Friday, October 15, 2010

autumn daze continues

Another cool and sunny day with dark-tinged clouds, as seen again walking to BAPL to read today's Bradford Era.  Wooden furniture remains standing in shallow Tun'a Creek waters near the now-closed footbridge just west from the Mechanic Street bridge.  A toy truck seen on submerged waterside walkway alongside the creek at Davis Street (near the Goodwill store) was reason enough to descend the ramp at that bridge to remove both toy and a heavy-metal curved-pipework grill/barrier about six feet long from creek waters where it has been seen during summertime months.

With wet feet and socks, returned to Bradford city sidewalks to walk to and through Callahan Park from West Washington Street, where large-footprint sized potholes are seen in the new asphalt patches covering roadway at S. Bennett Street in front of Dexter's automotive premises, showing the underlying red brick.  A walkway stretch between S. Center Street and Interstate Parkway intersections with W. Washington Street near BAPL remains muddy and puddled lacking sidewalk repair/restoration, at the boundary of the north side shopping plaza housing a pizza restaurant and videotape-rental premises.

Perhaps sidewalk-restoration grants should be made available in the region.

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