Friday, December 19, 2008

the sharkfinder code: becoming a better version of yourself

Yesterday's hike around the Witham Airport area in Stuart, FL, also encountered pennies dropped on the sidewalk where Old St. Lucie Road becomes Indian Street -- no random occurrence to anyone living in San Francisco, CA, after the earthquake of 1989 where pennies would be found in the middle of streets run over time and time again by vehicular traffic until defaced and rough -- that in a city that boasts both an Old historic Mint and operational United States Mint buildings.

In the 1950s, glass Lincoln banks were manufactured and predictably contained the household pennies. 'What would Jesus do?' queries among contemporary religious-dialogue addicts in part refer to dodge-or-smash possibilities nearby such banks.

Again, as after a previous armadillo death just outside the Kingswood condominium complex, ants are on the prowl -- bigger ants are entering the condo unit, whereas before the small, young ants could be found scavenging in garbage pail and their volcano-like sand-piled anthills continue to dominate some portions of the lawn area.

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