Friday, December 12, 2008

product blab

o With a visit by a cancer patient in mind, a regular household sponge was soaked with liquid bleach to control condominium bathroom flora and fauna; however, leaving the sponge in place during a time period of weeks caused the dyed-purple sponge to deteriorate in an alarming way while the flora and fauna simply appeared less healthy.

o Pringle's-brand potato crisps have dealt us a new deal with their cardboard-tube containers with plastic lids that no longer snap onto the bottom of the container in the same way that they snap onto the top -- a new and different feature that presumably shaves the metal-use index during the manufacturing process (same as elimination of motor-vehicle front license plates -- same influence network operation).

o And Yay, from the state of Georgia (USA) have come cinnamon-twig brooms for the holidays, with an aroma that permeates plastic wrapping -- just perfect for that special place where the condo lookout lizard hangs out.

o  Continued from Stuart FL forum entry:  below, unfolded cardboard in package that holds Panasonic Toughbook [time-date stamp wrong]

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