Wednesday, December 31, 2008

not so (continued)

Well, a "team" construction company has installed their tunnel-tubes, but alas! they have been placed end to end in a section of the slough where the water is contained at Monterey Commons and have been covered with earth. The vernal pool of usually-standing water beside the Jewish temple is dry; the pile of plant-covered rubble is razed and can be presumed to have been hurricane debris. A peephole the size of an adult tortoise-hole accepts/discharges water through concrete facing, while a former ditch/slough +/- 10 feet across is now a tunnel. Kingswood Terrace Road remains high and dry, for now.

The water from the St. Lucie River is presumably being tamed with such installations continued in an ongoing fashion. Although the river's flow can enter the slough near St. Lucie Boulevard, the probability that it will do so is lessened with such structures as the retaining-pond dam. The same type of peephole-tunnel runs beneath the short road that turns from Kingswood Terrace Road into the Monterey Commons but no water-flow has been observed through it and there is no standing water in it at the present time (its history may show otherwise). The slough/ditch appears to be a type of moat behind the Vista Pines/Ocean Palms residential complexes.

The front lawn of Ocean Palms retirement community on SE Ocean Boulevard (an apartment complex for the elderly) is sinking and fills with water after most rainstorms now. The premises sports such locally-bizarre public-holiday displays as Santa Claus with sleigh and reindeer amongst the palm trees and other nearby foliage. Ocean Palms is protected by Vista Pines condo complex at its southern boundary, but the moat-like slough behind Vista Pines discourages any thoughts of southward drift while the North Fork of the St. Lucie River surges toward the ocean a few blocks north of SE Ocean Boulevard.

Old folks with metal walkers trudge in and out from automobiles and along the sidewalk -- they are an elder-fabulous site.

A few more letters and...'re in California.

From time to time I receive sweepstakes offers through the mail, and regard them with some suspicion since small-company capital reserves can be targeted by insistent anti-capitalism foes asserting 'freedom of speech' and therefore "funds" are redirected and released as potential sweepstakes winnings instead.

A portion of the sweepstakes mail comes now routinely from Hicksville, NY -- a name new to the mapping industry and somewhat perilously close to the name 'Hinckley' in spelling. Most recently, a by-mail form was sent in to acknowledge a $25,000 giveaway conducted by Liberty Cash Awards, with sponsor listed as 'Belmo Sales' on Cantiague Road.

The name 'Belmo' can be found at both and, with some Internet keyword help, as the nom de plume of an author of some rock-and-roll paperbacks. 'Belmo Sales' is also listed with a link to a New York daily newspaper with an article that describes a court action against the company in 1995 as a result from its giveaways.

That some populations cling to the 'Belmo' tag as a possible linguistic doorway to balmy coastal northern California is probable. The actual company name is now Modern Handbag and Novelty Company, Incorporated, changed from Modern Leather Novelty Company; 'Belmo Sales' appears to demonstrate a wish to distribute royalty payments in particular ways and/or to continue authorship endeavors and maybe award winnings so as unload Belmo books in a predictable and orderly way such as textbook re-designation.

Logically, perhaps we are all really wanted to support a demand to order Belmo into the penitentiary system so as to author a book about John Hinckley who shot at a Presidential version of performer John Lennon, as a hoped-for "Why don't you..." kind of response to the mailings. Such a scenario would require that Belmo be granted access to the prison and prisoner to conduct an interview with Hinckley and also schedule interviews with fellow prisoners and others outside the prison setting. Belmo is perhaps pressed to provide legal fees for Hinckley that might secure his release after personal testimony, as a measure of good faith that authored books demonstrate a real interest in music discipline.

Amazon Books offers three Internet reviews of Belmo books that describe them in unprofessional terms, which means that Belmo quite probably has been selected solely as a use of the mental association with the name 'Belmont' -- perhaps even as an allusion to eroding shorelines which should be documented within some kind of scholarly compilation. Why Belmo is instead engaged with a company giveaway operation is anyone's guess, other than the fact that some of us receiving the sweepstakes literature want funds to support our own literary efforts.

That aging lighthouses have been restored is celebrated; that aging bells rust freely in the elements in various places as possible respectable future restoration work is quite possibly another reason why the Belmo tag is again handed into mailboxes.


Monday, December 29, 2008

you might hate this, but...http://More children like Baby P at risk due to soaring court fees-mirror_co_uk.mht

As an employee of Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development in San Francisco, CA, in the late 1970s, attempts to meet with specific people to write up some kind of statement about a mental-set of palm-trees that caused focused population trajectories towards one 'special' palm-tree in Golden Gate Park were interjected with appearances of an authentic Siamese cat named 'Pearl' -- also known as 'Baby P' as a result from her nasty temper and definite preference for Siamese-breed males. She gave birth to more than a handful of beautiful blue-eyed kittens.

See also http://Baby P case 'scares social worker recruits'-mirror_co_uk.mht.

See also past entry describing anti-terrorism recruitment ad/notice.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

what a coincidence

Today's website describes an accident in James City, PA, which is in Jones TownSHIP -- 'No One Hurt in Jones Township Accident'.

As previously reported, an archaeological site in McKean County, PA, remains without investigation within the village of Degolia. Although some attempts have been made in the past (1960s to present time) to arrange conferences or meetings that would counter arguments that a 'Smith'-lettered limestone roadside-rest/monument was already written up in historical records, such notions were considered to be less worthy of professional attention than the fact that an international tribal treaty had been violated when the construction of the Kinzua Dam destroyed the Kinzua Valley to form the Allegheny Reservoir pool that floods both NY and PA state lands near Warren, PA. A cemetery at the state line remains a cliffhanger at the edge of the reservoir.

Many places were considered to schedule conferences about both Degolia site and treaty violation, but the interference from bookmaking interests has been so constant that no formal gatherings could be arranged. Because many townships also have meeting halls used to host weddings and other events, Jones Township in Pennsylvania numbered among places that might yet host a conference about the two issues.

However, as a ghastly misconception of plans and hall-use opportunities, a 'special' mental-set of worldwide historical palm-trees (viewable as images preserved within the archaeological site's oracle-bead chronicle content-imagery) was used as impetus to both form the Peoples Temple congregation in San Francisco, CA (locale where one 'special' palm-tree is observable in Golden Gate Park) and to arrange travel to Jonestown in South American environs where travellers were reported in mass media to have been poisoned during drinking water use (which might include verbal abuse) as well as made subjects of machine-gun discharges..

The difference between PA regional population intent and telephone demand-call influence-network results happening in Guyana, South America, is so mind-boggling and improbable that description of the horrifying 'snafu' has been almost nonforthcoming. 'PA' as an acronymn and abbreviation for the state word 'Pennsylvania' can also be applied to mean 'Palo Alto' in the state of California (where some McKean County families such as Knott also have property).

Friday, December 26, 2008

to all appearances...

What is reported to be a giant Ponzi Scheme has been a journalistic topic in the press these past weeks, with such headlines as's 'Madoff investor found dead of possible suicide'.

The Stuart News reports 12/25/2008 that 'Lohman Funeral Homes decide to Expand', who "...employs 100 people..12 cemeteries and funeral homes, including a pet cemetery". How ironic, after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy resulting from mob-control expansion, that a business with a similar name is also acquiescing to an expansion strategy perhaps as a planned diversion of interest. The efforts of Europe's United Kingdom to avenge the bombing of London apparently remain unchecked, resulting from an inquisition strategy focused upon every Germanic name found in the U. S. A..

Sad to say, the pooled misconceptions of a call-demand influence network about efforts to schedule an archaeological investigation of a very small site in Degolia, PA (northwestern Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains) appear to have led such people as 'Abramoff' (variation of a family name who has residence near the site) and 'Madoff' (how to 'tip' a limestone roadside-rest/monument in Degolia so as to contain a tiny oracle-bead discovered beneath it, between base and ground) astray within sociopolitical realms largely disassociated from archaeological realities. Members of the 'Lehman' family also reside in the McKean County, PA, locale where the archaeological discovery should be documented.

Here near Kingswood condo complex in northeastern Stuart, FL, as excavation crew prepares to install new tunnels beneath caving roadways along Kingswood Terrace Road, there is also a focus of attention upon a large pile of 'rubble' near the Jewish temple. To the casual onlooker, this 'rubble' might be hurricane rubble, or might be a buried pyramid when partially-buried lawn crypts in county cemeteries are used as visual reference, together with visual data already disseminated from other buried-pyramid sites throughout sub/tropical America. The 'rubble' and its possibilities can be argued to be contribution to traffic-related mortality rates in the region. Waterstream flow that dissolves limestone is inexorable in the area and extends from one 'Fork'/branch of the St. Lucie River to the other, controlled with a system of ditches, canals and retaining ponds.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The Kingswood condo complex in Stuart, FL, is home to a few varieties of cactus plants -- most (of course) non-spiny but others growing 'needles' a few inches long.

The green pads often fall off the plants to lay in the sand, where they become stiff and brown. Some people harvest cactus pads for personal use; others direct them into markets. Nopali cactus pads can be found cut up and canned, as well.

To offset the possibility that "shoot-'em-ups" are a demonstration of gastrointestinal disorder among populations displaced from Arizona, Texas and other southwestern states as a result of 'winterers' moving into the Deep South, one such cactus pad was removed from the Kingswood private property domain and placed on the fence at the end of Kingswood Terrace Road. Of course young families are always on the lookout for freebies anyway, with or without peril.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ver-rry interesting

Last night Palm Beach television broadcasters showed a 'Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League' operation, where severely injured (intentionally or not) animals are given some relief and repair. Those that die anyway go....where?

Today's NetZero home page features 'Gadget turns iPod, iPhone into a breathalyzer', "David Steele Enterprises...iBreath...users test their own blood alcohol content". In their own special way that some business-domain populations have, energy is concentrated on making new products whenever an accurate account of missing/dead persons cannot be wrung or terrorized from a constituency.

Monday, December 22, 2008

information at the fingertips

Full-color copies of 'Home & Land of Florida's Treasure Coast' were found in a newsrack located on St. Lucie Boulevard near the Martin County Golf Course (

One non-numbered page features a full-page notice/ad for 'Adams Homes'. Among "Top Ten Reasons to Buy an Adams Home" include "...We own our own lots!...[and]...No toe nails in the carpet!..." Also, "*Must use preferred lender...Prices and availability subject to change without notice..." (

With closure claimed in public journalism for both the Adam Walsh disappearance and the death of a regional 'Adam' in Iraq, it's a wonder how many other Adams have been affected with the name-use tag.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

more observable 're-novation' plans

A John Deere backhoe and some large perhaps future water-tunnel components sit on the ground beside Kingswood Terrace Road near under-road slough caving in from the effects of pressure on the overlying earth and asphalt at various underflow places.

Along the sandy trail beside the retaining pond, a weathered wooden beam embedded in the sand now features an array of short sticks propped as if future faggots along the length of the hurricane-time piece of wood, that might be set afire as a conflagration warning the creatures habitually using the area that a major dig will soon commence. A slightly dirty black knit tank-top also was seen coiled in the sand; and two piles of sliced white, seeded bread on the ground enticed aquatic wildlife near the small pond's overflow-dam.

A Budweiser bottle was also found along Kingswood Terrace Road, and placed in a recycling bin within the condo complex, along with a plastic beverage bottle and a flattened aluminum drink can.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

cement-blocked river

An area beneath the bridge which spans the St. Lucie River is mapped as 'Steele Point', with what seems to be entryway off St. Lucie Boulevard south at intersection with SE Ocean Boulevard in East Stuart, FL. It is not clear whether this is a present or future parklands area; the entry/exit way is distinguished with upright wooden barrier posts that definitely block vehicle use, but that can permit slim people to enter. That entry/exitway also appears to lead into grassy private property adjacent to a large villa.

The 'Missing Person' sign remains affixed to a traffic pole years now, on Sewall's Point Road north at the intersection with Ocean Boulevard/Highway A1A. A young dead bird removed from the roadway many months ago remains where placed at the side of the roadway, now feathers and skull/bones, across from the plaza located at that intersection.

The concern is, of course, whether people who are/have been missing are presumed to have trespassed or are inexperienced and so have simply become local folklore of the 'Davy Jones locker' variety. Prepaid postcards and/or other forms should be available in public places such as libraries or post offices to report about persons who are actually and continuously missing, in-cluding data intake about inaccurate missing-persons reports and/or discoveries.

'Steele Point', as example, juts out into the St. Lucie River and might be an easy place to lose someone -- especially now since the constant activities of builders and builder appetites affect the balance of nature along the riverbank so near to both lagoon and Atlantic Ocean.

Friday, December 19, 2008

look, the river!

Today was a bridgewalk day, and a number of photos were made. The streetlamps on the bridges have fluted metal columns that hum with their own special sound during wind and vehicular turbulence interaction.

Another broken Budweiser bottle encountered on the south-side walkway, bridge over St. Lucie River (Okeechobee Waterway). A number of bicyclists prefer to use the walkway rather than join the vehicular traffic (same as users of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA, although one side of that bridge was designated bikes-only).

Upon reaching Sewall's Point, entry to the north side of the bridge over the Indian River Lagoon also gave access to a walkway/vehicle lanes leading to the "western island", where a few picnic tables and some rusting grills signal some kind of rest stop. There, a police officer in a police cruiser was conducting surveillance of the traffic moving over that longer bridge. Within the lagoon shallows were observed some small fish schooling, and also a ray accompanied by a small billfish. Suddenly, a man began playing bagpipes near a parked small SUV and the police cruiser. How un-Floridian is that? Not quite a full-size island but rather an isle, photos taken of rusting metal objects on shore and in use on land were quickly made. The bases of the streetlamps were seen to be embedded in concrete that jut boxlike from the decks of the spans.

While returning to Stuart via the north sides of the two bridges, a 'missing person' poster was again seen as placed on a traffic-button pole during years past, showing a headshot of a young red-haired teen/woman -- whether she is still missing or not is not known. The return walk to the mainland encountered a large empty Timberline Cypress Mulch plastic bag, a piece of worn cardboard box with drops and dribbles of a brownish-red substance on it, a 'Miss Vickie's hand-picked jalapeno pepper' potato-chip bag, more brown Budweiser bottle fragments, a 'Trim Rite Auto Trim and Accessories' business card, a shattered/flattened cheap clear-plastic party cup, and half-part of a white styrofoam grocery tray. In the deck roadway at the end of the bridge where it connects with St. Lucie Boulevard and SE Ocean Boulevard, a lone and worn black rubberoid-handled screwdriver lay in the bike lane, together with a short length of rusted metal picture-wire. A single penny also lay on the walkway over the river.

The penny remained where it lay, while the other items were gathered up (as if there especially for me) in the mulch bag and were deposited in a dumpster near the Kingswood condo complex entry/exitway. Crows flocked near the lagoon, and perched on the streetlamps.

the sharkfinder code: becoming a better version of yourself

Yesterday's hike around the Witham Airport area in Stuart, FL, also encountered pennies dropped on the sidewalk where Old St. Lucie Road becomes Indian Street -- no random occurrence to anyone living in San Francisco, CA, after the earthquake of 1989 where pennies would be found in the middle of streets run over time and time again by vehicular traffic until defaced and rough -- that in a city that boasts both an Old historic Mint and operational United States Mint buildings.

In the 1950s, glass Lincoln banks were manufactured and predictably contained the household pennies. 'What would Jesus do?' queries among contemporary religious-dialogue addicts in part refer to dodge-or-smash possibilities nearby such banks.

Again, as after a previous armadillo death just outside the Kingswood condominium complex, ants are on the prowl -- bigger ants are entering the condo unit, whereas before the small, young ants could be found scavenging in garbage pail and their volcano-like sand-piled anthills continue to dominate some portions of the lawn area.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

evidence of a strategy

Today was a fine day for a hike down (southward) St. Lucie Boulevard to Old St. Lucie Road with some time walking along Dixie Highway here in Martin County.

First discovery -- the largeish black SUV that almost took my face off mere days ago while I was standing on a center roadway median waiting to cross when the lane was clear (there was no crosswalk, and it was obvious that the driver felt 'allowed' to intimidate me by choosing the closest not the farthest of the two southbound lanes when turning onto the roadway from a connecting road). This SUV was the only vehicle parked in a Martin County golf course parking lot on St. Lucie Boulevard that was backed in to park facing the lot's driving lane which meant that its one back-bumper license plate could not be viewed from the road.

Next discovery -- two more green Heineken bottles near what was once an animal tunnel become (another) cement drain very near the river. One bottle was artfully smashed around the tunnel entry/exit beside the sidewalk where the Boulevard becomes the Old ...Road; the other rolled hither and yon on the sidewalk proper. That the previously described now-stenching dead armadillo was being intimidated forward and backward in the district accounts for the ghastly demise, and remains not fit for a tortilla.

A very large flock of crows and starlings was situated at about the midpoint of the Old...Road, which suddenly changes name to 'Indian Street' where a turn-off leads through some impressive banyan trees (both sides of the road) to Sandsprit Park.

Dixie Highway, east side, features a ditchlike slough that has some rusting old-timey pipelines extended over the marshy water -- probably more rusted than expected since the hurricanes and Tropical Storm Fay flooded the locale. There is Witham Airport and a Plastisteel company, as well as a small plaza that includes 'Mathers Engineering' offices. Flashback to Bradford Township in McKean County, PA, where a shorter rusted delivery-pipe with similar conditions was found across the road from the Forest Oil Company offices on High Street Extension a few years ago -- similar because extending over a water-stream ditch, but with a gaping hole that sent water elsewhere during snowmelt and rainstorms at the intersection with Rutherford Road comingling with Rutherford Run. Members of the Mathers family resided in nearby Degolia, PA.

It's entirely possible that a backpacker found dead years ago on a trail near Palm Beach International Airport should have been instead hiking the sandy trail through Witham Airport in Stuart, FL.

Some kind of 'Filidelphia' group was preparing to accommodate an event within a large tent situated near the Martin County Fairgrounds.

go figger

Another electronic update from the Alliance Francaise in San Francisco, CA, describes "an Exclusive Exposition...being internationally acclaimed Master Artist Blagojce...'Art Doesn't Know Boundaries'..." upcoming plus "new artwork by Tamer Youssef...'Le Monde de Caricature de Tamer Youssef2'..."

How such upcoming art exhibit activity may have contributed to journalistic headlines describing "disgraced IL governor Rod Blagojevich" and recent accounts of an Iraqi throwing a shoe at President Bush is anyone's conjecture (e.g., perhaps even traceable to the sociopolitical significance of the small town of Mt. Jewett in Pennsylvania).

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the 'can't say no' crowd

The world's first oil refinery is in historical records as being built in what is now Mckean County. PA, within one of the planet's most unusual watersheds -- the Tun'a Creek flows northward and upward along the region's mountainsides (the Allegheny Mountain range).

In the 1950s/60s, the 'Loyal Order of the Rainbow' was formed in that PA/NY watershed region, and primarily recruited girls (the 'Rainbow Girls') who had relatives working in the oil industry, with intent to serve that population exclusively. Because the oil industry prevents volcanoes as a fundamental and historical raison d'etre, girls could not easily decline membership unless they could state "other obligations" and were continuously castigated with demand-calls if they would not join after formal printed invitations were mailed out.

The appearance of the 'chosen' girls was a clue to the somewhat humorous origins of the group concept, being girls born with black hair that changed color to reddish-brown when exposed to sunlight -- the same as does oil when it seeps to the surface of the ground and is changed by the heat of direct sunlight and oxygen exposure. Therefore, ambivalent feelings about the selective recruitment and 'loyal order' were and are necessary, especially since the oil industry has its own special and possible dangers.

Speculation about the recruitment of young boys to become 'Rainbow Boys' has apparently been shelved in favor of a 'Rainbow Women' organization -- a reorientation perhaps necessary after the abduction and death of six-year-old, red-haired Adam Walsh in Hollywood, FL. It is entirely possible that the disappearance of toddler Caylee Anthony is also linked with the Loyal Order of the Rainbow. Both surnames are also found within the San Francisco, CA, watershed region where a 'special' historical palm tree was transplanted to Golden Gate Park from Pacific Island environs more than a century ago. In the state of Florida, palm trees grow and propagate naturally and are found both inland and along water-stream shorelines, although continuous and heavy traffic flow (fueled by the oil industry) has a negative effect upon palm-seed germination (such motorist population no doubt favoring the dead nut).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oh WOW

o Last night I clicked on the Palm Beach County, FL, website as directed within one of their ads published in the Palm Beach Post newspaper, seeking their thrift-store listings. Naively, I thought that the Thrift Store section would list all the available books for sale in their stocks. Not so.

However, today the Internet news has listed a report about an earthquake in South Carolina. Two years ago, I received a telephone call from a SC area code after relaying information to a Palm Beach TV station tipline about the lack of safe sidewalk access into plazas in this Martin County area (there are crosswalks within the plaza parking lots, but no pathways from streetside sidewalks into the plazas). Has an occult network of cheerleaders rattled SC, using south FL TV contact and Internet use information as reference? Stay tuned.

o Not another suicide bombing -- thanks to an iPod internal memory and e-mail capability? The Internet journalism has also today described old dynamite found in a Paris, France, department store today -- days after comment was made to Blogspot website about a dead person found under a tree near miles of mid-road barriers outside Palm Beach, FL.

Monday, December 15, 2008

tea and tot-moms

This month's website describes 'Website of the Week: Reel Sassy' as Stuart, FL, news -- i.e., a new clothing store opening just before possible remains of missing toddler Caylee Anthony were found near her home in Orlando ('Anthony's" is the name of a number of womenswear stores in FL).

The America's Most Wanted website describes a missing mom in Hawaii who has 'Sassy' tattooed on her ankle. A woman named Corrie Anderson, another missing mom, was last seen in Jamestown, NY. There is an overall pattern of missing moms that involves them parking and leaving a vehicle near/in a wooded area, then 'disappearing'.

Friday, December 12, 2008

another horrible fate

About two hours ago, another cruel and impulsive (or perhaps simply careless) armadillo death was evident in front of the Kingswood condo complex on SE Ocean Boulevard in Stuart, FL. A previous dead animal had apparently bounced and was split open from from breast to groin while still alive; tonight's armadillo was the same size, a healthy animal collapsed and then crushed with a moving-vehicle tire.

Removal of the carcass was a gruesome task, leaving small chunks of the internal organs on the roadway and dropped on the sidewalk while carrying the flattened animal using a plastic shopping bag from one of the nearby stores.

Armadillos will watch people at a distance, and are quite toothy. The possibility that some people are networking to deliberately encounter and kill the creatures should be some cause for concern.

But yay, the bucket with the line-drawing printed on it is gone.

product blab

o With a visit by a cancer patient in mind, a regular household sponge was soaked with liquid bleach to control condominium bathroom flora and fauna; however, leaving the sponge in place during a time period of weeks caused the dyed-purple sponge to deteriorate in an alarming way while the flora and fauna simply appeared less healthy.

o Pringle's-brand potato crisps have dealt us a new deal with their cardboard-tube containers with plastic lids that no longer snap onto the bottom of the container in the same way that they snap onto the top -- a new and different feature that presumably shaves the metal-use index during the manufacturing process (same as elimination of motor-vehicle front license plates -- same influence network operation).

o And Yay, from the state of Georgia (USA) have come cinnamon-twig brooms for the holidays, with an aroma that permeates plastic wrapping -- just perfect for that special place where the condo lookout lizard hangs out.

o  Continued from Stuart FL forum entry:  below, unfolded cardboard in package that holds Panasonic Toughbook [time-date stamp wrong]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

an evil match

To some people this entry is predictable.

o Today's electronic update issued from the Archaeological Institute of America asserts that although the Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia, PA, is completely booked for the 110th annual meeting, the Loew's Hotel will be accepting reservations especially for AIA/APA (American Philological Association) until December 25, 2008.

On December 1, Internet journalism (specifically posted the report about a man who "jumped" from Loew's Hotel and "...for two hours..the body lay where it fell in the middle of a Center City sidewalk ...gruesome sight..." (Philadelphia Inquirer,

o The Alliance Francaise electronic update informs that "CANCELLED: InterFrance Informative Electoral Forum", after a report was published that cross-dressing robbers took jewelry from Harry Winston's in Paris, France. Other published photos from France and from at least one blogspot showed dozens of posters on buildings featuring a headshot of the current French President described as 'SarkObama'.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

mo' better or for worse finds

Two nights ago, a tow-truck was observed to be pulling a small black SUV from the Kingswood condo complex, leaving through the SE Ocean Blvd exit/entrance (around midnight). The SUV has been returned to parking space a short distance from exit/entry to/from Kingswood Terrace Road, bearing FL license plate.

A Behr company container, bearing the line drawing of a 'baby over a bucket', has been observed to be set outside a shed near the Ocean Palms neighboring retirement complex within Kingswood condo complex grounds. Such containers can be alleged to be an influence affecting children such that drowning deaths become predictable.

A red plastic disposable lighter was observed last night lying in the bicycle lane outside Kingswood condo complex on SE Ocean Boulevard. As previously reported to FBI and elsewhere, that is a pattern also observed on Stanyan Street near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA; a law-enforcement website lists the death of a young 'Harvey' woman who was set afire in southern CA (some Harveys addressed near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA).

As is usual in the area, last night two toads were observed on the asphalt roadway within the Kingswood complex; some are living, others are lifelike shed skins of both toads and frogs. One of the toads was dead (the larger one), its tongue/mouthparts smashed onto the pavement as if from the pressure of a vehicle passing overhead; the other smaller toad was barely alive and was removed then placed within a yellow caution-zone section of the warm asphalt roadway (near slough, retaining pond and Kingswood Terrace Road). Recent television broadcasts have shown a visual account of dogs being hit and killed in traffic, with one dog dragging his dead fellow from the busy roadway; one broadcast account also described a man who was immobilized in the path of motor vehicle flow.

And, Yay! The addition of grassy-turf overlay upon filled gulleys beside Kingswood Terrace Road makes a perfect repair of the eroding slough-side hazards.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The retaining pond alongside Kingswood Terrace Road in Stuart, FL, , recently drained and searched, is fenced off from the road. Until recently, what appeared to be cement-lined troughs carried rain-water into the pond from the road at various points beneath the chain-link fence, including water from overflowing slough on the other side of the road.

Actually, there is reason to believe that the troughs were at one time tunnels made by gopher tortoises. Recently, more chain-link patching was applied to block small-animal passage through the troughs. Tortoises (and other creatures) then began living in fear, causing erosion when dragging themselves from the sluggish water of the slough towards troughs that have been sealed off; the chemistry of fear produces gulleys in the soil leading from the ditch-like water-stream that connects with the retaining pond at the end of the road.

During past weeks, yellow blinking night-time signal lights warned about three such gulleys of crumbling soil that connected directly to the murky waters of the slough, extending almost to the roadway where elderly condo complex residents drive their cars, ride their bikes, or occasionally walk along Kingswood Terrace Road.

Last night, it was a relief to see that the gulleys have been filled in with soil and smoothed over using some kind of equipment.

Monday, December 8, 2008

what the Seminoles aren't doing

o A few quick walks within and around Kingswood condo complex revealed a recurring black snake visitor; a 'burrito butt' abandoned in the bicycle lane on SE Ocean Boulevard near the St. Lucie River; and a lengthy pile of plants debris about three feet high piled along St. Lucie Boulevard beside the slough quite specifically, blocking the view from traffic passing by. More berries were swept from the sidewalk near the Ocean Boulevard entrance and dumped into the slough; some attempts have been made to study the numerous berries (some red, some purple clusters), but they have no taste albeit some nutritional value. The plan is to include them in pancake mix preparation anyway.

o The nearby supermarket still has Gibble's Potato Chips in stock, even after the name change (from Stuart Fine Foods to Milam's). The chips are fried in lard, and the bag tells us that the product is "manufactured by Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. ...Potato Roll Lane, Chambersburg, PA..." -- perhaps some sort of payback using the history of Seminoles who were said to have handed out a pig to early white settlers in South Florida.

o Whoa -- the Flashes Shopping Guide dated 11/5/2008 lists an ad/notice: 'BODYGUARDS - COUNTER Assault Teams! Needed/USA & Overseas...18 and older". (The same magazine also printed a photo of a young woman with a 'Happy Birthday' message.) It's a wonder whether this recruitment effort is in some way related to the recent melee in India, where a sauna on-fire was reported (in the Internet) to be the impetus for a number of para/military actions near the Taj Mahal landmark.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

how the state of Florida is not a vast open-air carnival

I took time to watch Barack Obama speak with David Letterman during 'The Tonight Show' last night around midnight, and I was very glad that I did so. Quite a number of well-adapted young people are being shot in South Florida -- including a high school football player -- as well as other incident-types such as sudden bee-stinging masses, perhaps predictably after McDonald's restaurants began issuing honey in little plastic packets concurrent with what scientists call "colony collapse disorder" with regard to Africanized honeybees in the region.

With Obama's voice firmly and electronically relayed into my mind, I took a walk to Cedar Pointe Plaza to check out the newpaper racks and find a Palm Beach Post newspaper. Now thoughts predominate about the identity of the mummified baby boy found in a suitcase locked away in a self-storage facility in Delray Beach; whether the jewelry robbers in Paris, France, were the men-dressed-as-women seen near Stuart Fine Foods - become - Milam's two years ago; and if the Antique Show scheduled to continue and end in a matter of hours at the Martin County Fairgrounds will be unduly crowded as fair-goers try to enter free-of-charge before 11:00 a.m..

Friday, December 5, 2008

unusual blurb

The Alliance Francaise of San Francisco, CA, has opted to send here monthly issues of their online newsletter; a one-click reading of one online newsletter example has apparently generated a continuous link to my Internet e-mail address.

Yesterday's unusual blurb solicits "old French books" to send to students in Haiti. The website is listed as, where more details are available. Presumably, the request would have been made with or without the recent school collapse on the Caribbean island. No specific titles are stipulated as more appropriate than any other.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

the season to be bilked

Department-store 'Gift Cards' have never been a controversial issue to the vast majority of national populations -- either stores offer them or they don't.

In the past and to some extent in the present time, however, companies demonstrate angst about gift-card programs which have been demanded as a use of influence-networking and often-aggressive network polling strategies, giving us programs that tell us "...if this card is not used for 24 consecutive months, a service fee of $1.00 per month will be deducted from your balance until the card is used or depleted." -- a stipulation which actually describes the physiological effects of aggressive telephone/other call-demand strategies which deplete respondent/subject health and monopolize company time as well, often with personnel 'plants'.

As a result from e-mail query made to Sears this week, as example, about balance remaining with regard to two gift cards in my possession, a reply e-mail claims that my request is "unclear". Older gift cards have numbering sequences which have been discontinued or do not use ID or PIN identifiers, and can be categorically claimed to be invalid when companies are queried. Although residing in the state of FL, with past gift-card use in CA, applicable laws with regard to gift-card redemption remain obscurely enforced as a result from the demand-call strategies which so offensively demand new programs from companies, and then routinely demand other influence-networking results when customers are "satisfied".

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

arranged encounters of the undissuadeable kind

After European Germany bombed London in neighboring United Kingdom during a World War, certain phenomena have continued as written up in school textbook accounts using the term "arranged marriage" -- with a new dimension, however, added when German populations historically settled within Pennsylvania were easily targeted (as change from 'focused' upon) from states such as New York. Marriages routinely arranged to accommodate "secret admirers" or negotiate cultural access to "have and to hold" were additionally affected with the apparent need of German-surname brides and grooms to more specifically wed people who knew them well and would definitely protect them, as personal qualities separate from "love match" phenomena.

Gun-holders active within primarily rural/forested regions were additionally pressured to carry out some revenge wishes, generating new versions of sainthood, in addition to roles monitoring the tendencies of populations to 'make their own way' in life near factory and other business-land holdings subject to the laws of supply and demand plus environmental flux. As a result from all such sociopolitical interplay, my first encounter with a potential assassin came when I was walking to a Scouts of America meeting in Bradford, PA, without first telephoning the troop leader to announce my intent to go over to the assigned house to ask some questions. The encounter was ruled entirely valid because bears sometimes appeared at the edge of the city in that neighborhood near city parklands, to run in and grab a dead rat or other carcass.

From place to place and destination to destination, the same-type sudden movement through the atmosphere continues to signal the fact of a gun-holder ready to fire or hand off a gun to some other willing person whereever large wildlife is known to appear, with the additional attitudinal factor of snap judgments about temporal human movements and activities.

As previously recounted, sitting crows lined themselves up on telephone lines near the Florida Street canal here in Stuart, FL, a few days ago near a booth-type construction which has appeared in front of the neighborhood pantry on 10th Street. Since regional newspaper journalism provides accounts of people 'lost' in canals during time periods ranging from days to years after the fact, with scant public notification, perhaps such a set-up will be a timely checkpoint from which such losses can be reported and systematic, successful canal searches undertaken in a timely manner so as to dissuade gunplay during perhaps unduly longtime emotional turmoil. Flocks of crows are known to be a signal that a drowning victim is surfacing nearby.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a plan for us all

The nearest FL supermarket to Kingswood condo complex In Stuart (Milam's) is observed to be compliant with the new law that went into effect this past October 2008, that all meat packages be labeled with the country of origin.

The Internet prepared us for such change, presenting articles such as '$50 million to kill 500,000 pigs...' from Canada's website, telling us that pigs "...are to be destroyed at slaughter plants and on pig farms..." (as different from the 'jpg' term used to describe the possibly zillions of downloadable photo images cramming some websites). This article was published after journalism also presented an account of a Canadian ski championship that delivered prize money to the winner.

Indeed, pork roasts offered with a 'special' price advertised in the weekly color print-ads are identified as products of Canada, with that 'special' pinkish blood that signals the compromised health of animals deemed legal future-kills.

Also following the afore-mentioned specific planned pig-kill article (said "federal government" action perhaps recruiting 'Bradford' extended-family members specifically), were the published accounts of a beheading incident during a passenger-bus ride in Canada, when one passenger's head was reported to have been completely torn off by another passenger riding in the same bus (indicating compromised-space issues that eventually and completely disable some people, sometimes with violent force). We must worry and wonder whether some over-practiced pig-killer was given a seat on a public transportation vehicle -- a reaction also necessary when viewing published accounts of be-heading victims found from time to time in Central America, where necessary space is a day-to-day concern.

The "opposition forces" described in journalism as led by 'religious clerics' in some conflict-ridden EurAsian nations can also be attributed to space and movement constraints, since clerical work requires long periods of sitting during analysis and write-up taskwork.

Monday, December 1, 2008

basic pad-form palm

o 'Monster homes' newly built along the St. Lucie River between SE Ocean Boulevard and Old St. Lucie Road are causing ground slump, with some sinking and cracking of their new neighbors' driveways such that the owners of the older more genteel buildings are offering those for sale. It's a wonder whether the slump and sinking might eventually invite a rush of river water over the riverbanks towards the roadway, as another future possible catastrophe.

o The sounds of masses of insects chirping in south Florida during the warm winter months have been imitated with the manufacture of metal 'jingle bells' (not to cause a panic or pest-control over-reaction).

o One type of tree here in the Kingswood condo complex drops two-foot 'twigs' from the main tree branches that produce clusters of berries along those stem lengths. When the stems lay on the ground awhile, they flatten as they dry out such that the stem can be ascertained to be the inspiration for guitar-necks, with dried-berry frets.

o After dumping smashed and intact berries into the slough that soaks a ditchlike river 'pocket' beneath St. Lucie Boulevard, swept from entry roadway and front sidewalk of the condo complex yesterday, TV journalism tells us today that a dead man has surfaced from a canal in a different region of FL. The first time I did this two years ago, a human leg surfaced from a PA river -- the fish are just that interested in a berry tasty treat.

o A broken green Heineken bottle was swept from the crosswalk near the intersection of SE Ocean Boulevard and St. Lucie Boulevard, also near the bridge entrance spanning the river itself -- one of two such bottles abandoned in the immediate area, the other carefully placed near a piece of fabric lying beneath shrubbery during at least two past years now, near Monterey Commons Boulevard (which is really and more appropriately a 'Place').

o Finally, a walk to the new United States Post Office on Johnson Street near Florida Street intersection is easily made from 10th Street (unless a wooden, sometimes watersogged boardwalk collapses into an always water-filled ditch, as two signs warn), where a large flock of crows exerted presence near Florida and Bayou Streets; there is also a canal with wading birds searching for food.

More bizarrely, a small yellow plastic 'hand' was observed alongside the road and near railroad tracks at the intersection of Florida Street with Dixie Highway (as different from Dixie Avenue, also nearby, off 10th Street -- 'scuse me, Dixie Lane as mapped) as if [also] carefully placed, and a mental flashback was made to a shrew removal encounter near St. Luke's Hospital in San Francisco, CA, at the Stanyan Street entrance to Golden Gate Park; the shrew was dead and lying in the street on the downslope, and as the small carcass was being removed a classic Chowchillan coasted his vehicle to witness the action, whereupon a small handlike paw was necessarily left on the asphalt so the carrier could avoid being hit. (The hospital does have a psychiatric ward.)

Need I mention a common small Leopard Frog torn with white flesh exposed in the middle of Kingswood Terrace Road?