Tuesday, November 24, 2009

no need to panic...

The Stuart News has presented a number of articles that address problems at Palm City (FL) Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, two of which are headlined 'Stomach virus hits 10 nursing homes' and 'Illness subsides at nursing center', plus an article which describes lawsuit filed against the health-care facility by the family of a man who died immediately after he was admitted.

As previously described, two health-care offices have been addressed at a building on Florida Street here in Stuart, FL, which have been situated directly beside a canal that flows from a pond nearby the USPO located in 'Bruner Park'. The offices have had a parking lot that directly borders the canal without any preventive rails or fences that would stop falls into the sluggish water; the current office is addressed as a 'preventive medicine' office.

Armellini Auto Parts is addressed in Palm City (FL) as a primary business address, and an Armellini trailer can be observed to be parked in the lot beside the health-care offices on FL Street here in Stuart. Given the fact that most business owners and employees oversee premises from afar, there is some possibility that attention to the FL Street area is channeling waterstream microbes into Palm City and into the nursing home there.

Of course there are other, more seminal, reasons why the nursing home for the elderly and disabled has become infected with "gastrointestinal disease". Homeowners and others now residing in this Martin County region who originally hail from McKean County, PA, are affected by the sudden change of a hotel name in the city of Bradford, PA, from 'Hotel Holley' to 'Riddell House' -- a significant cultural change intended to end undue attention directed toward that PA Tun'a Creek locale and its oil refinery. However, the 2/13/2009 SN article names "administrator Sue Riddell" as an employee of that south FL nursing home.

That European World Wars still remain fresh in the minds of U. S. citizenry can mean that specific prejudices contribute to effects upon certain names inhabiting the region deemed to be 'Italian' or 'German'. And not to forget the maybe-Ur pellet only a few blocks away near a drainage grate just inches upslope.

Daddy, I told them "no", not Palm City Nursing and Rehab -- where are you now? Why is there a pen lettered 'Palm City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center' lying on the table here?

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