Monday, December 29, 2008

you might hate this, but...http://More children like Baby P at risk due to soaring court fees-mirror_co_uk.mht

As an employee of Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development in San Francisco, CA, in the late 1970s, attempts to meet with specific people to write up some kind of statement about a mental-set of palm-trees that caused focused population trajectories towards one 'special' palm-tree in Golden Gate Park were interjected with appearances of an authentic Siamese cat named 'Pearl' -- also known as 'Baby P' as a result from her nasty temper and definite preference for Siamese-breed males. She gave birth to more than a handful of beautiful blue-eyed kittens.

See also http://Baby P case 'scares social worker recruits'-mirror_co_uk.mht.

See also past entry describing anti-terrorism recruitment ad/notice.

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