Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oh WOW

o Last night I clicked on the Palm Beach County, FL, website as directed within one of their ads published in the Palm Beach Post newspaper, seeking their thrift-store listings. Naively, I thought that the Thrift Store section would list all the available books for sale in their stocks. Not so.

However, today the Internet news has listed a report about an earthquake in South Carolina. Two years ago, I received a telephone call from a SC area code after relaying information to a Palm Beach TV station tipline about the lack of safe sidewalk access into plazas in this Martin County area (there are crosswalks within the plaza parking lots, but no pathways from streetside sidewalks into the plazas). Has an occult network of cheerleaders rattled SC, using south FL TV contact and Internet use information as reference? Stay tuned.

o Not another suicide bombing -- thanks to an iPod internal memory and e-mail capability? The Internet journalism has also today described old dynamite found in a Paris, France, department store today -- days after comment was made to Blogger.com Blogspot website about a dead person found under a tree near miles of mid-road barriers outside Palm Beach, FL.

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