Wednesday, December 10, 2008

mo' better or for worse finds

Two nights ago, a tow-truck was observed to be pulling a small black SUV from the Kingswood condo complex, leaving through the SE Ocean Blvd exit/entrance (around midnight). The SUV has been returned to parking space a short distance from exit/entry to/from Kingswood Terrace Road, bearing FL license plate.

A Behr company container, bearing the line drawing of a 'baby over a bucket', has been observed to be set outside a shed near the Ocean Palms neighboring retirement complex within Kingswood condo complex grounds. Such containers can be alleged to be an influence affecting children such that drowning deaths become predictable.

A red plastic disposable lighter was observed last night lying in the bicycle lane outside Kingswood condo complex on SE Ocean Boulevard. As previously reported to FBI and elsewhere, that is a pattern also observed on Stanyan Street near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA; a law-enforcement website lists the death of a young 'Harvey' woman who was set afire in southern CA (some Harveys addressed near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA).

As is usual in the area, last night two toads were observed on the asphalt roadway within the Kingswood complex; some are living, others are lifelike shed skins of both toads and frogs. One of the toads was dead (the larger one), its tongue/mouthparts smashed onto the pavement as if from the pressure of a vehicle passing overhead; the other smaller toad was barely alive and was removed then placed within a yellow caution-zone section of the warm asphalt roadway (near slough, retaining pond and Kingswood Terrace Road). Recent television broadcasts have shown a visual account of dogs being hit and killed in traffic, with one dog dragging his dead fellow from the busy roadway; one broadcast account also described a man who was immobilized in the path of motor vehicle flow.

And, Yay! The addition of grassy-turf overlay upon filled gulleys beside Kingswood Terrace Road makes a perfect repair of the eroding slough-side hazards.

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