Friday, December 12, 2008

another horrible fate

About two hours ago, another cruel and impulsive (or perhaps simply careless) armadillo death was evident in front of the Kingswood condo complex on SE Ocean Boulevard in Stuart, FL. A previous dead animal had apparently bounced and was split open from from breast to groin while still alive; tonight's armadillo was the same size, a healthy animal collapsed and then crushed with a moving-vehicle tire.

Removal of the carcass was a gruesome task, leaving small chunks of the internal organs on the roadway and dropped on the sidewalk while carrying the flattened animal using a plastic shopping bag from one of the nearby stores.

Armadillos will watch people at a distance, and are quite toothy. The possibility that some people are networking to deliberately encounter and kill the creatures should be some cause for concern.

But yay, the bucket with the line-drawing printed on it is gone.

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