Thursday, December 18, 2008

evidence of a strategy

Today was a fine day for a hike down (southward) St. Lucie Boulevard to Old St. Lucie Road with some time walking along Dixie Highway here in Martin County.

First discovery -- the largeish black SUV that almost took my face off mere days ago while I was standing on a center roadway median waiting to cross when the lane was clear (there was no crosswalk, and it was obvious that the driver felt 'allowed' to intimidate me by choosing the closest not the farthest of the two southbound lanes when turning onto the roadway from a connecting road). This SUV was the only vehicle parked in a Martin County golf course parking lot on St. Lucie Boulevard that was backed in to park facing the lot's driving lane which meant that its one back-bumper license plate could not be viewed from the road.

Next discovery -- two more green Heineken bottles near what was once an animal tunnel become (another) cement drain very near the river. One bottle was artfully smashed around the tunnel entry/exit beside the sidewalk where the Boulevard becomes the Old ...Road; the other rolled hither and yon on the sidewalk proper. That the previously described now-stenching dead armadillo was being intimidated forward and backward in the district accounts for the ghastly demise, and remains not fit for a tortilla.

A very large flock of crows and starlings was situated at about the midpoint of the Old...Road, which suddenly changes name to 'Indian Street' where a turn-off leads through some impressive banyan trees (both sides of the road) to Sandsprit Park.

Dixie Highway, east side, features a ditchlike slough that has some rusting old-timey pipelines extended over the marshy water -- probably more rusted than expected since the hurricanes and Tropical Storm Fay flooded the locale. There is Witham Airport and a Plastisteel company, as well as a small plaza that includes 'Mathers Engineering' offices. Flashback to Bradford Township in McKean County, PA, where a shorter rusted delivery-pipe with similar conditions was found across the road from the Forest Oil Company offices on High Street Extension a few years ago -- similar because extending over a water-stream ditch, but with a gaping hole that sent water elsewhere during snowmelt and rainstorms at the intersection with Rutherford Road comingling with Rutherford Run. Members of the Mathers family resided in nearby Degolia, PA.

It's entirely possible that a backpacker found dead years ago on a trail near Palm Beach International Airport should have been instead hiking the sandy trail through Witham Airport in Stuart, FL.

Some kind of 'Filidelphia' group was preparing to accommodate an event within a large tent situated near the Martin County Fairgrounds.

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