Saturday, December 20, 2008

cement-blocked river

An area beneath the bridge which spans the St. Lucie River is mapped as 'Steele Point', with what seems to be entryway off St. Lucie Boulevard south at intersection with SE Ocean Boulevard in East Stuart, FL. It is not clear whether this is a present or future parklands area; the entry/exit way is distinguished with upright wooden barrier posts that definitely block vehicle use, but that can permit slim people to enter. That entry/exitway also appears to lead into grassy private property adjacent to a large villa.

The 'Missing Person' sign remains affixed to a traffic pole years now, on Sewall's Point Road north at the intersection with Ocean Boulevard/Highway A1A. A young dead bird removed from the roadway many months ago remains where placed at the side of the roadway, now feathers and skull/bones, across from the plaza located at that intersection.

The concern is, of course, whether people who are/have been missing are presumed to have trespassed or are inexperienced and so have simply become local folklore of the 'Davy Jones locker' variety. Prepaid postcards and/or other forms should be available in public places such as libraries or post offices to report about persons who are actually and continuously missing, in-cluding data intake about inaccurate missing-persons reports and/or discoveries.

'Steele Point', as example, juts out into the St. Lucie River and might be an easy place to lose someone -- especially now since the constant activities of builders and builder appetites affect the balance of nature along the riverbank so near to both lagoon and Atlantic Ocean.

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