Monday, November 16, 2009

more about Friday the Thirteenth

Deciding to make more notes from aging newspapers at Eagle's Nest minipark (hint: the eagle's nest is actually in Possum Long sanctuary, a mile or so away), I walked over along SE Ocean Boulevard (now pellet-free, thanks to the Internet) turning onto Monterey Road where the minipark is located across the road from the Blake Library.

Seating myself at the lone picnic table, I perservered with notetaking while a few people (one female) rode through the minipark on their bicycles (as invariably happens when I am seated there). Toiling away and scanning the action nearby from time to time, a male appears in the adjacent property and warns about his incipient use of insecticide to come, targeting the row of flowering bushes that separate that property from the minipark environs. I must gather up my things and move to the far side of the minipark or be misted with pesticide spray, and I move after a few words with the fellow.

So far so good -- we were all making sense, both actions and words. The guy sprays billowing clouds of pesticide from a hose, I watch and spring toward the opposite boundary bushes as a woman returns on her bicycle through the minipark to the neighborhood. When the fellow stops spraying, I return to the picnic table after about a quarter-hour wait and finish making notes from one of the several newspapers stashed away in my backpack. I cross the road when traffic flow diminishes, and begin walking toward the back way into Kcc, which is KTR past Monterey Commons.

Which is where I see the guy again after emerging from the minipark foliage -- but also a number of yet-green vines lying side-by-side on the sidewalk beside Monterey Commons, each cut at one end. Now, here's bit of psychology for you all -- because the insecticide-spraying was inarguably apropos, I could only walk around the surprise sidewalk arrangement and the guy as well, then scurry along KTR towards home-condo dropping pocketed cigarette-packs seen discarded in the berm along SE Ocean Boulevard, then filled with household seeds from backpack, near the retention pond.

Which is to say, why a possible uranium pellet lay along A1A/SE Ocean Boulevard many moons without claim is anyone's guess or rationale.

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