Saturday, December 6, 2008

how the state of Florida is not a vast open-air carnival

I took time to watch Barack Obama speak with David Letterman during 'The Tonight Show' last night around midnight, and I was very glad that I did so. Quite a number of well-adapted young people are being shot in South Florida -- including a high school football player -- as well as other incident-types such as sudden bee-stinging masses, perhaps predictably after McDonald's restaurants began issuing honey in little plastic packets concurrent with what scientists call "colony collapse disorder" with regard to Africanized honeybees in the region.

With Obama's voice firmly and electronically relayed into my mind, I took a walk to Cedar Pointe Plaza to check out the newpaper racks and find a Palm Beach Post newspaper. Now thoughts predominate about the identity of the mummified baby boy found in a suitcase locked away in a self-storage facility in Delray Beach; whether the jewelry robbers in Paris, France, were the men-dressed-as-women seen near Stuart Fine Foods - become - Milam's two years ago; and if the Antique Show scheduled to continue and end in a matter of hours at the Martin County Fairgrounds will be unduly crowded as fair-goers try to enter free-of-charge before 11:00 a.m..

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