Saturday, December 27, 2008

what a coincidence

Today's website describes an accident in James City, PA, which is in Jones TownSHIP -- 'No One Hurt in Jones Township Accident'.

As previously reported, an archaeological site in McKean County, PA, remains without investigation within the village of Degolia. Although some attempts have been made in the past (1960s to present time) to arrange conferences or meetings that would counter arguments that a 'Smith'-lettered limestone roadside-rest/monument was already written up in historical records, such notions were considered to be less worthy of professional attention than the fact that an international tribal treaty had been violated when the construction of the Kinzua Dam destroyed the Kinzua Valley to form the Allegheny Reservoir pool that floods both NY and PA state lands near Warren, PA. A cemetery at the state line remains a cliffhanger at the edge of the reservoir.

Many places were considered to schedule conferences about both Degolia site and treaty violation, but the interference from bookmaking interests has been so constant that no formal gatherings could be arranged. Because many townships also have meeting halls used to host weddings and other events, Jones Township in Pennsylvania numbered among places that might yet host a conference about the two issues.

However, as a ghastly misconception of plans and hall-use opportunities, a 'special' mental-set of worldwide historical palm-trees (viewable as images preserved within the archaeological site's oracle-bead chronicle content-imagery) was used as impetus to both form the Peoples Temple congregation in San Francisco, CA (locale where one 'special' palm-tree is observable in Golden Gate Park) and to arrange travel to Jonestown in South American environs where travellers were reported in mass media to have been poisoned during drinking water use (which might include verbal abuse) as well as made subjects of machine-gun discharges..

The difference between PA regional population intent and telephone demand-call influence-network results happening in Guyana, South America, is so mind-boggling and improbable that description of the horrifying 'snafu' has been almost nonforthcoming. 'PA' as an acronymn and abbreviation for the state word 'Pennsylvania' can also be applied to mean 'Palo Alto' in the state of California (where some McKean County families such as Knott also have property).

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