Sunday, October 31, 2010

Skulls mailed to BYU turned over to authorities | The Salt Lake Tribune

Skulls mailed to BYU turned over to authorities | The Salt Lake Tribune

No pics for you-all!

Greeks find human skulls in luggage of US tourists | Style |

Greeks find human skulls in luggage of US tourists | Style |

International disgrace... .

1800s human remains found at Fort Mason - San Francisco anthropology |

1800s human remains found at Fort Mason - San Francisco anthropology |

Spooky stories from the area near northern CA 'special' palm-tree, now grown adult tree among human populations carrying a memory-image of that tree below Hippie Hill as a baby tree, transmitted into their brains within various social settings.

Too-quick missing-person posters, publicly attached to telephone poles and elsewhere with a variety of motives, might compound problems within the limited space of peninsula environs  --  plus people sent out to go and get specific named individuals, have the exact address and phone number, as the result from "Where do you think__________should go?" and "Will you....?" call patterns.  'Real' Salvadoreno/as have the experience to reside in the region, but are sometimes lost indefinitely.  Anyone else familiar with the 'bucking bronco' car drivers told to carry you/anyone away? 

the time is NOW to trick or treat

A cold and rainy night will no doubt deter many children and parents from making the neighborhood rounds in costumes with friends and family this Halloween night.

Dropped off a copy of an e-mail sent to the Archaeological Institute of America, that continues saga information about name-use schemes relative to uses of family names and of the mentally-transmitted mucousal-artifact memory-images circulating from the found oracle-bead chronicle, at a house addressed with the namesake of the local fire chief  --  paradoxically, a wooden house that would definitely benefit from some kind of wood-penetrating restorative/stabilizing compound, alongside State Street near the corner with Pearl Street.

Another lengthy cigarette drop was seen between parking lot and sidewalk alongside E. Washington Street, across from the former 'Nussbaum's' delicatessan and store at the present time being renovated and improved by the efforts of a new owner.  Relay of other information to AIA about the name 'Nussbaum' as possible allusion to the mucousal composition of the artifact oracle-bead chronicle found a few miles away decades ago, sadly, has appeared to have had premises vandalism or window-breakage as a result, then change-of-ownership.

Return to this Pleasant Street home here in Bradford PA was another encounter with a pile of gravel dumped on/beside a sidewalk that extends from School Street to Pleasant Street from Mechanic Street beside a former elementary-school (demolished) lot, where new houses are being constructed on the downslope (said previously to be intended homes for "the elderly").  The sidewalk has been semi-private -- without it one huge city block would extend from Pearl Street to the Jackson Avenue/Pleasant Street/Summer Street intersection.

toddler-time triplines?

Scenario:  decades ago while using an apartment addressed Meyran Avenue in Pittsburgh PA, with intent to give statements about entertainment racketeering at the active FBI office located along the city waterfront, other purpose to donate a live boa constrictor and FL corn snake to the Pittsburgh Zoo were blocked when that organization would only take such snakes from a licensed dealer.  Hungry constrictor snakes are somewhat hazardous, so a local pet shop was visited to ask if they had any dead animals that might feed the creatures  --  they didn't and wouldn't take the snakes either.  However, one day after university classwork attendance a glass tank with pregnant white mouse was found inside the Oakland District apartment, and soon thereafter small newly-born mice were seen to have been born nearby the snake tank, with severely sunken heads that resembled decapitations.  (The snakes could escape their tank that had a perforated metal lid, and they swallowed the mother mouse whole after some struggle  --  whereupon I offered them cooked supermarket potato.)

Thereafter, a new series of glue-based mousetraps was devised and are now sold in the marketplace claimed to be more humane than metal-hinge snap-traps when a mouse wandered or was pushed into specific verboten spaces.  Most recent mousetrap product lines include the one pictured above, as offered within the pages of Whatever Works catalog plus others that zap the animals with electricity of some kind; current TV ads offer yet another container-type mousetrap that is a capture/containment/throwaway device.

Because the mouse species is a common link among other mammals large and small, it is entirely possible that an uptick in toddler mishaps is traceable to some extent to the new "better mousetrap" product-development schemes.

{This is not an advertisement.)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

near-freezing temps today

Walked outside and saw a Halloween parade of costumed young people from nearby School Street Elementary School, in the middle of (one) blocked-off Pleasant Street roadway moving toward BRMC (the hospital), between N. Center Street and N. Bennett Street.  No visible breaths in the cold air, made potential for misery anyway after cold rain.

Continued to BAPL, where a young-looking woman was sitting outside in short-shorts, talking to a guy in a wool-blend jacket.  Read today's Bradford Era -- page four features 'Another Era' daily, and today's entry presented, "...50 years ago:  The Bradford Fused Silica Plant of the Corning Glass Works will produce a 62-inch diameter mirror blank and 35-inch disk of fused silica for a telescope to be constructed by the U. S. Naval Observatory near Flagstaff, AZ.  ..."  That, but no special jar to contain the rare and tiny mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle.

The furniture is no longer standing in Tun'a Creek shallow water at the end of Pine Street, at merger with Boylston Street, since rainwater has added a few feet more depth to the waterstream now rushing toward New York State, covering the streamside walkways.  (The furniture store liquidation sale continues, with large banners, alongside Main Street  --  formerly a 'Rosen's' furniture store changed decades ago.) The creek perhaps should have an additional access-ramp in the West Bradford area, with each bridge footed with a walkway leading to and from such ramps.  At the present time, walkways extend along both sides of the creek from the Davis Street access-ramp, as example, but those have gapped sections that seem to be 'lost' walkway missing where creekbed wading becomes necessary  --  directly beneath the Kennedy Street and E. Washington Street bridges as examples.  The walkway beginning at the Davis Street access-ramp continues beneath that nearby bridge, both sides, but abruptly disconnects westward at Kennedy Street.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sample Prep - MP Biomedicals

Sample Prep - MP Biomedicals

This company sells DNA-sampling kits that would no doubt destroy the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead memory-images without testing so much as a trace. Historical images preserved within the oracle-bead chronicle show the chemistry of people/other animals, places and things in the way that memories do, but must be visually analyzed so those will remain complete.

Likewise, "pricking probe" use, described in an AOL Mail ScienceDirect Alert at  abstract entry titled, 'The standardized pricking probe surveying and its use in Archaeology', is completely wrong for use with an oracle-bead investigation.  Although the mucousal-artifact does resemble a bubble, it certainly should not be pricked or poked in any way.

Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Students being taught to cook roadkill for dinner to stave off debts

Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Students being taught to cook roadkill for dinner to stave off debts

So what else is new?

Backers push Route 219 expressway - Topix

Backers push Route 219 expressway - Topix

Update about plan to predictably hold traffic to and from FL state, to and from Canada nation.

Taxpayers paid $9M for NY teachers' cosmetic work | Dallas - Fort Worth News | | National News

Taxpayers paid $9M for NY teachers' cosmetic work | Dallas - Fort Worth News | | National News

In NY as elsewhere, parents should check the seating-arrangement conditions in each child's classroom soon after school begins each school year. Often the maximum allowable number of students will be crammed into each classroom large or small. Plus, classroom maintenance requirements also mean that seating will be grouped so as to facilitate cleaning, such that classwork schedules might simply seat children the way those seats are standing when maintenance is completed daily.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Archaeological Stratigraphy Conference, Sweden, February 2011 : Aardvarchaeology

Archaeological Stratigraphy Conference, Sweden, February 2011 : Aardvarchaeology

Whyyy-yyy not?

comeuppance time

After reading some Bradford Eras in BAPL, walked to Main Street this cool and sunny day after regional rainstorms (not snow as predicted!), to make photo of the giant 'Tates' storefront sign yet highly visible above a yarn and notions store.  A telephone call-demand strategy (not my own) has generated a new church addressed in the Interstate Parkway area (Foursquare Gospel Church), originally envisioned to be a kind of restitution after the Sharon Tate murder; a Reverend Watson officially presents sermons at the present time.

While returning to Pleasant Street home a sort of trip-wire/demarcation was encountered, extended from a nearby telephone-line pole completely across and a fraction of an inch over a mud-puddled sidewalk on Pleasant Street between Summer Street/Jackson Avenue and Pearl Street, not far from a home-building project in progress at the empty lot where Third Ward Elementary School once stood.  Minor-strength grip sufficed to  wrap the wire around the base of the pole and loop it out from pedestrians' way, but with some possibility that walkers might bash into construction equipment (less or more painful than a trip).

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Role of Auguring in Archaeology - Associated Content -

The Role of Auguring in Archaeology - Associated Content -

Author takes the tack that 'auguring' is a sort of core materials sample, whereas 'auguring' also refers to prediction using memories extracted from individuals using techniques such as hypnosis, electroshock or interrogation.

8 Things We Still Hate About the Web - PCWorld

8 Things We Still Hate About the Web - PCWorld

Patrick Miller gives his viewpoint about the World Wide Web.

Image:  broken concrete porch at corner Miller and Kennedy Streets, e-mailed to city Public Works Department awhile ago here in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

another suddenly noisy night in sleeping West Bradford, PA

o  What seemed to be rifle shots within the city limits again roused sleeping West Bradford inhabitants last night, from the direction of south East Bradford; then what seemed to be firecrackers were sounding off as nearby as School Street  --  a pattern also heard in the Stuart FL Kingswood/Cedar Point condos area beside the St. Lucie River before major bloodletting.

o  'Moves for Children'  --  What would Jesus do?  Past Internet comment posted which asserts that adults should move aside for young children means that young children are then led directly toward/past such individuals (who must move onto private-property or traffic lanes with potential smack-down results)?  Such behavior can be classified as one result from Internet addiction and as misuse of Internet posted entries.

o  Oh yeah, your crafted fiberglass-insulation purchase can be easily cut with scissors to the size of a typical six-foot sliding-glass door and wrapped in a twin-size fitted-sheet to make a draft/condensation blocker.  These can conceivably be stacked if necessary to pad entire glass area.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

PG&E explores removing San Bruno gas pipeline - WETM 18 Online

PG&E explores removing San Bruno gas pipeline - WETM 18 Online

Note still-standing chimney.

shopping cart daze

Another TOPS shopping cart was returned to that supermarket from the South Avenue area nearby the 'new' body-piercing premises at W/E Corydon Street intersection.  [Photo not an advertisement.]

The aged and rusting fire-escape mechanism attached to a brick building alongside Davis Street at Main Street was seen to be extended above the sidewalk there at a potentially head-hitting level, not far from a former exit/entryway to Davis Street commercial premises now completely blocked with a solid standing wall.

Friday, October 22, 2010

is the future...?

[ticket faux at the present time]

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bradford Farmers Market a competitor for Pepsi Refresh Project this month - Bradford PA Today News - Bradford Pennsylvania And McKean County PA

Bradford Farmers Market a competitor for Pepsi Refresh Project this month - Bradford PA Today News - Bradford Pennsylvania And McKean County PA

How funny is this after the San Francisco CA earthquake of 1989? PepsiCo has had a business-domain premises operating on the harbor-'n'-ocean-'n'-rivers surrounded peninsula environs, plus a 'Bradford Street' in that city, while 'settlers' from the northeast U. S. streamed into the region towards a special palm-tree because the image of the tree-as-a-baby-tree was transmitted into their brainwaves.

The grant-application effort is also broadcast here via the Atlantic Broadband channel (ch. 11), where viewers are told they can vote about the project at -- this 'Domestic Violence Awareness Month'.

it's October...

October hail falls once again, today.

influence-networking ALERT

Someone is calling with telephone asking whether respondent has 'diabetes' in the family  --  which might mean that people who say "yes" get attack-calls or that people with diabetes also get attack-calls.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

an extra stroller, please

o  Released small brown roach, captured in Pleasant Street home, in Callahan Park.

o  Lone, presumed dead skunk lying at waterline, partially covered headfirst, Bennett Brook below bridge W. Washington Street.

o  Picked up pieces from shattered brown glass beer-bottle beside empty lot and on sidewalk along E. Corydon Street; dumped in Main Street trash receptacle contained in bread bag.

o  At CVS not far from the Goodwill store addressed Davis Street, a young male/female couple pushing a two-seater stroller obviously needed another conveyance since four small children were toddling or sitting along.  A lone woman pushing stroller on Fiesta Way sidewalk had to move her children into the street while walking toward TOPS Markets, since an SUV was parked over curb on both sidewalk and street at La Stella Lodge.  Oh, a 'Baby Photo Contest' received in the SPAM folder of my AOL Mail, dated this morning.

o  Two pieces furniture still in creek waters at closed-off footbridge near the American Legion address.

Growing hope for painful disease - Topix

Growing hope for painful disease - Topix

"Ask and ye shall find..."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Technologies of Memory in Early Sasanian Iran: Achaemenid Sites and Sasanian Identity

Technologies of Memory in Early Sasanian Iran: Achaemenid Sites and Sasanian Identity

'Sassos' and 'Parsons' reside in the region here in northwestern Pennsylvania.  No doubt "word of mouth" analysts know that 'Konopka' (the given name of a young pregnant woman killed here in a local Bradford hotel as the result from a telephone call-demand method) is similar to the author name 'Canepa' and also to a San Francisco CA Police Department officer name.

LocalNet - French retirement protests take violent turn

LocalNet - French retirement protests take violent turn

"...oil refinery strikes and blockages emptied the pumps..."

Monday, October 18, 2010

post-30sF Monday, with raindrops

The 'naked' fashion doll with yellow/white hair, predictably enough, lay smashed in the Pleasant Street one-way traffic lane this early afternoon between N Bennett and N Center Streets.  Moss is growing on the roof of a small house addressed S Center Street not far from W Washington Street.  Because I paid twice to have Archaeology delivered, I have been receiving two duplicate issues (not one extended subscription!?) and today again took one copy to BAPL.

Took a another look in the Forman Street area, that is now lettered 'Foreman' at the shortened-with-a-parking-lot Bishop Street; verified aging/rusting tractor and roller/tamper unused in grassy lots along Amm Street.    Took a TOPS Market shopping cart back to the store from the laundromat parking lot addressed Boylston Street just west from the USPO.  Encountered potential face-slicing sidewalk-edge signs, blue painted, both north and south from Dollar General store along Davis Street, with printed directions/arrow to University of Pittsburgh campus; not at all random, the face-slicing signs can be seen in areas that use and sell sandwichs (small and large) both here in Bradford PA and also in Stuart FL.

Took a walk along East Main Street toward Kendall Avenue where a week-long garage sale is scheduled at a hillside street address, according to the Bradford Era, but was too late to see anything.  A strong smell of gasoline seemed to be wafting while walking on a broken sidewalk in front of a non-operational service station just south from the KwikFill station addressed E Main Street, both located in the York and Mill Streets area; a few cars were were parked around the non-op building that is posted 'For sale or lease', all lacking front-bumper license-plates.

Took photos of green-painted oil-rig set-up seen outside E. Main Street household, front view with children's play equipment sitting in the grass very near oil-well equipment and waterstream, and back view with downtown railroad tracks/crossing just across the waterflow.  Most in-city oil-well equipment is now fenced as a safety precaution, but unless my eyes deceive me the family-home yard has no fencing around such equipment near the intersection of Main, E Main and High Streets.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I know, I know

The November/December issue of Archaeology magazine shows on page 36 a photograph of "a bronze chimera...combining characteristics of a lion, goat, and serpent, found in...Arezzo, Italy...".  The mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle shows montages (e.g., visual overlays) of memory-images of the sort that might be demonstrated in the described artwork, and which are preserved in a waxy/gel.  [See]

more gunshots in the night

o  Gunshots were heard throughout the nighttime Friday--Saturday very-early-morning.  One guy shoots off at the end of Prospect Avenue within city limits day or nighttime, from his new home near an old fenced city reservoir, when people are walking near/among wildlife.  Other gunshots can be heard from Bradford Township/West Washington Street area.  These are the mountains and biggie wildlife do come close to forage, which is a surprise to anyone who comes in from elsewhere outside these PA  regional environs.

o  Another tot smackdown was witnessed at Forman Street crosswalk and recessed-curb sidewalk-entry, intersection Davis Street nearby the U. S. Post Office yesterday evening.  Forman Street is featured in a recent forum entry at, where someone has posted concerns about roadway paving expected for the street.  How many toddler injuries and deaths are traceable to confusion about vehicles lacking front-bumper license-plate identification?    No-one seen driving such vehicles seems to be in any particular rush to rectify the 'no-law-against-it' change.  We can only hope that such small belly-flops are not automatically routed into football teams.

What the two smack-down areas have had in common is aging/rusting groundskeeping equipment:  an idle farmworks tractor in the Forman Street area, and rusting pullcart/roller-tamping equipment also in the Callahan Park area.

Of course the yellow-haired fashion doll, sans outfit, in the hillside Pleasant Street roadway was a distraction.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Missing Brevard County ocean paddler's kayak found empty �

Missing Brevard County ocean paddler's kayak found empty �

Not quite a canoe, but... .

The Bradford Era: News - Police find Springcreek woman’s body on unmaintained road

The Bradford Era: News - Police find Springcreek woman’s body on unmaintained road

Not such a long time ago... .

autumn daze continues

Another cool and sunny day with dark-tinged clouds, as seen again walking to BAPL to read today's Bradford Era.  Wooden furniture remains standing in shallow Tun'a Creek waters near the now-closed footbridge just west from the Mechanic Street bridge.  A toy truck seen on submerged waterside walkway alongside the creek at Davis Street (near the Goodwill store) was reason enough to descend the ramp at that bridge to remove both toy and a heavy-metal curved-pipework grill/barrier about six feet long from creek waters where it has been seen during summertime months.

With wet feet and socks, returned to Bradford city sidewalks to walk to and through Callahan Park from West Washington Street, where large-footprint sized potholes are seen in the new asphalt patches covering roadway at S. Bennett Street in front of Dexter's automotive premises, showing the underlying red brick.  A walkway stretch between S. Center Street and Interstate Parkway intersections with W. Washington Street near BAPL remains muddy and puddled lacking sidewalk repair/restoration, at the boundary of the north side shopping plaza housing a pizza restaurant and videotape-rental premises.

Perhaps sidewalk-restoration grants should be made available in the region.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LocalNet - Chile's textbook mine rescue brings global respect

LocalNet - Chile's textbook mine rescue brings global respect

The skinny -- the Degolia PA oracle-bead chronicle, a mucousal artifact, shows images of worldwide ore and gemstone deposits before those were claimed and mined in any way. Explanations about such oracle-bead content-imagery have been used to claim both domestic and foreign mine-sites with purported educational purpose -- such as the one described in Chile that has both gold and copper veins at some distance underground -- traceable to UPB (and possibly SBU) here in Bradford PA area as some consequence resulting from often-offensive telephone demand-call strategies. Chile is also written up in contemporary history books as a place where one tribe became extinct within a past century.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

there they are again...

o  A short walk downtown to the U. S. Post Office here in Bradford PA, to send off a magazine to relatives, has revealed another result from telephone call-demand networking  --  that magazines (bearing advertisements that we don't want or need, for the most part) must now be sent 'parcel post' not book rate ("bound printed matter") as in the past.  The Publishers Clearinghouse group no longer will send paid magazine subscriptions as a gift to other address(es), if nicely asked with letter as in the past.  But then again, many cars, trucks and buses now lack front license-plate identification so the conspiracy theory remains firm with regard to cost/rate increases and safety-measure decreases.

o  Mechanic Street at East Washington Street has a pothole in the asphalt precisely located at crosswalk curb near a bike store.  Since the Parkview Market has closed as addressed West Washington Street further west from that intersection, people lacking vehicles will have to trudge to the Davis Street area supermarket zone this winter  from West Bradford environs (or pay to have bus or grocery delivery service).

o  A very short pathway to Bennett Brook from Poplin Avenue, near Callahan Park, shows a small-size male-underwear drop in the area where the white door-sized panel yet lay in the waterstream.  Two pieces of furniture remain standing in Tun'a Creek waters just east from the Mechanic Street bridge.

o  Two baby-over-a-bucket line-drawing renovation-materials containers were sighted today in the same vicinity  --  one on the a hillside dirt road above Winter Street labeled 'Brad Penn', near the aging oil-industry equipment; and the other on a newly-painted house porch addressed Summer Street near North Bennett Street (and also near other premises recently on-fire and burned).  The rusting and split oil-industry tank above Winter Street is now lying on its side, with bottom detached showing years of accumulated debris;  tractor-type tread marks are evident in the state dirt road and other mountaintop trails around and nearby the aged oil-industry equipment.

o  The Leigh and Kennedy Street area shows a number of missing-house lots (with stairways to nothing), together with a 'No Trespassing' sign on the remains, as a result from uses of a telephone call-demand strategy that elicited the phrase "k/nocked down".

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Climber’s body found in Canadian ice after 21 years � Shropshire Star

Climber’s body found in Canadian ice after 21 years � Shropshire Star

Lest we forget how telephone demand-call strategies can affect balance...and recovery.  That this scenario is a replication of previously lost Everest climbers is entirely possible, since the Mallories were/are a known residential name here in the Bradford PA area where such telephone call-demand strategies have become prevalent and even intensified as a result from UPB campus installation.

A young woman was written up in the local Bradford Era newspaper this past late-winter as an exposure death, found in her car.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn views toward Degolia, Pennsylvania

 Two autumn views toward Degolia PA looking southward from Jackson Avenue in Bradford PA.

Autumn view toward Degolia PA from sidewalk extending to Seaward Avenue from Kendall Avenue, looking over traffic bypass lanes near ARG.
View toward Degolia PA from roadway berm between Seaward and Jackson Avenues, looking past ARG.
 Two overpass views toward Degolia PA from berm at Jackson Avenue, with mountainside Oak Hill Cemetery in background (recently restored) above East Main Street.

 View toward Degolia PA from Mill Street bridge over Tun'a Creek near ARG, Dresser pipeworks and some small businesses  --  water flows northward.

 View toward Degolia PA from Forman Street railroad trestle spanning Tun'a Creek behind 'Union Square' shopping plaza addressed Davis Street.
Other streamside view toward Degolia PA and Minard Run Road, water moving northward toward the city of Bradford PA, at alternative trail below Owens Way bridge just past Tuna Valley Trail tunnel beneath Route 219 traffic bypass.

Hilton Street as it is today, in Bradford PA

LOOKING WESTWARD:  View from sidewalk East Main Street and Eagles Club parking lot, toward juncture Forman and Hilton Streets in Bradford PA.  Parallel railroad trestles span Tun'a Creek with overpass in background.
LOOKING NORTHWARD:  On foot across Forman Street bridge spanning Tun'a Creek, perpendicular to first set railroad tracks, moving toward Hilton Street.  Route 219 over/bypass in background.
 Other railroad trestle also spanning Tun'a Creek, below East Main Street with Eagles Club in background.
 Overpass ramp at juncture Forman Street and Hilton Street.
'No trespassing' signs posted between Hilton Street sidewalk and second set railroad tracks alongside Tun'a Creek.

Slightly rusted metal beams lying between second set railroad tracks and east side Hilton Street sidewalk.
 LOOKING SOUTHWARD:  view toward Degolia PA, with East Main and High Streets in background.

talkin' 'bout public seating

o  Various benches suddenly gone from various places throughout the city during summertime months have not been returned to those positions at the public library (BAPL), Callahan Park or the small park alongside Congress Street previously described.  Tent caterpillars shown in tree beside BAPL parking lot.

o  The lobby of the USPO was not locked today although no employees were working, and two plain-paper photo prints that showed gravesite visitors nearby one of the Tuna Valley Trails were sent off to a church nearest the village of Degolia PA in a plain brown envelope.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 8: Energy Risk - Gas Pipeline Explosion Causes Outcry, Deadly Burst Raises Questions - Topix

October 8: Energy Risk - Gas Pipeline Explosion Causes Outcry, Deadly Burst Raises Questions - Topix

The misuses of urine-filled animals can be connected with a variety of explosive scenarios -- and also perhaps efforts to dissolve the rare and tiny mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle in the past visible here beneath Degolia PA roadside-rest/monument.

1490 NewsBlog: GE Buys Dresser Industries

1490 NewsBlog: GE Buys Dresser Industries

Possibly, employees of DI have been too name-oriented.  My recent poll-entry titled 'What's so special about Kane?' can be seen at, Kane PA forum.

Documenting the Degolia oracle-bead chronicle - Topix

Documenting the Degolia oracle-bead chronicle - Topix

Check out the number and location of gravesites around Degolia PA [former?] roadside-rest area upslope from Minard Run waterstream.

Friday, October 8, 2010

autumn days and household sales

After a walk to the library to read today's Bradford Era this morning and a stop at CVS to pick up photo prints (views in Degolia PA  --  note:  keyword 'Degolia' online BAPL Internet catalog-search entry finds no database matches, but 'Degolier' entry asks "Did you mean deadly?"), pieces of furniture were seen in Tun'a Creek between Mechanic and Boylston Streets in downtown Bradford PA near silt-covered shoes (furniture in the creek is not an unusual sight, believe it or not).  A nice sunny walk northward again on East Main Street from Davis Street to Asbury United Methodist Church meant no special books found at their rummage sale, but instead a perfect black plastic Halloween bucket.

Return to the Callahan Park area then proceeded from East Main Street to South Kendall Avenue and along the shale-strewn berm beside roadway that extends between Jackson Avenue and Seaward Avenue, across from the local oil refinery.  Grasshoppers were numerous on and along the berm, together with milkweed plants and a lone yellow butterfly; unfortunately trash/litter has also been dropped alongside the roadway, intentionally or not with symbolic intent or simple bagged-trash discards.  A pink-and-green plaid slipper and white sock were found and carried to the Salvation Army addressed Jackson Avenue; one hillside-lawn piled-stone sidewalk-side barrier was seen to be disarrayed with some of the flat stones spilled onto the sidewalk.  Photo-views of autumn foliage were made as more views toward Degolia.

Clipped and dangling electrical-pole wires were encountered at grassy strips between roadways and sidewalks on East Main Street and two Jackson Avenue locations:  one vinyl-clad pointed end hanging at eye-level seen again today (at too-close range) was tucked behind its length stapled to a pole on EMS; a similar all-metal pointed wire at eye-level was also moved and tucked behind its metal component box between back and pole nail-head, and another nearby length of clad wire lying on Jackson Avenue sidewalk was wrapped around, then coiled and tucked at the base of another pole (in the leaning pole zone).  Easy work to save an eye or prevent tripping.

Continuing to scout "estate" sales advertised in the local newspaper, the walk proceeded along School Street to Interstate Parkway (where chunks of excrement dotted the sidewalk approaching and passing the hospital).
IP featured a dead/mangled adult skunk at the side of the roadway at Parkway Lane.  Passing-up one sale address near the two messes, the walking continued instead through the parklands to a sale that advertised books not far from BAHS; a few were found appropriate for the oracle-bead literature search and were available in a small house not far from Bennett Brook.    

Lovely day  --  yellow butterfly also lit upon a dandelion blossom near the park.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

time to get wet

While walking through Callahan Park early in the afternoon, a greenish day/backpack that has been lying in Bennett Brook waters awhile was today removed and looped around a small oak-tree marker nearby the swimpool entrance.  Cool!

After stopping in the library to read today's Bradford Era and changing the film in my yellow plasticene panaoramic camera, a yellow-and-white plastic pen seen earlier in the week in perfect condition was again seen to be smashed in the East Washington Street roadway.  I walked over to Hilton Street after leaving an exposed film-roll at CVS.  The Forman Street bridge east from Bradford Plaza has damaged net-type sidewalk barrier streamside; the junction of Forman Street and Hilton Street has two overpass ramps and two aged railroad trestles spanning Tun'a Creek below East Main Street.  A pile of broken automotive glass lay beneath the overpass south side; almost all was picked up and placed in an empty bread bag, then dropped into a dumpster at a business address further northward alongside Hilton Street where 'No Trespassing' signs banned creekside approach near business addresses that include a storage facility.  Small cabins and  about a half-dozen houses are now gone that decades ago were lined up along Hilton Street's east side; where Kendall Oil Refinery workers would in the past rest in the cabins those have been  replaced with rusting metal beams and other metal equipment lying or parked on the waterside ground.

Workers were busy with earth-moving equipment at the end of Hilton Street bordering American Refining Group premises.  One of two tall, new-looking white creekside silo-type structures is lettered 'Dallas-Morris', with two railroad cars beside them, one a green 'Everest'-lettered railroad car.  While picking up another handful of broken automotive glass beneath the overpass, a small aging baby-food jar was also recovered as a singular discovery;  while carrying those to a dumpster located behind a nearby sports bar, a bright yellow woolly-bear caterpillar was seen safely negotiating the abandoned railroad tracks in the sidewalk area, but return to the tracks to make a photo-view toward Degolia PA showed yellow fuzzy worm to be completely flattened and spattered in the roadway traffic-lane, resembling thereafter a crushed dandelion flower.

Although the north end of Hilton Street is very close to Mill Street, ARG premises are private-property so the walk continued as a return to Davis Street, then around on Main Street to East Main Street where another horrifying bloody creature death was seen in the downslope traffic lane  --  a small brownsnake completely and recently crushed; the snake was peeled from the asphalt and placed in a bed of moss near one of the Eagle's Club parking lots.  Reached Mill Street by way of York Street in the East Main Street area where a rummage sale is scheduled this weekend within nearby church premises, and descended into the northward- flowing Tun'a Creek waterstream to pull out a woven plastic belt, a two-wheeled bicycle with damaged rear wheel, a jack handle and two curtain rods (in the water awhile to this date as the result from a telephone demand-call cult);  those items were then moved to a mowed area behind a small business premises addressed across the street from Dresser pipeworks manufacturer.  Small (less than two inches) brown 'minnow'-sized fish and others with perch-variety markings darted and glided throughout the creek habitat (there as well as within Bennett Brook and other local waterstreams).

Although clean when leaving the creek, the 'lost' items remained muddy when carried to the creekside grass and so hands and clothes again became somewhat muddy before return to Pleasant Street home in Bradford PA.  As usual, a few small cats were seen trotting through the mountaintop environs.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Thanks to, an aerial view of Niles Hollow Road is presented that shows its abrupt right-angle 'point' toward ceremonial/archaeological site in Degolia, Pennsylvania, over a mountaintop south from Bradford PA city.

Comment preview with article titled 'More Battles Over Textbook Curriculum' addresses "intelligent design' with regard to evolution of species, as a possible result from other-creature exposure nearby the content-imagery and voicestrip contained within mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle in its placement beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument located within northwestern PA mountain range.  [Time to run to all those bug-filled curio cabinets to inspect century-to-century eye differences, someones.]

Nice walk today, to get fiberglass insulation roll to make draft-guards for sliding-glass doors.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sez 'Indian Summer'

Cool-to-cold air with cool-to-cold rain has freshened the Tun'a Valley atmosphere.  However, the myriad makes, models and colors of cars, buses and trucks, all lacking front-bumper license-plate identification here in McKean County PA, remains worrisome (some operated without additional 'handicapped' identifiers with internally-handicapped drivers at the wheel)  --  today's walk showed mini-van school-buses from Otto-Eldred school district, local full-size school-buses with newfangled mirrors and safety-barriers, and ATA citywide mini-van/buses all without front license-plate ID.

An almost perfectly round and water-filled pothole reflected the action alongside the east side of Mechanic Street across from Grace Lutheran Church/Country Fair store parking lots.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

rain predicted, but...

OMG  --  fireworks from the direction of UPB.

cloudy and in the 40s

A short length of chain-link fence located between a PC business premises and funeral chapel parking lot, both addressed East Corydon Street, is rusted and sags over the sidewalk south side.  Other businesses addressed South Avenue have vacated the same block of buildings nearby the moved body-piercing premises.

Note about zippers (PA being the invention place):  these are also protection against epidermal separation and other fleshly tears and rips that can extend into muscle tissue as well.

Research News in Late Antiquity: Why did Rome fall ? An illustrated free public lecture by Noel Lenski at the University of Colorado Department of Classics, 10.13.2010, 7 pm

Research News in Late Antiquity: Why did Rome fall ? An illustrated free public lecture by Noel Lenski at the University of Colorado Department of Classics, 10.13.2010, 7 pm

A freebie, but quite a distance from here -- where the Degolia PA oracle-bead chronicle has been known to contain images of ancient European Rome and Roman builders within its waxy/gel composition.

This Stock Is Going to Zero, and You Know It (CSTR, NFLX, OCLR, SD, STEC, WY)

This Stock Is Going to Zero, and You Know It (CSTR, NFLX, OCLR, SD, STEC, WY)

Anytime a company initiates actions as a result from repeated demand-and-attack calls -- i.e. actions to 'prevent' harm to themselves and their children -- that company is going to eventually collapse (perhaps with thanks from all affected!).

Friday, October 1, 2010

first-day-of-the-month pep

Following a early afternoon walk to the library here in Bradford PA to read current local newspapers and some magazines, the circuitous walk to Callahan Park revealed a large plastic bag, tightly knotted, containing dinner rolls on the bottom of the grungy metal dumpster.  Rather than chance a total waste of food under actual garbage, the rolls were removed to a small level spot on the hillside over the parking lot and left in a pile for "God's creatures".

A visit to Pizza Hut showed somewhat alarming cautionary entry tapes on the restroom doors, that accompany other Halloween-type decorations.  The vehicular exit/entryway to the restaurant parking lot shows a significantly deep pothole of the classic northwestern Pennsylvania sort.