Wednesday, October 27, 2010

comeuppance time

After reading some Bradford Eras in BAPL, walked to Main Street this cool and sunny day after regional rainstorms (not snow as predicted!), to make photo of the giant 'Tates' storefront sign yet highly visible above a yarn and notions store.  A telephone call-demand strategy (not my own) has generated a new church addressed in the Interstate Parkway area (Foursquare Gospel Church), originally envisioned to be a kind of restitution after the Sharon Tate murder; a Reverend Watson officially presents sermons at the present time.

While returning to Pleasant Street home a sort of trip-wire/demarcation was encountered, extended from a nearby telephone-line pole completely across and a fraction of an inch over a mud-puddled sidewalk on Pleasant Street between Summer Street/Jackson Avenue and Pearl Street, not far from a home-building project in progress at the empty lot where Third Ward Elementary School once stood.  Minor-strength grip sufficed to  wrap the wire around the base of the pole and loop it out from pedestrians' way, but with some possibility that walkers might bash into construction equipment (less or more painful than a trip).

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