Wednesday, November 25, 2009

carrying a shade for FBI's "most wanted"?

11/23/2009 -- The monthly walk to the Car and Truck Buyer's guide newsrack revealed little unusual along the stretch of sidewalk leading past the Martin County Golf Course, other than the continued construction and finishing of cement-block housing beside the St. Lucie River and St. Lucie Boulevard post-hurricanes. One such home-building project is located directly beside the slough where smashed berries swept from the sidewalk are given to the fish and other fauna at that area where slough and river waters mingle; the family name is signed on front of metal-gated premises newly-built, but has also been scrawled into the wet cement of the new sidewalk, and one or more of three dogs routinely barks when the berry-person approaches and passes by (a pudgy black Labrador retriever, a Boston terrier and an Australian cattle dog).
Above photo:  'For Sale' sign collapsing on adjacent property beside Kcc and SE Ocean Blvd Stuart FL.  The owner didn't/couldn't clear trash from his own property, so he must lose it?

This date along St. Lucie Boulevard, a bare overhead electrical wire with frayed black insulation was highly visible on the west side of the boulevard between an estate-type property and a lot marked with 'for sale' sign (reported to On the same side of the street an armadillo lay collapsed and dead on the berm, with the smell of decay very evident, not far from a section of the slough where supermarket cherry seeds had been dropped a few months ago to perhaps sprout with ample sunlight and water. St. Lucie Boulevard is a winding, riverside two-lane roadway, popular as sort of military-outlook perimeter drive, with only one sidewalk on its west side, and is surely one of the places giving impetus to the term 'crotchless panties' because it is easy to tear out the inside-legs fabric in a pair of pants when walking beside it.

Stuart, FL, is touted in some mass media as the "best place to retire" and it is not especially a secret that FBI "most wanted" James Joseph Bulger, now age 80 (according to the and websites), might be protected somewhere in the region using the "innocent until proven guilty" rationale that also might be directing gun carriers toward others with fatal results. J. B. (initials matching also the title of a local business enterprise, 'JB's complete with utility trailer) is "wanted" as charged with extortion and racketeering in Boston, MA, and "southern states" are listed as a possible hide-out. He is believed to have been associated with 19 murders. The elderly man is also believed to be associated with the "Irish mafia"; this month's issue of Archaeology magazine describes a bog in Ireland where "workers for a peat company recently found a ... old wood barrel of butter, transformed...into adipocere, a wax that forms from animal fat. ...". That "found", not J. J. B., and the University of Bradford has also celebrated Gerry McDonnell earlier this month at its ArchaeoMetallurgy Conference, not " FBI handler, Special Agent John Connelly [who]...tipped Bulger as to the 1995 indictment, allowing Bulger to get away before he was arrested...armed and extremely dangerous...".

And we should be losing teeth and relatives here in Martin County, FL, as vigilante searches muck up the atmosphere and the local Polish-American Club "thrives"?

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