website stated, 'Obama wants Moms to return to school using grants and scholarships'.

Yesterday, AOL.com presented a report from Oregon that described the police discovery, 'Mom's body found in crawl space'. A 21-year-old mother and her newborn child died after an encounter said to be with a Roberts woman and her boyfriend (see book titled, Roberts Rules of Order).

Regional politics may have put Obama in office, and effected Sotomayor's nomination as well, to oppose or not the elections of individuals to major political office who were/not born within the state's service area and who have been supported among other people also not born in state.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

worser and worser

Years ago, while attempting to obtain a PC in San Francisco, CA, to begin data-storage and -sending activities with regard to a number of back-logged legal issues, a nearby business was gracious enough to lend me their PC seen standing idle many hours daily through the window of their janitorial service. As the result from a number of other issues already addressable with plain-paper fax transmissions (such as public-school overcrowding), my daughter was graciously carried to fast-food restaurants and other outings as deemed necessary -- in a late-model automobile with features many desired, a family car that eventually was routed through a row of windows into a empty day-care center located in downtown San Francisco during different driving use. The beautiful blue car was literally patched with metal and other materials, and came to resemble a crazy-quilt. I did return the PC, which was used among others including a relative of the business-owner, who entered through the fire-escape to use it while I was sleeping in the daytime.

Only a few weeks ago, the Basingstoke Gazette reported that a Rolls Royce smashed through the windows of a Tesco supermarket, injuring a few customers. The same website also reported that the 'Supertot 2009' competition was again planned in Andover and scheduled as a sort of talent contest for toddlers and their parents (UK).

Today, the worst has indeed happened -- a fire in a day-care center located in a Mexican warehouse that spread from an other nearby car-and-tire warehouse (USAToday.com). The converted warehouse in Mexico City had a few windows placed high above the floor; the classrooms had no windows and one father smashed his car through a wall to open the place up so children could be pulled out.

Only a few weeks ago, I thought about (re-)posting the UK website articles that described the supermarket windows-smash together with the Super-Tot competition planned but just couldn't pull a rationale summary together without dreading a logics challenge. After reading the Mexico City horror story, however, perhaps the reportage should have been presented anyway as a potentially preventative measure (and behavior-pattern warning) as was intended.

Unhappy Hominids (continued) viz-a-viz recordings

The http://www.recordingindustryvspeople.blogspot.com/ website continues to post updates to the Jammie Thomas law-court proceedings with regard to accusations that she has abused Internet file-sharing services. Judging from the widespread damage that a telephone call-demand influence-network has been 'brokering', quite a number of Thomas's are being affected with queries that can be surmised to disqualify them or not from a biographical inquisition strategy.

Context: the University of Pittsburgh campus was installed in Bradford, PA, in the 1960s+ as response to a simple family dinner-table query about archaeologist consultation possibilities. Marvin Thomas, a history professor, joined the faculty and was given verbal information about a tiny mucousal history-bead artifact (oracle-bead chronicle) located in the nearby village of Degolia, PA, beneath a limestone roadside-rest monument.

Because the oracle-bead artifact holds a surface-image showing a historical palm-tree growing in Golden Gate Park with the city-limits of peninsular San Francisco, CA, I had been attempting to report the discovery within church settings to no avail -- the church-service time was tightly scheduled. A switch from family Presbyterian Church to Methodist Church across the street was grounds to isolate me (since I didn't seem to want/need sanctuary) such that I also appeared to change religious affiliation and 'join' the latter, trying time and time again to approach clergy and describe the artifact discovery, even during evening confirmation classes.

A drive to San Francisco, CA, so as to verify the existence of the 'special' palm tree (indeed, a tall-grown tree yet identifiable as a memory-use of the baby-tree image viewable at the surface of the oracle-bead artifact), occasioned my further identification and isolation. A Deep-South cadre of so-called Negroes was embedded in the peninsula environs, following a scramble to claim territory near the 'special' palm-tree when the mental-image was transmitted from the Methodist Church (to and then from a Murphy, such that aging military ordnance in the region did/could become an ongoing arguable issue among those focused quite specifically upon the found tree).

James Thomas, hailing from the Deep South, was in residence; a hitchhiker from Louisiana also settled-in the city proper. Most recently, a Thomas youth was shot and died by a friend using a police officer's gun taken from a patrol car here in Florida (so reported the Stuart News). Jammie Thomas has been made the subject of a lawsuit that should address the fact, first and foremost, that she has been led "down the primrose path", so to speak, into file-sharing activity and then into a courtroom as a named defendant. Another Thomas was jailed in the Deep South quite a number of years ago as an action that seems indefensible.

This month an archaeologist surnamed Thomas has surfaced, so to speak, to present written findings through the Internet that describe a cache of beads found in a cemetery on a Georgia island. "Curioser and curiouser", as Lewis Carroll was wont to say, since the oracle-bead artifact found in the PA roadside-rest area (suddenly converted to cemetery use there in Degolia, decades ago) is definitely not a hand-out, although the Georgia bead-piles might be so construed.

So why hasn't the archaeologist Thomas been called in to observe and prepare a report about the oracle-bead artifact site, nor has an archaeologist Cline (whose extended family Clines own/operate an oil-well business a mere country stroll away from the monument +bead site) made occasion to non-chalantly saunter over thereby?

Professor Thomas of UPB, in his age-80s, has yet been teaching history on-campus within recent years. That the innocent kneeling beside the monument, so as to closely view the oracle-bead beneath, has been permitted to generate a Muslim 'craze' is ascertained to have fostered a real and primal fear together with strategies that have 'sent' Smith sailors out to be lost-at-sea.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

from the foxed manila envelope...

Remember when inmates performed a rock concert at San Quentin some years ago?

Well, a review of my newspaper clippings (perhaps secret information made available to them from handlers of scissored and discarded examples) gives examples of what they should have been doing:

'New device allows recording at concerts' (The Examiner, 4/30 - 5/2/2004), "...a cigarette-lighter-sized hard drive hanging off your key chain..." to record the concert and run it through your home PC's sound-spectrograph analyzer so as to determine if your're getting a real live concert or a recorded lip-synch, or something totally different than advertised.

'Gunshot recognition system is coming' (San Jose Mercury News, 12/20/2004), "...uses equipment and a computer to recognize gunshots..." so that your album collection can be sound-spectrographed so as to determine whether any actual guns were used during the recording (or whether dental amalgams were being gnashed).

'Hopes, Fears About Parkinson's" (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/17/2001), "...immature, all-purpose stem cells derived from embryos...can be blocked from heading down any path than...the type of ...brain cell that is missing..." so that use of embryos during such research can be outlawed with the understanding that music-albums illegally copyrighted in RIAA factories are a cause of neurological dysfunction.

Last but not least, 'Bob Dylan now a 'Dr.'', (The Examiner, 6/24/2004), "...The University of St. Andrews...making Dylan, 63, an honorary Doctor of Music...who...arrived 50 minutes into the ceremony and did not address the audience..." so that uses of the word "of" can be articulated in ways that identify entertainment-domain patsies who are routinely directed onstage to perform music that has their name on it (and can also be directed to use their fee-money this way or that way).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OMG -'whole' opposum

Truly, nothing stenches worse than roadway carcasses or is more potentially horrifying. A few years ago, I was riding to the cemetery during the Memorial Day holiday, high in the Allegheny Mountains of northwest Pennsylvania, and a deer lay in the roadway, it's midsection severed with multi-vehicle passages, each rolling one lefthand set of wheels over the unfortunate creature lying dead on one side within that densely forested region. Youths on three-wheel ATVs paced us coming from the opposite direction, the driver and I in a minivan that (yep) rolled right over. The Memorial Day observance was the priority, however, no matter how urgent the instinct to heft the two deer sections into the back of the vehicle.

Today, as planned, I returned to the St. Mary's Thrift Shop addressed on SE Ocean Boulevard here in Stuart, Florida, and purchased four used pullovers. Short-sleeve shirts were advertised at a special price of $2.00 each, and the category was not quite 'pullover' but suddenly a voice shouted out, "Today only! All clothes $1.00!" Thrift-store tops are the best to wear beneath backpacks, such premises being held to at least a minimum standard of quality yet with clothes made available in large sizes that do not tear.

The return walk on the opposite (south) side of SE Ocean Boulevard was an encounter with an absolutely putrid opposum carcass that was completely dominated with feasting grubs -- small ones on top and a side-by-side layer of large grubs beneath, the remains of the dead beast lying on the extended concrete section of the curb at the side of the roadway. The scenario resembled a 'rack of opposum', surrounded from all perspectives with white grubs. Workers nearby sweated with mechanical equipment to remove a large palm tree rooted in the soil, while gazing at the 'Diet of Worms'. I was reminded in a gruesome way of a small eatery in San Francisco, CA, titled 'The Grubstake', because I tried to lift the carcass with a grasp on the tail but it simply pulled loose/off in my fingers necessitating the use of a plastic bag to heave the carcass into some grass near a resident's privacy fence.

The new vinyl swimpool is a total success, permitting hours-long soaks in clean fresh water from the hose, while orange flowers and small leaves fall and float. It is a fabulous design that requires only inflation of a ring printed with baby turtles and frogs that holds semi-rigid circular side-wall and flexible bottom in place during water-fill time. A flattened spoonlike beetle flecked with sparkly golden streaks came to visit, while ants, spiders, wasps and other microfauna toiled all around. One wasp carried away a brown spider stunned from the vehicular action of the morning's grass-cutting session, crawling carefully over each shredded blade of grass to an unknown destination with its totally intact arachnid haul.