Monday, November 2, 2009


This example of a 'baby-over-a-bucket' image affixed to a commercial container was 'found' on Florida Street berm near Johnson Street and the US Post Office, then was hand-carried to a recycling-materials dumpster behind the Ace Hardware store.
'Hand Sanitizer': its many uses can include a dab on a fresh insect bite that stops itch and disinfects promptly. Walgreens sells extra-small bottles that are great for backpacks.
And, another pellet in the roadway on Bayou Street near intersection with Florida Street here in Stuart, FL. Maybe next time I'll pick up that one and carry it to the combination police/fire station on Martin Luther King Boulevard (near Cortez Street, where a pre-hurricanes police station was at one time located) because might be a missing SC uranium pellet.

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