Friday, December 26, 2008

to all appearances...

What is reported to be a giant Ponzi Scheme has been a journalistic topic in the press these past weeks, with such headlines as's 'Madoff investor found dead of possible suicide'.

The Stuart News reports 12/25/2008 that 'Lohman Funeral Homes decide to Expand', who "...employs 100 people..12 cemeteries and funeral homes, including a pet cemetery". How ironic, after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy resulting from mob-control expansion, that a business with a similar name is also acquiescing to an expansion strategy perhaps as a planned diversion of interest. The efforts of Europe's United Kingdom to avenge the bombing of London apparently remain unchecked, resulting from an inquisition strategy focused upon every Germanic name found in the U. S. A..

Sad to say, the pooled misconceptions of a call-demand influence network about efforts to schedule an archaeological investigation of a very small site in Degolia, PA (northwestern Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains) appear to have led such people as 'Abramoff' (variation of a family name who has residence near the site) and 'Madoff' (how to 'tip' a limestone roadside-rest/monument in Degolia so as to contain a tiny oracle-bead discovered beneath it, between base and ground) astray within sociopolitical realms largely disassociated from archaeological realities. Members of the 'Lehman' family also reside in the McKean County, PA, locale where the archaeological discovery should be documented.

Here near Kingswood condo complex in northeastern Stuart, FL, as excavation crew prepares to install new tunnels beneath caving roadways along Kingswood Terrace Road, there is also a focus of attention upon a large pile of 'rubble' near the Jewish temple. To the casual onlooker, this 'rubble' might be hurricane rubble, or might be a buried pyramid when partially-buried lawn crypts in county cemeteries are used as visual reference, together with visual data already disseminated from other buried-pyramid sites throughout sub/tropical America. The 'rubble' and its possibilities can be argued to be contribution to traffic-related mortality rates in the region. Waterstream flow that dissolves limestone is inexorable in the area and extends from one 'Fork'/branch of the St. Lucie River to the other, controlled with a system of ditches, canals and retaining ponds.

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