Sunday, December 21, 2008

more observable 're-novation' plans

A John Deere backhoe and some large perhaps future water-tunnel components sit on the ground beside Kingswood Terrace Road near under-road slough caving in from the effects of pressure on the overlying earth and asphalt at various underflow places.

Along the sandy trail beside the retaining pond, a weathered wooden beam embedded in the sand now features an array of short sticks propped as if future faggots along the length of the hurricane-time piece of wood, that might be set afire as a conflagration warning the creatures habitually using the area that a major dig will soon commence. A slightly dirty black knit tank-top also was seen coiled in the sand; and two piles of sliced white, seeded bread on the ground enticed aquatic wildlife near the small pond's overflow-dam.

A Budweiser bottle was also found along Kingswood Terrace Road, and placed in a recycling bin within the condo complex, along with a plastic beverage bottle and a flattened aluminum drink can.

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