Monday, October 18, 2010

post-30sF Monday, with raindrops

The 'naked' fashion doll with yellow/white hair, predictably enough, lay smashed in the Pleasant Street one-way traffic lane this early afternoon between N Bennett and N Center Streets.  Moss is growing on the roof of a small house addressed S Center Street not far from W Washington Street.  Because I paid twice to have Archaeology delivered, I have been receiving two duplicate issues (not one extended subscription!?) and today again took one copy to BAPL.

Took a another look in the Forman Street area, that is now lettered 'Foreman' at the shortened-with-a-parking-lot Bishop Street; verified aging/rusting tractor and roller/tamper unused in grassy lots along Amm Street.    Took a TOPS Market shopping cart back to the store from the laundromat parking lot addressed Boylston Street just west from the USPO.  Encountered potential face-slicing sidewalk-edge signs, blue painted, both north and south from Dollar General store along Davis Street, with printed directions/arrow to University of Pittsburgh campus; not at all random, the face-slicing signs can be seen in areas that use and sell sandwichs (small and large) both here in Bradford PA and also in Stuart FL.

Took a walk along East Main Street toward Kendall Avenue where a week-long garage sale is scheduled at a hillside street address, according to the Bradford Era, but was too late to see anything.  A strong smell of gasoline seemed to be wafting while walking on a broken sidewalk in front of a non-operational service station just south from the KwikFill station addressed E Main Street, both located in the York and Mill Streets area; a few cars were were parked around the non-op building that is posted 'For sale or lease', all lacking front-bumper license-plates.

Took photos of green-painted oil-rig set-up seen outside E. Main Street household, front view with children's play equipment sitting in the grass very near oil-well equipment and waterstream, and back view with downtown railroad tracks/crossing just across the waterflow.  Most in-city oil-well equipment is now fenced as a safety precaution, but unless my eyes deceive me the family-home yard has no fencing around such equipment near the intersection of Main, E Main and High Streets.

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