Wednesday, December 3, 2008

arranged encounters of the undissuadeable kind

After European Germany bombed London in neighboring United Kingdom during a World War, certain phenomena have continued as written up in school textbook accounts using the term "arranged marriage" -- with a new dimension, however, added when German populations historically settled within Pennsylvania were easily targeted (as change from 'focused' upon) from states such as New York. Marriages routinely arranged to accommodate "secret admirers" or negotiate cultural access to "have and to hold" were additionally affected with the apparent need of German-surname brides and grooms to more specifically wed people who knew them well and would definitely protect them, as personal qualities separate from "love match" phenomena.

Gun-holders active within primarily rural/forested regions were additionally pressured to carry out some revenge wishes, generating new versions of sainthood, in addition to roles monitoring the tendencies of populations to 'make their own way' in life near factory and other business-land holdings subject to the laws of supply and demand plus environmental flux. As a result from all such sociopolitical interplay, my first encounter with a potential assassin came when I was walking to a Scouts of America meeting in Bradford, PA, without first telephoning the troop leader to announce my intent to go over to the assigned house to ask some questions. The encounter was ruled entirely valid because bears sometimes appeared at the edge of the city in that neighborhood near city parklands, to run in and grab a dead rat or other carcass.

From place to place and destination to destination, the same-type sudden movement through the atmosphere continues to signal the fact of a gun-holder ready to fire or hand off a gun to some other willing person whereever large wildlife is known to appear, with the additional attitudinal factor of snap judgments about temporal human movements and activities.

As previously recounted, sitting crows lined themselves up on telephone lines near the Florida Street canal here in Stuart, FL, a few days ago near a booth-type construction which has appeared in front of the neighborhood pantry on 10th Street. Since regional newspaper journalism provides accounts of people 'lost' in canals during time periods ranging from days to years after the fact, with scant public notification, perhaps such a set-up will be a timely checkpoint from which such losses can be reported and systematic, successful canal searches undertaken in a timely manner so as to dissuade gunplay during perhaps unduly longtime emotional turmoil. Flocks of crows are known to be a signal that a drowning victim is surfacing nearby.

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