Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a plan for us all

The nearest FL supermarket to Kingswood condo complex In Stuart (Milam's) is observed to be compliant with the new law that went into effect this past October 2008, that all meat packages be labeled with the country of origin.

The Internet prepared us for such change, presenting articles such as '$50 million to kill 500,000 pigs...' from Canada's Edmontonsun.com website, telling us that pigs "...are to be destroyed at slaughter plants and on pig farms..." (as different from the 'jpg' term used to describe the possibly zillions of downloadable photo images cramming some websites). This article was published after journalism also presented an account of a Canadian ski championship that delivered prize money to the winner.

Indeed, pork roasts offered with a 'special' price advertised in the weekly color print-ads are identified as products of Canada, with that 'special' pinkish blood that signals the compromised health of animals deemed legal future-kills.

Also following the afore-mentioned specific planned pig-kill article (said "federal government" action perhaps recruiting 'Bradford' extended-family members specifically), were the published accounts of a beheading incident during a passenger-bus ride in Canada, when one passenger's head was reported to have been completely torn off by another passenger riding in the same bus (indicating compromised-space issues that eventually and completely disable some people, sometimes with violent force). We must worry and wonder whether some over-practiced pig-killer was given a seat on a public transportation vehicle -- a reaction also necessary when viewing published accounts of be-heading victims found from time to time in Central America, where necessary space is a day-to-day concern.

The "opposition forces" described in journalism as led by 'religious clerics' in some conflict-ridden EurAsian nations can also be attributed to space and movement constraints, since clerical work requires long periods of sitting during analysis and write-up taskwork.

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