Wednesday, November 25, 2009

news from the new partnership

A walk to Wachovia Bank this afternoon revealed a telling truth about the new partnership with Wells Fargo Bank -- Wachovia will not accept deposits for them at this point in time. A telephone-call made to WFB verified that no Wachovia in the entire state of FL accepts deposits for WFB. A rainfall downpour totally drenched me through all layers of clothing after the unsuccessful bank visit and return to the condo from historic downtown Stuart, FL. Why would anyone want to "follow" Wachovia on '', as the Wachovia Internet website suggests?

More plant images from the cameraphone (but not without some surveillance): Antlerlike branches can be seen in Kcc but on a different tree also in almost identical form in Bradford Township, PA, alongside Interstate Parkway. Both spiny palm-tree phase and a potential future popped-palm scenario can be seen in Kcc. What appears to be a single sweet-pea blossom appears as sprouted from the sandy trail behind Kcc. A pink ribbon, one among others seen in the same location, is tied around a tree trunk in Possum Long Nature Center. The small reddish-orange fruits resemble northern wild cherries and might be dropping from tree transplants transported to FL -- the fruit is mushy and collapses easily.

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