Thursday, July 31, 2008

A weekful of thoughts

Feeling strangely vulnerable since a 24-count pile of empty plastic bottles has been removed to the recycling bin -- removed from a large but now-empty chest of drawers. With retaining pond and slough so very nearby the bottles were -- and others yet may be -- a potential emergency flotation line if bound together, not to over emphasize jaw-jamming possibilities near offended reptiles, fish and other creatures routinely captured and eaten.

It is eerie that gardenplace conflict between snails and salamanders seems to continue here in FL from CA; here the offenders only seem to be salamanders since some lizards carry mucous coating after the hurricanes. Like platoons, if the salamanders eat one snail too many, the snails will group and come after the eater -- perhaps the real reason why chemical compounds are sold to specifically control slugs and the GEICO lizard is now broadcast through TV and in print mass media. The interaction is ghastly -- salamanders appear to gulp snails before they are routed into the poison and as a consequence of supermarket sightings of escargot contained in plastic tubes; then other snails slide toward their nemesis and shred the flesh from their skeletal bones.


Monday, July 28, 2008

An Evil Spell Continues

This past weekend was my Aunt Harriet's birthday anniverary. Within the family, jokes and assertions about Harriet as a 'tub man' were inevitable although all did not participate -- such references and allusions made to bathtubs, metal washtubs and later in that marital history, plastic tubs of margarine, as well as risque double entendres focused upon the word 'tube' and professional commentary about boat construction.

Not all such ribaldry clashed with the story of Harriet Tubman, the well-known historical figure, although large numbers of people heralding and celebrating a "different kind of woman" could be classified as a type of culture shock.

This weekend, West Palm Beach television journalism described a mid-roadway incident whereby a 15-year-old boy was bounced from an automobile onto the street and hit by a car. Not sure just how far the 'Harriet Tub-man' family joke has been carried in the state of FL, without a doubt some advance celebration notice should be appropriate in the future.

When in a mob, "Buckle up for safety".

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Seashore Issue

Common knowledge in oceanside locales warns against swimming with open sores or bleeding in ocean waters, because sharks will be attracted. A furious mental melee continues about whether such people should be allowed onshore nearby the water. Apparently to some observers, the mere proximity of bleeding people to ocean waters increases the chance that other people swimming in the ocean water will encounter a curious or hungry shark -- different from the prohibition of bleeding people who actually wade into the water and directly attract shark attention.

That such people expect to heal scrapes and cuts in the sunny shoreline environs and salt water is said to unwittingly attract an influx of sharks anyway whether actually wading or not, such that other swimmers and surfers are endangered. Perhaps also, the bleeder is remembered among aquatic wildlife and all associated (such as close relatives) who are engaged in water sports or fishing become the focus of creature attention whereever they set foot in the water.

A sort of hue and cry appears to be directed toward the beach-bleeders themselves, together with moans and groans about the feasibility of forceable escort of potentially deadly dalliance from shoreline environs. No signs appear to be routinely posted yet at all public beaches to warn bleeders to stay away from oceanside environs altogether; just exactly who will/should be granted credit to initiate such posting remains to be seen, since posted signs at beaches are often regarded as landscape clutter whether legitimate safety reminders or not.

At Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA, one such safety-reminder sign simply faded away after decades of beach-goer activity and was not replaced in a timely way although the printing became illegible. The dis-popularity of English-language admonishments following the McKinley assassination and two World Wars has possibly contributed to apathy about that shoreline warning sign, while a number of artillery shells remained unmarked in some city shoreline sands.

Bureau Celebration

This past week the 'America's Most Wanted' website reminded us that "...FBI's 100th birthday this Saturday..." -- that's today. In the minds of cultists, this event will be traced to one person, preferably one of their immediate relative names.

What else do we known about AMW? ...that founder John Walsh lost his son during a shopping expedition, perhaps not-so familiar with the paying side of the check-out station; the child was said to have been found in a canal. This past year a man with a Germanic surname was reported in the Palm Beach Post newspaper to be found in canal submerged in his car, said to have been underwater more than 10 years. The AMW website also tells us that Mr. Walsh (whose surname appears as the name of a school located in San Francisco, CA, 'Archbishop Walsh High School') is not clear about what happened to his son. Influence-network telephone calls received in San Francisco, CA, at that time describing the boy's disappearance may have taken the literary reference to a possible "watery grave" more than a tad too seriously.

The FBI has been short-changed in terms of information input in many documentable ways that have hindered its investigative effectiveness. As example, 'family cops' backed among family members to join a local police force tend to absorb information that plaintiffs legally should be able to report at a police station to the entire police force. Also, where FBI should receive data not related to police officers' day-to-day duties, walk-ins to the stations can be easily blocked with work-demand calls. The most outrageous example of such information blockage has been the development and mass production of automated teller machines introduced as banking-domain money dispensers, whereas the original intent of such equipment development was to provide street-level data-input ATM computer-linked terminals that would send observations and encounter data directly to FBI computer files using a keyboard.

The FBI agents are in general protected with cheerleader-type support staff who will not schedule time to talk with an agent after telephone request is made; no acknowledgement at all will be made from the agency offices other than nondocumented surveillance from other interested parties such as the relatives, friends and detractors of those Federal employees who have telephone-call tracing info occultly transmitted to them (i.e., mental telepathy, a term suddenly removed from many dictionaries decades ago).

That a type of wooden chest that is most commonly used to hold clothing is also termed a 'bureau' has impeded many investigations with the belief that the FBI agency simply 'collects' and stores data without analyzing it -- therefore, information flow unflattering to some parties can be diverted or blocked, using that point of view, from FBI contact.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The sick palm-trees

Very recently a story was distributed through the Internet describing some kind of illness affecting the Florida state tree, 'sabal palmetto' or 'cabbage palm'. Website tells us that "...removal of the bud is lethal to the palm...".

The palm variety is numerous in Martin County, FL; the fronds fall off as the tree grows and the trunk is covered with the hardened frond-bases, making close contact with the 'adolescent' trees a very rough encounter. The frond-bases do eventually fall off, but before they do any number of other species find refuge where the shed-frond-base remains connected to the growing tree, as can be observed and other websites report. The baby trees have smooth trunks; and after many fronds and frond-bases fall from the growing adolescent, the trunk again grows tall and smoothly, as if the bristly phase protects the growing tree from harm. The bristley frond-bases seem to be clipped, but are natural leaf separations.

As deliberate demonstration, it can be surmised, a growing cabbage palm on SE Ocean Boulevard has been encased in a sort of concrete 'sleeve' held together with now-rusting giant embedded metal staples. The palm is a growing adolescent, and the tree has burst its concrete sleeve and staples in spectacular if not macabre bristley fashion near the Treasure Coast Hospice Thrift Shop, which is across the street from the Martin Memorial Thrift Shop.

No tattling intended, one of the FL state trees is sick within Kingswood Condominium Complex after its growing fruit stem was taken during a scheduled landscaping foray -- the green fruit cluster just disappeared and the tree has been losing its top-fronds suddenly and may soon resemble a mere post. The tree in question is not hugely tall and does appear to have been intentionally victimized in a pruning-type way; baby trees have been planted nearby perhaps as a horticultural shore-up.

The sabal palmettos are not fun or easy to stand near or touch when in their bristley phase, and possibly some motive to 'tame' them (alter their phenotype) has been attempted.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There is an algae bloom floating upon the slough along Kingswood Terrace Road that is several city blocks in length. Few dream about destroying it as it appears to be a floating oxygen-bearing raft. Addendum: The type of algae observable is easily grown -- a glass or plastic aquarium bowl is all that is needed, plus some pebbles and water; just set near sunlight and airborne microorganisms gravitate to it. The coverage-phenomena may be quite well-known -- in the early 1970s some shag-type manufactured green office carpeting closely resembled the algae 'rugs' in appearance although synthetic.

Below:  slough flowing beneath Kingswood condo complex entry/exit from/to Kingswood Terrace Road in Stuart FL [time-date stamp wrong]

Today, there is a thunderstorm happening a few miles away while the sun remains shining on Kingswood Condos. The thunder is audible, the lightening is sudden and bright, and sheets of rain can be seen streaming from dark clouds over Jensen Beach environs. As viewed from the bridge over the St. Lucie River, the storm is one of many that have been observed quite nearby, yet seem to be a stage show of thundercracks and lightening bolts while the immediate SE Ocean Boulevard area remains dry -- especially spectacular during nighttime.

As we crossed the bridge walking toward Sewall's Point, many eyes turned toward my daughter and I as the sole people hiking upon the span. The southernmost side was a cakewalk, slightly breezy and sunny as the storm soaked the northern side of the river's North Fork. During the return walk towards Stuart on the northern side of the bridge, a stiff wind necessitated some resistance as raindrops splashed all around. (Encountered was a Milam' Market plastic grocery bag filled with excrement, on the walkway, with the knowledge that thunderstorms typically disperse such droppings and free other creatures from censure -- not so when contained in a plastic bag nor in an immediate way.)

**Quote from 'The Golden Girls' TV sitcom: reference to a hairdresser named Jackie who "makes" one character "look like a chicken".

***Regional alligator-egg hunting and transfer to farms should be a very big eco-watch issue, since alligator-hunting (i.e. killing) season is roughly concurrent. The tropical-zone reptiles have pre-historic origins and deliberate disturbance definitely affects karma accrued during other times of the year (hence the appellation 'Indian River Lagoon' to describe regional environs that accept creatures ranging into local waters from other continents as far away as the Ganges River in Asian India). Live by the gun/sword/machete might well mean die by them as well, since terrorized animals will ally.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Countdown to Conflagration

In mid-1970s, a horrific fire in San Francisco, CA, consumed the International Hotel addressed at the corner of Valencia and Sixteenth Streets -- patrons were burned alive as they slept, while cigarette-smokers who had traveled in from other parts of the United States saved each other from the blaze. A small oil stain on the carpet in the hotel hallway is remembered as a possible burn starting-point.

Last year, a wooden structure containing live chickens was completely consumed by flames in Lancaster, PA region (also non-smokers).

In Brockport, PA, a few months ago almost a dozen people died in a fire that destroyed a home.

Recent Stuart News journalism has described a house fire in this FL region where firefighters rescued a number of people from the flames.

In Bradford, PA, last summer. a local firefighter had to rescue his wife from their own burning home in the night.


Monday, July 21, 2008

The Friendship Angle

Years ago, a tiny shop on Haight Ashbury Street in San Francisco, CA, was known as the 'Circle of Friends' handmade gifts. The shop was located near a 'special' historical palm tree in Golden Gate Park, which was at that time non-documented and yet an occult image of the tree when it was a babyplant, mentally tranmitted, has been the impetus for hordes and entire families to aim towards that peninsula region from northeastern North America.

The premise that initiated 'Circle of Friends' ws simple -- that homemade arts and crafts were displayed and offered for sale. Regretably, a telephone influence network was also operating in the region, whereby callers demanded to know what respondents were thinking at any given point in time; the strategy and methodology were claimed to support the Naval Forces' right to know what was happening in the region. What did happen is that any original ideas were elicited/extracted from respondents and worked-up among strangers to fill the store and "benefit the community", so that the brain-drain was akin to organized crime.

What resulted was termed "gang warfare" and also the earthquake of 1989 which damaged the Bay Bridge that held commuters traveling to and from Oakland, CA.

o Among those using the telephone, as directed by the influence-network participants, to contact city of San Francisco residents/tenants were a group of people from New York City -- efforts to explain that there were many hazardous features in the region and that transplanted flora from different countries attracted ocean-going wildlife to the harbor environs, such that the Golden Gate Bridge swayed and bounced people over the ever-slippery railing, was intended to advise that localized business schemes were not always appropriate. Anticipating a documentary from the influence-network, which should have explained the unique human-made hazards of that northern CA region, those callers were instead routed into TV sitcom roles such as the realistic 'Friends' broadcasts. The suicide rate while walking upon the Bridge to and from Marin County was addressed statistically and as a presumed function of mental illness within subsequent TV and book/newspaper-publishing domains.

o In northwestern PA, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford campus was the focus to compel an activity known yet as 'The Friendship Table', which provided free meals to those who needed nourishment. The UBP campus is situated in the unique Tun'a Valley region of PA, near the NY State border, where local water-streams flow northward and upward along the mountainsides. The UPB campus offers standard academic coursework and credits, but has not been able to offer the kind of region-specific teaching which many enrollees expect; the UPB memberships are willing to offer oil-industry coursework upon occasion, but the campus is fundamentally a 'stepping-stone' school. The UPB is located in northeastern North America.

o Today's Stuart News presents an ad/notice describing the "Friends' Book Depot" at the "B&A Flea Market" here in Stuart, FL, addressed on U. S. Highway One, which is an extensive flesh-peddling restaurant zone also featuring many retail-chain businesses. Admission and academic-degree studies completion with the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania is believed to assure acceptance within other watershed regions such as this St. Lucie River/Indian River Lagoon watershed. Already battered by multiple consecutive hurricanes, what else can Martin County expect from the 'friendship' influence-networking that focuses upon a 'special' regional palm tree and demands cooperation from inhabitants as well?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dubious Recreations

As previously summarized, recent local journalism reported that two brothers [were] jumped from the causeway beneath the Palm City bridge here in Martin County, FL, and drowned in the South Fork of the St. Lucie River.

This past week, two different brothers from Pittsburgh, PA, were reported to have drowned during another bridge-jump incident at the Allegheny Reservoir near Warren, in northwestern PA. The Allegheny Reservoir is a vast artifical lake.

Other similarities among incidents here and there include the breaking off of door handles -- summer of 2006 door-handle broken off the entrance-door to the City Line tavern in Bradford, PA, near the local University of Pittsburgh campus branch; and door handles broken off an automobile here in Stuart, FL at the present time. Various signs within this FL locale also show hand imprints (metal sign) and breakoffs (fiberboard).

A local deputy with the Sheriff's Office in this locale has shot a brother during an incident at a Jensen Beach mall; the America's Most Wanted website has listed a fugitive woman with the same surname as the deputy -- argueably a jeopardy of all since unusual pressure is exerted toward the surname during search to find the fugitive.

Past journalism has described the loss of Natalee Holloway in Aruba offshore Venezuela, South America, as similar to the loss of a previous young woman in that oil-industry region.

In San Francisco, CA, journalism during a past year described a young man who jumped into an East Bay canal and swam away when police officers arrived at a residence nearby; and again reported a similar story about a young man who jumped into San Francisco Bay and swam away when police arrived at a nearby scene. Non-interference with police-officer duties?

The laws of interpersonal biomagnetism near large bodies of water sometimes are observed to cause the shedding of clothing as phenomena often seized upon as reason to jail such people. This past week, a young man was reported to have lost his clothing at the edge of a canal here in Florida and [was] jumped into the water where he drowned; his buddies nearby could not swim out to save him although they tried to make such rescue movement.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Startle Reflex

Various types of influence networking rely upon contact calls and arranged encounters, which when unexpected cause the 'startle' reflex among other busy people.

What is notable about both strategy and results is that the startle reflex can cause ruptures in the epidermis and other bodily organs, some resembling deep gashes. The startle reflex occurs most frequently as a result from "the best defense is a good offense" tactics, when people are approached as if they are wayward animals. People working with equipment, repeatedly startled with continuous telephone-calls and surveillance also harm themselves with the equipment as further adverse consequences.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Unsung discovery

This weekend, the America Online website ' AIM chat' feature was accessed and sign-on made to the 'Beliefs' chat room, hoping to discuss the origins of rosary beads.

First, one chatter directed me to -- predictable. I then described my discovery of a waxy bead artifact that holds someone's memories and utterances, and the possibility that such an artifact in some way has inspired the mass-produced rosary beads and ritual methods. Somehow, allusion to scarab beetles was made with the need to have a special jar maybe the size of a jigger, and then a perfectly respectable chat attempt degenerated into a reference to "anal beads".

Honestly, it's a wonder that humanity progresses intellectually at all.

Friday, July 11, 2008

No joke

There is nothing yet written -- nay, expounded -- about the household 'remote control' device as a phallic symbol.

A sort of revenge -- made easier

Years ago, as the nonvoluntary subject of a telephone call-demand strategy, the same old hackneyed argument about employees "doing all the work" was repeatedly used to bombard respondents who normally would be busy with their own professions. Perhaps the intent was to increase perquisites for oil-industry workers, who work in dirty and dangerous circumstances. Rather then write up some kind of referendum or public-interest lawsuit, the tack was taken to open up the industry to employee buy-out procedures.

One of the first employee-owned-and-operated businesses was therefore the former Kendall Oil Refinery in Bradford, PA, that was acquired and its title changed to 'American Refining Group'. Gloating and boasting abounded, with visions of international wealth and labor-union accolades predominant.

However, the 'new option' was being touted and implemented within the Business Administration domain of human endeavor, and the reality was that any business could be henceforth petitioned to be an employee buy-out. The belly-buster result was that a Taco Bell franchise restaurant in San Francisco, CA, became the following employee-owned-and-operated acquisition using the new procedures.

ARG continues to operate, with a newly-learned tolerance for direct laughter -- a tolerance become necessary and perhaps used as reference to justify the increase in gasoline prices at the pump.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wexler's Nightmare -- by Rays

More notes from the regional newspapers and NetZero ISP:

o Stuart News issue dated 5/23/2008 -- 'Sweden tops U. S. in World Cup' (tennis)

o Website Topix. net, Stuart, FL location -- the Palm Beach Post describes the ordeal of a diver certified in 1983, who floated 22 hours in the Atlantic Ocean near Jensen Beach after his "scooter, a motorized device that helps propel divers through water...lost power...exploring an artificial reef...".

o In Bradford, PA, a downtown building has the name 'Ball' painted on it, faded over a time period of decades. Scouts of America family members experience the sudden deaths of local children being "exhorted" during Civil Defense networking, which also threatens trespass charges, both within Bradford environs, in Dubois, PA, and elsewhere.

The Ray-O-Vac company then offers a "FREE WALLoE Rolling Toy by mail with purchase" of its company's hearing-aid batteries, and also advertises the Disney-Pixar film titled 'WALLoE' "only in theatres".

The 'Moo' Graham newspaper story states that the boy is staying with his godmother. Other regional journalism has described the recent discovery of human remains (including a child) in vehicles submerged in canals, some submerged decades without recovery.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Welcome to 'Wexler's Nightmare'

The year is 2008 A. D., post-hurricanes.

Today's notetaking from the Stuart News:

o Issue dated 5/26/2008 -- front page shows photo of a fish hatchery at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce holding young fish in an indoor tank; plus a story about the Driftwood Motel in Jensen Beach and an acquisition celebration of brothers from Brooklyn, NY, 50 years ago who own fishing cottages near the Indian River Lagoon; plus description of a wounded manatee in the C-23 canal in Palm City, evading capture near a submerged vehicle at the canal's bottom.


o Next, issue dated 5/27/2008 -- front page story detailing real estate attorney Robert Klein's rescue of his sons from rip tides but his own life lost; then, a condensed version of the adoption career of Judith Leekin from New York City, who took Shane 'Moo' Graham "from a Port Saint Lucie apartment in July 2000 and returned a half hour later without him. PSL police have asked for the public's help to locate Graham... ".

Cut to past issues describing the visit of transAtlantic sailor Thomas Grahn from Sweden, in Martin County with his much-older mentor and traveling companion.

o Meanwhile, Bradford, PA, prepares to host its annual 'Stinkfest' which features a focus on leek cuisine. Leeks in the region become available in early summer but are quite small and must be wrested from the soil in Allegheny State Park, NY.

So, is the boy lost in the submerged vehicle?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Taller but no' wiser -- the scandal continues

The Future Teachers of America was initiated as a organization some decades ago, but as is usual with such start-ups its actual inception has been post-dated. The quickness of the FTA start-up is directly correlated with the lack of student classroom health, where students have been ritually seated in alphabetical order, at least one desk intentionally placed directly in front of the teacher's desk with little or no leeway (i.e., "snug up"). Teachers want more money, or more transfer-out procedures, or the freedom to write up what they can glean from confined student minds and about diverse student bodies.

Each student seated snug up against the teacher's desk remains in the same position for nine months of a school year, and his/her functioning is directly affected by the position. Needing more time than others to 'straighten out' after and between classes, some invariably crumple and are sometimes trampled -- whereupon the other students are attacked by the victim's relatives and aspiring military fanatics. Others so seated have learned to direct angst toward specific students during classroom time, so that names deemed objectionable as a use of assigned history-book readings become the focus of fierce and painful looks, and sometimes ear-searing complaints.

Efforts to articulate the serious physio/psychiatric problems that such seating does cause are countered with debate-style quasi-'oracles' such as "They teach health classes, don't they?" which serve to continue ongoing celebration about the the assumed status of the teaching profession.


Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge is an interesting shoreline park and in theory a visit should be both peaceful and in tune with the balance of nature. However, the situation suggests that ordnance is yet embedded in the sandy parklands such that the term 'wildlife refuge' is a dream made real only in print.

The entrance adjoins a parking lot; there is a small office and a descriptive sign is posted outlining the park rules, which also provides tags for each vehicle and a slot wherein the entrance fee should be placed ($5.00). However, at the present time some political action undertaken in FL has been presented that asks voters to approve a measure that would allow the National Guard to enter and use such parks without paying a fee -- a blithe extension of their free-entry duties during assigned surveillance or taskwork.

Some soldiers are not waiting for the referendum to be placed before the voting constitutency and possibly do not believe that any legal referendum is needed at all. They do not pay and have never intended to pay a park entrance fee -- these are the constituents who also race into local businesses through the back-door when-ever any other soldier tells them to do so, right or wrong.

Our visit to HSNWR was impacted with the sudden arrival of vehicles bearing Michigan license plates whose visitors did not pay a fee and were busy acting-out their own maneuvers as a result from influence-network input (i.e., to introduce two young people to the region, one male bearing the name 'Simon' and the other a female with the name 'Carly'). My daughter and I tried to stroll in the sand and enjoy the ocean breezes while those stalked around in a confrontational way.

Two other young men were fishing in the 'wildlife refuge'; during a later week, two such brothers were reported in local journalism as having "jumped" into the south fork of the St. Lucie River from the causeway beneath the bridge that spans the river from Stuart to Palm City, where they died (one was recovered immediately, the other lost in the waters that flow through the St. Lucie Locks regional parklands a few miles southward).

These are all examples of post-hurricanes activity within Martin County. Will Representative Wexler, hoping to expand the perquisites of military duty in the region, be able to stay 'on track' with overseas-assignment disclosure issues or will the heady prospect of another X-name pasted on a FL county map occasion multiple courts-martial instead?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hip-Hop Hunger -- A square meal and a raw deal

Some years ago, not too far in the past, the Campbell's Soup Company was 'influenced' to provide a more substantial canned soup. The new soups are marketed with 'Chunky' and 'Select' appellations and feature meat machine-cut into squares. Other soup companies followed the example and frozen plastic-bagged meals also feature the stamped-out meat.

Truly, it has become imperative to determine whether the death rate among such soup afficionados has increased, perhaps with formal academic study, as the paranoia rate among farm animals has necessarily increased. Are more humans smeared over the highways or flipped into bodies of water since the company changed their fare from the predominantly condensed soup line that contains shreds and bits of meat and vegetables -- a change to ready-to-eat canned soups sold in a variety of containers with large squares of meats and veggies?

Campbell has most recently provided a condensed form of lentil soup that is very similar to the Progresso brand ready-to-eat lentil soup with a comparable iron mineral content.


Thursday, July 3, 2008


During my first visit to Stuart, FL's Kingswood Condo complex, I purchased a bag of black-shelled sunflower seeds from Dollar General so as to feed the birds -- many quite large and ranging about the complex. Carrion-eating is quite a ghastly nutritional method, and the seeds are a welcome change from the sight of small mammals being carried away and stripped pelts lying around.

As previously reported, I had discovered a tiny artifact when I was a child and have been constantly seeking an appropriate container to hold it, during the past four+ decades, such as a jar of some kind.

Lo and behold, while removing trash from the nearby preserve-type property, I discovered a black thin-walled bulb-type thing lying in the grass beneath the palm trees -- it appeared to have been a meld of cast-off sunflower seeds, and was hollow as a jar is but very fragile, as if a large bird had swallowed many sunflower seeds, absorbed their inner contents, and then expelled the remaining compressed seedshells from an execretory organ having some volume.

The tiny artifact had been discovered beneath a limestone roadside-rest monument in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Military Mobs

To several generations raised with television sets in their homes, the phrase "have gun will travel" seems to be an axiom especially applicable to the large numbers of military-service recruits who use their training to relocate to the environments of their own choice.

With the past few decades, military mobs have taken over a number of international locales after mental transmission of a mental-set of worldwide palm trees. (The term 'mental telepathy' was also removed from some dictionaries.)

Growing up in Bradford, PA, guns were mostly used as a way to secure a fresh meal, when wildlife trespassed on family property, other creatures either curious or because pushed onto personal property as a strategy. 'Trespassing' was therefore a key word within that region and others, since the wanton killing of other species destroyed the balance of nature and ensured fatal conflicts among other species in different settings. 'Trespassing' was also used to intimidate other people, with the inference that the trans-Atlantic immigrant William Bradford might just as well have dispatched indigenous people without the close proximity of turkeys.

The movements of military mobs are documented in housing and employment records, as well as in history books, but the reasoning behind such moves remains largely without explanation. The use of the mental-set of historical palm-trees, said trees now 100+ years old located throughout the planet, is omitted from the public records using the keyword 'private' as rationale--although the word 'secret' is more appropriate as a cause of friction and mob-type damage evident in such regions (including evident hurricanes and earthquakes as a way to clear out interlopers). Military maneuvers have proceeded throughout the planet without explanation or reasoning reported, with a consistent pattern of conflict/warfare resulting.

Those 'crashing' near a special palm-tree have little explanation for their actions and behavior other than some belief that the tree is part of their family history. Military personnel carrying such mental images in their memories are helpless to counteract the kind of strategies that assign them to posts near such trees, or to resist the reactions of inhabitants both domestic and foreign to such a specific focus upon an individual tree, including the hardship of maneuvers to claim and secure such palm-tree locales among well-armed troop members.

Whereever such conflict becomes 'inevitable' during overseas occupations or domestic forays, the actual focus within specific regions should be routinely documented, rather than remain a military or state secret.