Monday, November 30, 2009

What the...?!

Today the PC is not forwarding the text of a Mailer-Daemon non-delivery notice received, but is instead sending the attachment of an original website article that also offers article e-mail service. The non-delivery notice shows the text of an e-mail sent with article through the website, but for some reason neither text of the notice nor e-mail text can be forwarded nor can an exact copy of notice be sent to the address intended.

What instead happens is that a massive e-mail is sent to the intended address during forward attempt, which shows the title of the website article together with many feet of website programming info, but does not send the text of the article or e-mail that accompanies the article's website e-mail service.

Mailer-Daemon notices are received through the Internet when the intended address is misspelled or has a typographical error (easy to make in confined spaces or when distracted by other activities nearby).

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