Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pattern baldness -- but the game has ended

The game has ended, but who will tell the players? Will play continue anyway? Or, can't the players stop?

Presented within a regional newsprint periodical has been an ad said to be from 'Hale Groves River Market' addressed in Wabasso: "Send a taste of sunshine to family & friends and get a Half Gallon of Juice FREE when you place your order at the Hale Groves River Market...See You at the Market!...". The telephone 'work' that puts these ads and others of the same kind into well-read publications should all be investigated, because often demand-calls are thought to cease if a special offer is made reality--when an additional reality is that further demands will be made, including demands upon customers given notice that the business really didn't want to present such an offer. This offer is printed up to expire in 2010.

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