Wednesday, October 20, 2010

an extra stroller, please

o  Released small brown roach, captured in Pleasant Street home, in Callahan Park.

o  Lone, presumed dead skunk lying at waterline, partially covered headfirst, Bennett Brook below bridge W. Washington Street.

o  Picked up pieces from shattered brown glass beer-bottle beside empty lot and on sidewalk along E. Corydon Street; dumped in Main Street trash receptacle contained in bread bag.

o  At CVS not far from the Goodwill store addressed Davis Street, a young male/female couple pushing a two-seater stroller obviously needed another conveyance since four small children were toddling or sitting along.  A lone woman pushing stroller on Fiesta Way sidewalk had to move her children into the street while walking toward TOPS Markets, since an SUV was parked over curb on both sidewalk and street at La Stella Lodge.  Oh, a 'Baby Photo Contest' received in the SPAM folder of my AOL Mail, dated this morning.

o  Two pieces furniture still in creek waters at closed-off footbridge near the American Legion address.

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