Monday, December 8, 2008

what the Seminoles aren't doing

o A few quick walks within and around Kingswood condo complex revealed a recurring black snake visitor; a 'burrito butt' abandoned in the bicycle lane on SE Ocean Boulevard near the St. Lucie River; and a lengthy pile of plants debris about three feet high piled along St. Lucie Boulevard beside the slough quite specifically, blocking the view from traffic passing by. More berries were swept from the sidewalk near the Ocean Boulevard entrance and dumped into the slough; some attempts have been made to study the numerous berries (some red, some purple clusters), but they have no taste albeit some nutritional value. The plan is to include them in pancake mix preparation anyway.

o The nearby supermarket still has Gibble's Potato Chips in stock, even after the name change (from Stuart Fine Foods to Milam's). The chips are fried in lard, and the bag tells us that the product is "manufactured by Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. ...Potato Roll Lane, Chambersburg, PA..." -- perhaps some sort of payback using the history of Seminoles who were said to have handed out a pig to early white settlers in South Florida.

o Whoa -- the Flashes Shopping Guide dated 11/5/2008 lists an ad/notice: 'BODYGUARDS - COUNTER Assault Teams! Needed/USA & Overseas...18 and older". (The same magazine also printed a photo of a young woman with a 'Happy Birthday' message.) It's a wonder whether this recruitment effort is in some way related to the recent melee in India, where a sauna on-fire was reported (in the Internet) to be the impetus for a number of para/military actions near the Taj Mahal landmark.

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