Sunday, October 31, 2010

toddler-time triplines?

Scenario:  decades ago while using an apartment addressed Meyran Avenue in Pittsburgh PA, with intent to give statements about entertainment racketeering at the active FBI office located along the city waterfront, other purpose to donate a live boa constrictor and FL corn snake to the Pittsburgh Zoo were blocked when that organization would only take such snakes from a licensed dealer.  Hungry constrictor snakes are somewhat hazardous, so a local pet shop was visited to ask if they had any dead animals that might feed the creatures  --  they didn't and wouldn't take the snakes either.  However, one day after university classwork attendance a glass tank with pregnant white mouse was found inside the Oakland District apartment, and soon thereafter small newly-born mice were seen to have been born nearby the snake tank, with severely sunken heads that resembled decapitations.  (The snakes could escape their tank that had a perforated metal lid, and they swallowed the mother mouse whole after some struggle  --  whereupon I offered them cooked supermarket potato.)

Thereafter, a new series of glue-based mousetraps was devised and are now sold in the marketplace claimed to be more humane than metal-hinge snap-traps when a mouse wandered or was pushed into specific verboten spaces.  Most recent mousetrap product lines include the one pictured above, as offered within the pages of Whatever Works catalog plus others that zap the animals with electricity of some kind; current TV ads offer yet another container-type mousetrap that is a capture/containment/throwaway device.

Because the mouse species is a common link among other mammals large and small, it is entirely possible that an uptick in toddler mishaps is traceable to some extent to the new "better mousetrap" product-development schemes.

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