Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The Kingswood condo complex in Stuart, FL, is home to a few varieties of cactus plants -- most (of course) non-spiny but others growing 'needles' a few inches long.

The green pads often fall off the plants to lay in the sand, where they become stiff and brown. Some people harvest cactus pads for personal use; others direct them into markets. Nopali cactus pads can be found cut up and canned, as well.

To offset the possibility that "shoot-'em-ups" are a demonstration of gastrointestinal disorder among populations displaced from Arizona, Texas and other southwestern states as a result of 'winterers' moving into the Deep South, one such cactus pad was removed from the Kingswood private property domain and placed on the fence at the end of Kingswood Terrace Road. Of course young families are always on the lookout for freebies anyway, with or without peril.

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