Thursday, December 31, 2009

slough as opposed to 'slain'

This slough located along KTR moves water into the retention pond (one of others in the area) which is ultimately discharged into the St. Lucie River, spilling through a small concrete dam. A live tree leans over the water, with escape potential from the Vista Pines/Ocean Palms housing complexes. In-slough sediment and plant life sprouting from it are evidence that the slough is popular with regional wildlife. Fish inhabiting the slough/retention pond area can also be seen schooling in Krueger Creek, the St. Lucie River, and the Indian River lagoon -- the same individual fishes moving freely throughout the region's sloughs, ponds and canals into and out from the larger bodies of water.

other sights to sore eyes

In the northeast Stuart age-55+ condo complexes' area:
Hole torn in barrier at newly-cleared portion of Monterey Commons. It is suspected that some kind of networking is attempting to stage the spectacle of a large swamp snake swallowing an armadillo.
Rusting metal plate, debris from roadway in front of Vista Pines condo complex; has the appearance of a mask.
Leafpod curled into the approximate shape and appearance of a spinal-column bone.
Small yellow butterfly downed upon KTR asphalt.
Frog which appears to be slain/flattened, in the driveway of Kcc entering/exiting A1A, SE Ocean Boulevard.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

berry sweeping, northeast Stuart, FL

Pieces of glass from a shattered brown beer bottle have been sweeped from the sidewalk in front of Kcc and from the bicycle lane. A mobius-strip-like cornsnakeskin was also removed from the bicycle path; the skin has coloration that matches the color of the berries swept from sidewalk for aquatic life in the slough.
A wire with cut end dangles from a wooden electrical-wire pole along St. Lucie Boulevard. The glass window in a shed yet standing in the back of a lot along the same roadway remains broken.
The sidewalk shows typical yardside cracks, as the only sidewalk available along St. Lucie Boulevard and situated very close to traffic flow.

Monday, December 28, 2009

illusions of safety OR danger

These images are old news in northeast Stuart (FL): One, a bent tablespoon commonly written up in drug-culture literature as a possible illegal-drug-use tool (a 'cooker'), this one (clean) is yet lying on the sidewalk beneath a concrete bench-like seating beside the Stuart Surgery Center on Monterey Road close to the intersection with SE Ocean Boulevard/A1A and nearby fig-drops and coconut palms.
The second image shows wires dangling from a wooden electrical pole and their end-connectors not far from the VNA building. The bottom 'tool-bar' of some ISP programs shows a desktop-to-desktop icon that can display the following message: 'Local Area Connection', "A network cable is unplugged." Whether the dangling wires beside Monterey Road across the roadway from the Blake Library represent noted situation or not has not yet been publicly ascertained, although it is conceivable that a continuous heavy electrical load of desktop-to-desktop contacts would be an nonnecessary burden upon pole and wiring.
The third image shows a metal tab that has the approximate appearance of a blunt-end knife, which has been lying along SE Ocean/A1A near the Vista Pines condo complex during the past week on the sidewalk, having been removed from the roadway a few days ago.
Otherwise, it is a warm and lovely day in northeast Stuart, FL.

no comments -- "call for papers"

Today's entry viewable within the Research News in Late Antiquity website describes a future Annual CUNY Graduate Student Conference on Medieval Studies with the theme 'Intimacy, Fealty, and Friendship in the Middle Ages' scheduled in New York March 12, 2010.

Contestable telephone call-demand and surveillance methods typical of some Civil Defense participants can also be used to "flesh out" compositions which document and analyze past human behavior using historical literature as reference. The most visible example during past decades has been a spate of books which purport to expand available knowledge about the Biblical 'Jesus', which use information gathered from within present-day populations who number people named 'Jesus' as neighbors, workers and community members.

What to 'look out for' in writings presented with regard to the "Middle Ages" are uses of human behavior observed within the 'new' age-55+ condominium complexes, that can be used to pad or flesh out analytic writings which purport to interpret historical data that describes long-ago civilizations.

The RNLA website accepts no comments.

"a public service announcement"

American Online ISP now refers to its e-mail service as "fast, free and fun" within website blurb -- which makes serious messaging to public service agencies a sort of faux pas?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

recipe-talk in weblog -- not a precedent here

From found an adaptable recipe to make piecrust using flour, sugar, margarine in place of the butter and shortening, four ice cubes in place of the four tablespoons of ice water, and a thin film of corn oil to replace cooking spray.

During TV journalism ads, mix the assembled ingredients with a fork, allowing cubes to melt during watch-time. Carefully pat half the mixture into the bottom of an oiled round cake pan with a fork, dump on a can of cherries and spread almost to edges of bottom crust, then pour remaining flour mixture on top to pat on-and-beside the fruit, sealing with bottom crust. Bake and cool.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

in print

o This week's free La Voz newspaper dated 12/18/2009 gives us the front-page headline, 'Vuelve esperanza de una reforma migratoria', and a newsprint advertising insert from Publix markets that features a large multi-color ad for "Papel Higienico Charmin".

o Yesterday's walk to the USPO featured a number of near misses, one a white four-door sedan turning off U. S. 1 at Johnson Street into a business-domain address and another a young woman operating a go-cart-like scooter on the sidewalk in the same vicinity. A youth fishing off the Krueger Bridge had his bicycle parked at the edge of the sidewalk, nearby a pair of rusting wheels yet attached to an axle visible in the foliage.

Other sights to sore eyes included multiple lizard deaths on sidewalks ranging from SE Ocean Blvd. to Palm Beach Road and along 10th Street and Monterey Road. Large bolts and rusting screws yet predominate in streetside bike lanes. A large grub lay disemboweled on the northside 10th Street sidewalk. Raccoons gamely foraged in the slough and retention pond along KTR; an old and sticky-sweet protein bar was tossed into the water from backpack.

o ('Business' section) and websites present articles titled, 'PA government to pursue shale tax, school funding hike' and 'Dairy farmers to get Federal money' (in NY state). Why not a peep from legislators about classroom overcrowding and seating-arrangement circuits that can shrink individual stomach to near-tube size so as to 'fit in' and avoid death outside school premises? Budgets that allot money and labor to distribute milk from other species do not solve spatial problems that affect digestion.

Monday, December 21, 2009

similar yet not the same...

When is an oil-well rig like a handicapped-walker device -- when a corporate headhunter wants to pin down some special information? Oh, wait, maybe the word is 'corporal'.

Months ago, the website featured a small story describing an oil-well rig worker whose head was pinned between two sections of that equipment thereby causing his death. The story now cannot be found when searched within that website using 'oil' keywords. Oh, wait -- the story 'Oil/Gas Driller's Skull Crushed' can be found under keyword 'Ohio'.

Preceeding that incident has been a number of other incidents and deaths here in Stuart, FL, relative to uses of vehicles and 'presentation' of special equipment such as handicapped-walker device (as well as canes and scooters) that in some respects demonstrate the interests of both automotive and petroleum industries, deaths mostly among 'seers' and witnesses to near-misses and options of presumed corporate representatives...that is to say, as example, the handicapped-walker is a form of oil-derrick and the pedestrian passer-by is the potential gusher.

Their testimonies are nowhere to be found. The waterflow action from river, lagoon and ocean here in Martin County, FL, is perhaps fabled for its effects upon sagging skin and muscle tone, but at issue remains the questionable practice to facilitate housing for the handicapped in the region among all other inhabitants.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ex-traneous images of northeast Stuart, FL

Much in the same way that spiders can be routed to dolls and sheaf-bug/bagworms to concrete, those annoying and painful red ants can be routed to tree stumps.
Water-swollen tree 'knees' near the local temple are a clue that the hurricanes may have served to tighten the joints of various historic wooden structures around the former fishing village (Stuart, FL).
And, finally, a sign of the times -- an old-timey dumptruck, symbol of an era when yellow-hairs traded in their conestogas to have personal dumptrucks.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

new flights to the Bahamas

While making notes from past newspapers in Eagle's Nest minipark, that loud jetting sound yesterday signaled the recently-scheduled departures from close-by Witham Field to the Bahamas, with a reported layover in a nearby coastal city. We should be thankful that the flights are scheduled during the afternoon, about the time students are leaving schools -- although passing over age- 55+ condo complexes, keeping in mind that to many, machine noise is a repellent against wildlife.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a helpful wind

o Today another walk to the Eagle's Nest minipark was fairly mundane -- except the Schwepp's bottle protecting the broken end of a PVC property-line pipe has been gone ever since the PVC 'spear' weblog entry was updated. Therefore, a search of the trash containers at Walgreens (and pick-up, two ground-in batteries in the parking lot) turned up only a reduced-size Coca-Cola (R) bottle to be cut and placed over the pointed pipe tip.

Also, a Walgreens' shopping cart had been left on the sidewalk across the street (Monterey Road at Se Ocean Blvd/A1A) some months ago, found, then moved to a grassy place between some bushes with the belief that someone else would retrieve and return it to the store. Instead, it stood there between the bushes through wind, rain and sunshine until returned today to the store. The property holds a glass building used as a business premises, and is located blocks from the 'other' branch of the St. Lucie River where a small plane 'fell' into the water a few years ago. A glass beer bottle also lay broken many months near the building at the base of an electric-wire column, all passers-by too busy to pick up the pieces until this day.

o The Stuart News dated 2/9 and 2/14, 2009 gives two articles describing measures intended to prevent harm when encountering "Africanized" honey bees in the region: 'Africanized bees gaining S. FL foothold' and 'Here's the buzz'. The former story tell us, "...Africanized bees are frequently on the prowl for new homes in which to build honeycombs. ..." Apparently the bees can spot people who carry African memory-images -- including me, carrying in mind ancient African memory-images viewed within a rare mucousal oracle-bead chronicle/artifact. The bees will focus on plant-form stalks that resemble tiny huts, with strands of plant matter radiating from a common tip that also can be matched with the appearance of bee/insect 'feet' (i.e., primitive claws). The plant-forms are more common after a lawn-cutting but can also be seen as plants die naturally and stalks dissemble. Tiny plant-form 'huts', furthermore, resemble hats, some of a size to shelter small insects.

It is an amazing experience to see eye-to-eye with a honeybee, and requires some flexibility. However, we lost a set of privacy hedges here near this condo in Kcc when a bee and I were seen communing about a tiny hut-like plantform atop one of the carefully clipped bushes (the bee could fit under it but not I). A viewing of the oracle-bead artifact shows that huts were the norm south of the equator. The bee was also reconnoitering me because I had hosed a small wasps' nest extended from its stem attached to the underside of the upper-level steps.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

how to scan mucous, if ever

The 2/14/2009 issue of the Palm Beach Post has the column authored by Dr. Peter Gott, 'Your Health' -- one of two doctors contributing to the 'Your Health' theme as printed up in different newspapers in the region. Under the title 'Costochondritis downright painful for one sufferer', the doctor explains that the condition "cannot be seen through any imaging an inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the breastbone, resulting in sharp pain. When accompanied by swelling, the condition is known as Tietze syndrome."

Although bone, cartilage and mucous can be grouped in the same category, only bone can be machine x-rayed with pictoral success...which is to say that hopes to develop an archaelogical scanner sensitive enough to detect and generate images of a mucousal oracle-bead chronicle artifact might never actually be realized. Plus, there can be no practice sessions to determine the amount of radiation that an oracle-bead artifact might withstand -- the unusual organic historical beadform chronicle is just too small and too rare to risk its possible dispersion, rather than revelation of its historical content-imagery and internal voicestrip.

each day, one has not [yet] fallen

Three views of the electrical-line column on SE Ocean Boulevard near the intersection with St. Lucie Boulevard show its angles between Kcc and roadway, plus a small plant growing in the roadway near the crosswalk and leaning pole. With baited breath, small creatures await this column's smackdown, perhaps smashing moving vehicles and/or least stopping/blocking traffic.
The electrical-line column seems to support a streetlamp globe in one image, as an optical illusion visible from a westward perspective. From some perspectives looking eastward, however, the column seems perfectly straight.

now, where were we

o An embedded electrical-line pole is leaning and cracking sidewalk concrete alongside route A1A/SE Ocean Boulevard in Sewell's Point, just across the Crary Bridge from northeast Stuart, FL, proper. The poles are heavy, square and made from concrete; the pole in question is located nearby a Bank of America office and other various business offices, and is not far from that locale's police station as well. The pole is leaning toward a round, green-painted structure which is typical of of oil-refinery equipment-containment operations (roundhouse-style), a type of reservoir tank; it is also leaning over a parking lot and vehicles are no longer parked in its vicinity. When/if that electrical-line pole falls, it would extend across the parking lot on/to the tank.

The electrical-line pole is the same type seen along other major roadways in the region. One other has already been previously-described along the same roadway as the site of a palm-tree in its spiny phase growing and directly contacting the pole, such that the tree has burst a concrete barrier installed around the lightpole. Another such pole is leaning toward traffic lanes just outside Kcc at the intersection of SE Ocean Boulevard and St. Lucie Boulevard.

o Among debris collected from the Crary Bridge yesterday include pieces of plastic, tarpaper, and electronic-circuit 'partial plates'. The tattered pelt of a squirrel and one foot was removed from the bridge roadway at St. Lucie Boulevard and returned to riverside turf. A flock of crows visited the w. island with continuous calling while I made notes from past newspapers. A dark blue compact car parked within Kcc was the focus of some attention as one similar to the one that a fugitive from the region is said to be using, as reported within Palm Beach TV journalism.

Mounds of small dark-red berries 'passed' through the gastrointestinal-systems of certain birds are typically found on the safety-rail of the walkway leading onto the west island beneath the Lyons Bridge; those fruits are so completely intact that they can be flicked with a fingernail into the waters of the Indian River lagoon, atttracting fish +/-one-foot long into the shallow shoreline environs. Small billfish and other fish varieties were seen schooling below the walkway, including one ray.

amateur sleuthing?

The pile of mulch in the bicycle lane, A1A/SE Ocean Boulevard on the Evans Crary Jr. Bridge over the St. Lucie River, is perhaps related to these images taken in Possom Long Nature Center, Stuart, FL. "Doing the math" is relative to 'plywood' and mulch? A small, flattened cardboard box can be seen in the bridge service-lane slightly east from the neat pile of mulch in the middle of the bike lane. Apparently the bike lane is also used as racing practice. The city of Stuart has a 'Welcome' archway that in some ways is comparable to the Arc de Triomphe in the city of Paris, European France.

Monday, December 14, 2009

a hermit-crab personna?

Today a neat pile of shredded-wood mulch was seen in the middle of the southside bicycle lane on the Evans Crary Jr. Bridge over the St. Lucie River...and that's not all. Strands of rubberoid material were found coiled and held together with rusted clasps in the adjacent service lane. Algae claimed the recording-tape on the west island beneath the Lyons Bridge in the Indian River lagoon..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

KTR scene, far and wide

The image showing edge of retention pond along and past KTR also clearly shows shadows of nearby trees.

a lot of weight near a lot of water

The sudden and large-scale construction of many concrete-block houses along St. Lucie Boulevard between roadway and St. Lucie River might mean more of a probability that river waters will rush into other areas of northeast Stuart, FL, as those structures settle. Pier-type wooden pilings embedded in some westside pre-hurricanes yards along that road suggest that the river occasionally seeped inland among houses much less weighty. Directly across the road from the sidewalk-side pilings can be seen a now-unusual space between buildings, one a house yet being constructed, that affords a view of the river itself.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

why so sudden?

The 12/2 and 12/9, 2009, issues of Flashes Shopping Guide here in Stuart, FL, feature a question entered in the 'Good Neighbor' column: "Is anyone familiar with the Rhode Island Club? Is it still in the area? If not, would anyone want to start one?"

As Lewis Carroll would print, "Curiouser and curiouser...".

Friday, December 11, 2009

a potential "ouch"

About an hour ago while walking to Cedar Pointe Plaza, a burning cigar tumbled into the bicycle lane from a passing vehicle, just past the Ocean Palms Retirement complex-building at the east driveway exit/entrance. "Close, but no cigar." The 'cigar' phenomena appear to be seasonal.

skewed priorities

o Members of the Archaeological Institute of America can receive 'eUpdates' through ISPs in the form of e-mails.

Two most recent 'eUpdates' contain the following passage: "Help the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) take advantage of Chase Community Giving's $5 Million donation to charities. Facebook members can help decide where the money goes." The section ends, "Click here to vote for the AIA!" You've gotta wonder! Annual due membership payments have increased significantly within the past year, along with sudden membership anniversary date change following an incident in Philadelphia, PA, where an annual meeting was scheduled and a man was pitched to his death through a hotel window.

o The surname of a Cader Press/Iliad Press key company member became associated with an East Coast Rhode Island (USA) nightclub incineration during a stage-show pyrotechnics display years ago; following that the publisher for some reason has not delivered one of its usual routine offerings to me, which are "vanity" poetry anthologies that contain contest submissions made available upon payment of a set fee.

Recently another attempt was made to determine why the poetry volume has not been received from Cader Publishing Limited in Sterling Heights, Michigan, different from past poetry-contest submissions and book-purchase transactions which were not a problem, with timelines given in traditional mail communications and prompt delivery of quality poetry volumes. While searching the Internet for yet another way to resume communication with the publisher, who has also not returned my money, was found and inquiry about the company made through that website. Both service lapse and nightclub fire occurred after the content of the 'vanity' poetry volumes was criticized as the result from telephone-call reply-demand strategies and subsequently Cader became the target of some kind of organized disparagement networking.

Then "Uh oh" -- following the inquiry, TV and Internet journalism have presented accounts describing another nightclub fire similar to the U. S. fire, this time datelined Perm, Russia, in the Ural Mountains where clubgoers all had to exit through a single passageway. The reported Russian fire has occurred after this 'skewed priorities' weblog entry posted, which describes a disposable lighter, pink terry-cloth rag/strip and some metal fasteners that might be the makings of a so-called Molotov cocktail left bagged in a Kcc dumpster.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

remains aplenty

o Everyone middle-aged remembers when the Scouts of America took up worm-cuisine as a reminder to their membership that foraging should be one of their skills. Here in northeast Stuart, worms are commonly found perished on the sidewalk and it can be surmised that worm-cuisine has been one step into south FL culture for those hardy souls willing to bake up cookies containing dried earthworm remains. However, if such worms are saved they will be looking out for their saviors as other fauna and flora inexorably push them out toward the sidewalks.

As I walked along SE Ocean Boulevard during the first day of the month, one such worm saved from the pincer-like grips of many tiny red ants glided out onto the sidewalk nearby Kreuger Creek among others displaced and collapsed, as if approaching me -- when I again bent to pick up the very much alive worm, though, the creature began coiling and bouncing on the concrete as soon as it was touched, and was quite a spectacle for all including drivers passing by only a few feet away in the roadway. Literally, I could not grip it but necessarily flipped its +/- five-inch body back into the lawn from whence it had emerged.

o Today I set out to sweep up berries from Kcc driveway and front sidewalk along SE Ocean Boulevard, then walk over to the west island once again over the Crary Bridge. Two plastic bread-bags of berries were gathered and one bagful poured into the slough that runs under St. Lucie Boulevard and mingles with the river. Small live coconuts abandoned on the berm from a landscape clean-up were set in 'new digs' seen at the edge of two lawns alongside the roadway. The other bagful was carried onto the west island and its contents discharged upon southside shoreline, some also at the waterline both there and on the northside.

Fish jumped and skipped over the lagoon water. Pelicans and other shorebirds claimed their share of those smothered and battered within their own schools.

The northside shore held an-almost complete horseshoe-crab exoskeleton, lacking only pointed tail. A mini-lobster exoskeleton also lay among the shells and rubble on the beach; as well as the remains of a +/- three-foot-long fish, its head and tail-parts mostly intact with a few vertebrae intact from the missing midsection.

Three glass beer bottles were removed from the northside beach, two clear Miller's (R) and one green together with a few shards and pointed chunks of other glass (clear, brown and green). One wad plus one strand of fishing line was removed from the entry/exit roadway.

Monday, December 7, 2009

nighttime on the Crary Bridge

Between 8 and 9:00 p.m. this evening, I decided to go over and sweep broken green glass from the southside walkway of the Evans Crary Jr. Bridge, carrying household broom and dustpan (not quite as if they were lance and shield). The plastic bags holding corn tortillas from the supermarket appear to be suddenly thicker as if the specifications have changed for just such glass-holding purpose.

Two small-size mangled sprinkler-heads (seen to be the same as those used in Sewall's Point lawns) were removed from the bridge also; they were first encountered many months ago on the southside walkway and placed at the base of one of the streetlights where they lay through wind, rain and traffic vibration -- until tonight when they were removed from that temporary placement and carried to Kcc then placed beside the barbeque set-up along with a metal bolt and a metal bar (both about two inches long) found near the crosswalk on SE Ocean Boulevard where that street intersects with St. Lucie Boulevard.

A green folded tie strip was also seen on the same bridge walkway.

No fugitives were sighted.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Having in the past a paid membership with America Online, although using desktop PC terminal not-my-own, the free e-mail service now listed in the home-page roster of website services has been exactly what I need to communicate my data without paying monthly AOL fees.

However, now also includes 'GMail' and 'YahooMail' as a website function without much explanation other than perhaps methodical terrorism of the membership? That all ISP-user e-mail is accessible to law enforcement and homeland security personnel has never been much of a contentious issue, but to require that AOL accommodate 'GMail' and 'YahooMail' is worthy of some suspicion.

Friday, December 4, 2009

my account is affected -- but the class action is decertified

Included within literature received from Wells Fargo Bank through the mail (a CA cult bank, for the information of those who have not had occasion to jump onto the stagecoach) was a small sheet of paper titled, 'Legal Notice of the Decertification of the Including and Deleting Class' with reference to class action lawsuit filed in 2007. One of the contested bank activities is "...a practice whereby certain debit-card transactions are at first reflected in an available balance, then then are later deleted from the available balance..." which causes hefty overdraft fees to be assessed.

The decertification is a court action that excludes all but the named plaintiff from further representation in the matter because the "...Plaintifs had not established a class-wide method of proving reliance and damages. ...". However, that the "practice" might be intentional should be ample reason to include all such customers in a class-action lawsuit whether all were severely restricted by resultant overdraft fees or not -- WFB is a cult bank employing certain people who rely upon influence-networks to secure positions within the organization and who now obviously have the professional capability to allow computer-programming input and changes that normally would not crop up during bank operations.

..which is also to say that it's happened to me now, after the decertification process has approached a statute of limitations. Months ago, I responded to a notice from the Archaeological Institute of America to reserve/pre-pay to have a copy of 'Ancient Egypt', a "special collectors' edition from the editors of Archaeology magazine" (also available in newstands). The pre-pay price of this publication has been posted a number of times to my WFB checking account, then removed the same number of times, until the November 2009 publication mailing-date when the price was finally set within the account and a copy arrived as promised.


During the most recent walk from the Colorado Plaza area near the USPO, a casual glance at the canal-side businesses addressed on FL Street revealed flexible metal-netting fence rolled at the edge of the property where the Armellini trailer had been parked, standing above the water's edge -- i.e., the property-lot adjacent to the preventative-medicine offices and parking lot that yet lack protective fencing above that same canal.

well, if that don't beat all!

There is another 'Charles Crist' presented in the mass media, and you can read about him at, Salamanca, NY local news.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

sweeping the small stuff

After sweeping the remaining pieces of glass from the bike lane early this afternoon, during which task cooling scattered drops of rain fell and then stopped, then wrapping the pointy chunks in a Circle K napkin abandoned in the grass; and then sweeping up more berries from the Kcc entry/exitway (they resemble much softer blackberries but lack sugar and have a woody taste--plus, they fall from trees), a walk to the west island was commenced over the Evans Crary Jr Bridge.

Ick! Feces on the southside bridge walkway again; St. Lucie Boulevard has also been tolerating some such droppings on the sidewalk, bigger than insects' routinely observable in the vicinity of the constantly mowed and trimmed condo complexes. A dead fish about a foot long floated in water between Sewall's Point and the island, but there was little competition to grab it. Two police cars were reconnoitering the island parklands, while a white 'king cab' truck was parked in the lot--followed by a virtual parade of such trucks, differing only in manufacturer, motoring westward on the Crary Bridge during the return walk to Kcc (one such truck shown during previous night's Palm Beach TV journalism, with behest that the public call-in sightings to contribute to an incident report). The parked truck left after the police drove away as if following them, then returned, and then left again as if following a firetruck that rolled past on the bridge with siren sounding (about 4:17 p. m.).

Berries were duly dumped near a mangrove patch and voila! a small hermit crab arrived while I was making notes from the 2/13/2009 issue of the Stuart News (which tells us that Barton Jewelers in Stuart, FL, had to give away 150 silver necklaces, not 100 as originally planned). Tossing more berries near the inch-and-a-half univalve covering, a video was made as the creature began scrambling around in the sand, fully covered except for the tips of the legs slightly extended beyond rim of the white whorl. The crab was avoidant near a fisherman flipping hook and bait not far from the berry drop; fish had been jumping out from the water all around until the guy came rolling onto the island in a small SUV and dashed to the shoreline with his fishing rig. Another man had been throwing a net into the water as if it was a crocheted frisbee.

Cameraphone photos were made of the small, dried but perfect form of an immobile frog lying on the northside walkway of the Crary Bridge; and of the cement chunks embedded in an uprooted small tree along the south shoreline of the west island beneath the Lyons Bridge.

'Huge Explosion Reveals the most Massive Star Known' at

Should analogy be made with the most recent mine disaster in China, the phrase "observed from a dwarf galaxy" is comparable to 'observed from Hong Kong region' or from Taiwan with ostensible intent to prevent other future mining disasters--such attentional focus, however, causing yet another explosion. That images of the supernova are being continuously transmitted and mentally stored from population to population might also mean that attention directed toward that most recently publicized mine-site relayed an expectation interpretation to see other supernovas that instead became a real mine explosion again.

In other words, without mental transmission of the supernova imagery, would the mine disasters have occurred anyway? Although the term 'mental telepathy' was removed from dictionaries decades ago, that phenomena is yet real anyway. After all, the Three Gorges Dam project used explosives in ways that have seemed to be legitimate precedent activity as directed from afar; and the supernova images were no doubt hailed as a positive scientific advance. That a lone Chinaman swam into California from a passing ship centuries ago might be reason enough to expect that strategic reciprocation cause geological disturbance within that Asian domain--and if supernova images can serve as a mental model to facilitate such geophysical damage, then perhaps so be it.

However, the belief that a lone Chinaman allowed entry into CA remains the cause of seismic flux in the San Francisco region is trop facile. That a past mine explosion has been photographed using satellite equipment and can easily be claimed to be a celestial supernova (perhaps as an argument-for-the-sake-of-argument) belongs in the same belief category.

However, what is most probable and observable is the fact that a tiny mucousal artifact located in the northwest PA mountains affects the behavior of inter-species linkages in ways that amplify the impetus to use species-absorbed/transmitted data "for the greater good" -- "for the greater good" in China again meaning yet another bloody mess.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

must be 'anti-bike'

Today is a fine day--sometimes sunny, other times cloudy, a breeze to cool the air and random sprinkles of raindrops.

However, in the bicycle lane south side SE Ocean Boulevard a drinking glass lay shattered, only the thick glass bottom intact with large pointed shards remaining as the sides of the container in the manner of a royal crown, making it a very dangerous piece of glassware indeed. Small bits of glass also lay in the curbside lane from the same vessel. As if intentionally, a piece of newspaper lay on the sidewalk within which the broken discard could be and was wrapped to be dropped into a metal trash bin standing in Cedar Pointe Plaza with a loud and definite 'bang' contact that turned heads all around and jangled many a nerve.

Not far from the SE Ocean Boulevard entry/exitway to Kcc, some aging bicycles stand ready for action nearby an underground pump installation, with other detached old tires leaning against a fence-type shield, slowly rusting along the rims. The broken drinking-glass has 'tumbled' in some way not far from that bike scenario, as if contribution to active terroristic controls over the id impulses and nonconcerns of bikers in the region (i.e., without regard to ethnicity but maybe with askance toward royal trademark mentality). Maybe I'll sweep the remaining small pieces up later, having returned to Kcc the back way along KTR.

Yet more bolts lay in the roadway along Monterey Road, in addition to a metal hoop again in same roadway near the curb and the VNA offices. Earbuds connected with a colorful small blue-and-black skull decal also lay 'streaming' in the roadway. A black vinyl-type object resembling a shoe-heel lay in the grassy sand along KTR, with a manufacturer's name and address visible on the underside.

The 2/12/2009 issue of the Stuart News has two pertinent articles worth retaining: (1) on page A2 datelined Harare, Zimbabwe, 'Mugabe rival takes prime minister oath', "...Morgan Tsvangirai...the opposition leader has been beaten and was once nearly thrown from a 10th-floor window by suspected government thugs...". (2) Page B11 tells us that 'Love still shines, despite hard times', "...member of the Independent Jewelers' Organization...Barton Jewelers in offering to provide a sterling silver heart necklace to about 100 deserving individuals for free...this program...began in Ventura, CA...".

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the first of the month

A routine walk takes me/myself/I along SE Ocean Boulevard westward to historic downtown Stuart, FL,, where a flock of seriously-outlooking crows sat in various aerial positions along the St. Lucie River, at times all focusing and drifting toward some thing or creature along the shoreline.

Many of the various metal bolts, wires, and plates removed from the roadway during past weeks have yet again been washed into the asphalt zone, some retrieved and wadded up in a piece of supermarket sandwich paper and abandoned on metal bench -- elementary cue-taking, but worrisome in a 'Watson' sort of way. Today a yellow-handled punch-tool resembling a cheap screwdriver was found not far from an area where stabbings have been reported (that is to say, near Martin Memorial Hospital with its in-premises ATM), in front of a dental orthodontics office. A black-clad PC cable lay as if strewn beside the curb (no doubt as a consequence from rainwater flow).

About half dozen small lizards were slain on the southside walkway, each covered with tiny red ants; a small black snakeskin seen within Kcc during return to condo was intact, but a major outwelling of red ants may have overcome the reptile shedding its skin, before it could slither away. A totally intact black (excepting transparent wings) bee-type insect about an inch long could be photographed with cameraphone along KTR.

Easy first-of-the-month tasks include USPO, a fast-food fix along U. S. 1, and a trip to the hardware store to peruse maintenance potions. A poster that described a lost Boston Terrier was affixed to a telephone pole. The traffic appeared to be panicked but determined to stay on-track after slayings in Jupiter, FL. The 'Adopt-A-Street' sign was gone from 10th Street, and Christmas decorations aloft and affixed to telephone poles.

Monday, November 30, 2009

oh -- that kind of challenge

The website is currently presenting photos and commentary about museums and parks in China that feature dinosaur remains.

What the...?!

Today the PC is not forwarding the text of a Mailer-Daemon non-delivery notice received, but is instead sending the attachment of an original website article that also offers article e-mail service. The non-delivery notice shows the text of an e-mail sent with article through the website, but for some reason neither text of the notice nor e-mail text can be forwarded nor can an exact copy of notice be sent to the address intended.

What instead happens is that a massive e-mail is sent to the intended address during forward attempt, which shows the title of the website article together with many feet of website programming info, but does not send the text of the article or e-mail that accompanies the article's website e-mail service.

Mailer-Daemon notices are received through the Internet when the intended address is misspelled or has a typographical error (easy to make in confined spaces or when distracted by other activities nearby).

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pattern baldness -- but the game has ended

The game has ended, but who will tell the players? Will play continue anyway? Or, can't the players stop?

Presented within a regional newsprint periodical has been an ad said to be from 'Hale Groves River Market' addressed in Wabasso: "Send a taste of sunshine to family & friends and get a Half Gallon of Juice FREE when you place your order at the Hale Groves River Market...See You at the Market!...". The telephone 'work' that puts these ads and others of the same kind into well-read publications should all be investigated, because often demand-calls are thought to cease if a special offer is made reality--when an additional reality is that further demands will be made, including demands upon customers given notice that the business really didn't want to present such an offer. This offer is printed up to expire in 2010.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

2:00 a.m. wake-up

Above:  nighttime deluge or free carwash?  new sprinkler heads distribute a wide swath of water over parked vehicles both night and day, in Kingswood condo complex [time-date stamps are wrong]

Curses from some, thanks from others when condo complex sprinkler system wakes all residents at 2:00 a. m. bar/tavern closing time nearby pond, river, lagoon and ocean.

The two 'spoil' island parks beneath the Lyons Bridge are accessible 24 hours per day.

awash with water

The image appears to show the results from intense water and wind contact during two hurricanes and Tropical Storm Fay upon a banyan tree located in Possum Long Nature Center. Local rainshowers can also be intense and occur periodically in the region as 'downpours'.